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Status: 光復香港,時代革命
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Mont Tage Training Grounds[edit]

These magical locations are not a singular place, nor always a mountain, but they are known collectively as the Mont Tage Training Grounds for their most famous example of an ancient training ground where martial artists would arrive, knowing nothing, and leave with the ability to balance on poles and walk on wires. This was the mountain of Tage, but other places can perform the same benefit.


Characters with ranks in Knowledge (local) can research for places that fit the mont tage training grounds archetype to learn more about it. When a character succeeds on a skill check, the following lore is revealed, including the information from lower DCs.

DC 10: Not actually a single place, these locations are keyed to an individual skill and sometimes, individual people who must be present there as a teacher. Those who seek to learn the skill will learn the skill without fail from here.
DC 15: Only untrained minds can absorb the knowledge so readily and easily. Those already trained cannot benefit.
DC 20: People who study here learn their training unusually fast. Even a subject which should take months can be learned in naught but 3 days.


The Mont Tage Training Grounds is a place where a certain skill, such as balancing, studying a knowledge, crafting, or hunting and surviving, were performed often and with regularity. Its history crosses with mysterious magic or psionic resonance and adapts anyone trained in it to superior learning skills beyond what they are normally capable of. Sometimes a teacher or trainer who is already skilled in the skill in question is required if the materials themselves are not available or easy to master. The training cannot be disrupted without disrupting the effect, but for both the user and any watching from afar the training seems to pass quickly and intensely.


A character must be 3rd level or higher to gain the special ability conferred by using the mont tage training grounds.

Location Activation[edit]

Gaining the benefits of the mont tage training grounds requires using the equipment on hand, or learning from a mentor, the art of the skill the area is keyed to. For example, a training ground for escape artist may be a series of tight caves swiss-cheesed into the walls of a canyon. For 3 harrowing days the user must train and learn without stop, but for eating and sleeping, and at the end a revelation grants them the training they seek. Many can enter the area, but only one may gain its effect at any one time.

During the 3 days, they are subject to 9 skill checks of the appropriate skills against DC 15. Add up the number of successes and losses, as it matters for the final check.


While any number of characters would receive its special ability, the mont tage training grounds can grant its benefit to one person at a time. Those who have benefited from such an area are rendered exhausted at the end of training, and furthermore cannot benefit from other mont tage training grounds for an additional month beyond.

Special Ability[edit]

A character who has completed the mont tage training grounds must make a final skill check of the appropriate skill against DC 15. Add a +1 circumstance bonus to your roll for every skill check you failed previously during your training. If they succeed, they pass the test and gain the benefit. They also gain the benefit if they succeeded on at least five of their previous checks and failed the final one.

Those that fail cannot try again for an entire month, but do not need to pay the cost for accessing the magical location again. They do need to attempt the training once more.

On success, the character gains 4 ranks (or 1 rank and it becomes a class skill for Pathfinder) in the skill in question. This only works on skills that did not have any ranks in them previously, and further ranks from leveling may be added to them as normal afterwards.


The skill points gained are permanent. A character may use this multiple times, each time benefiting from a new skill or subskill (in the case of skills such as Craft or Knowledge).

Ability Value[edit]

3,200 gp for most skills, and 4,000 gp for skills that are neither class skills nor usable untrained.

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