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Aendar +Courage, glory, good, protection, strength  +
Aether +Breathing, Gossip, Rumors, Secrets, Wind  +
Alafax +War, Tyranny, The rule of the strong over the weak  +
Alexander +Honor, Steadfastness, Loyalty, Constructs, Light  +
Altana +Dawn, Life, Birth, Compassion  +
Amane +Everything  +
Amberra +Healing, Compassion, Mercy  +
Anahita +Harvests, Comfort, Beauty, and Nature.  +
Angra +War, Discord, Hatred, and Power.  +
Anomos +Natural disasters, weather, anarchy, and battle.  +
Arachne +Chaotic good [[Drow]], [[Spider Rider (3.5e Prestige Class)|Spider Rider]]s and Monstrous Spiders.  +
Aralhal +Hunting, Tactics Learning, Strength  +
Aranae +Neutral Aligned Drow and Spider Riders  +
Arceus +Pokémon  +
Ardian +Retribution, Honor, Chivalry, Justice, Dedication  +
Ariel +Air, Birds, Wind, and Weather.  +
Aries - Project Atrea +Exploration, pioneering, fire, fearlessness.  +
Arpanel +Communication, computers, knowledge, history, and spiders  +
Asase Ya +Life, generosity, plenty, and love.  +
Astor +Hate, Hiding, Patience, Study  +
At Tawwab +Purification, restraint, forgiveness, and sin.  +
Athe +Atheism, Reason, Speechcraft  +
Aurinko +The sun, healing, righteousness, and loyalty to oneself.  +
Azreal +Death, Judgment, Logic, Secrets  +
B'Garra +Birth, Life, Agriculture, Harvest  +
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