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Flying Laser Squirrel +None  +
Frog +May hold breath for a number of rounds equal to four times his Constitution.  +
Goliath Frog ++3 bonus on [[SRD:Jump Skill|Jump]] checks.  +
Goop +Gain the ''stick''<sup>SpC</sup> cantrip as a spell-like ability at will, caster level equal to your level.  +
Headcrab ++3 bonus on Jump checks.  +
Helmengel +-  +
Horseshoe Crab ++4 saves vs disease, +4 Heal checks vs disease  +
Huck Limpet +Amphibious.  +
Imp, Buff +-  +
Imp, Jovial +-  +
Imp, Scrawny +-  +
Impette +-  +
Jack Candle ++3 Intimidate  +
Jazz Worm ++3 Perform  +
Kavka ++3 bonus on Listen checks.  +, +3 Listen  +
Little Reaper +Kill the Dying temporary hp  +
Lustling +The Lustling grants no bonus except that you may now spontaneously convert a spell you have available, of the appropriate level or higher, into the following spells: ''[[Fanservice (3.5e Spell) | Fanservice]], [[SRD:Enthrall | Enthrall]], [[Obsession (3.5e Spell) | Obsession]], [[SRD:Suggestion | Suggestion]], [[SRD:Charm Monster | Charm Monster]].''  +
Mana Bug +The master of the mana bug familiar may use it similarly to a [[SRD:Pearl of Power|pearl of power]] (1st level): once per day the master may regain one prepared spell or spell slot of 1st level that it can cast. Its Spell Dampening ability doesn't apply to spells cast by its master.  +
Minestrano ++4 on saves against ingested poison and stomach problems.  +
Mo ++3 Psicraft or Spellcraft  +
Mortifiel +-  +
Mouse ++3 bonus on Hide checks.  +
Nimbus Seeker +-  +
Nix +-  +
Nixie-1080 Cam Drone +Use Knowledge Xeno and Program untrained, or +2 bonus if you have ranks.  +
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