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Promathia (3.5e Deity)

Author: Lordshadow (talk)
Date Created: 10/19/10
Status: 100%
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Greater Deity
Symbol: A Pitch Black Crystal
Home Plane: The Dark Abyss of Promyvion
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Death, Emptiness, Twilight
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil
Domains: Death, Evil, Destruction
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword

The dark God of Twilight, Promathia, father god of Vana'diel and instiller of each race's sin.

The father god of Vana'diel, seeder of the beastmen races and all strife, he gave sin to each of the five races of light. To the humans, he gave apathy. to the Elvaan he gave arrogance, to the Tarutaru he gave cowardice, to the Galka he gave rage, and to the Mithra he gave envy. Promathia appears as a faceless, human with four wings. His body fluctuates through the color specturm, each area of his body independant of the rest.


Promathia preaches that the races of light are the true scourge upon the world and that the beastmen races should wipe them from existance.

Clergy and TemplesEdit

In civilized lands, temples to Promathia are nearly unheard of, and, those that do exist, are always hidden. Among the savage lands of the beastmen, each tribe is likely to have at least a small shrine to the God of Twilight.


Promathia is part of the Vana'dielian pantheon.

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