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Aadeline +Aadeline 5e  +
Aarakocra +Aarakocra AAA Overview 5e  +
Aarakocra Common +Aarakocra Common  +
Aarakocra Lineage +Aarakocra Lineage  +
Aartuk +Aartuk AAA Overview 5e  +
Aartuk Elder +Aartuk Elder  +
Aartuk Priest +Aartuk Priest  +
Aartuk Warrior +Aartuk Warrior  +
Aasimar +Aasimar AAA Overview 5e  +
Aasimar Lineage +Aasimar Lineage  +
Aberrant Spirit +Aberrant Spirit 5e  +
Aberration +Aberration AAA Overview 5e  +
Abhorrent Overlord +Abhorrent Overlord 5e  +
Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting +Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting (One) One  +
Abjurer +Abjurer (5e) 5e  +
Aboleth +Aboleth 5e  +
Absorb Elements +Absorb Elements (One) One  +
Achaierai +Achaierai 5e  +
Acid Arrow +Acid Arrow (One) One  +
Acid Splash +Acid Splash (One) One  +
Acolyte +Acolyte NPC  +
Aganazzar's Schorcher +Aganazzar's Schorcher (One) One  +
Agdon Longscarf +Agdon Longscarf 5e  +
Aid +Aid Spell One One  +
Ajak +Ajak 5e  +
Alagarthas +Alagarthas 5e  +
Alarm +Alarm (One) One  +
Allegra +Allegra 5e  +
Allip +Allip  +
Almiraj +Almiraj 5e  +
Alseid +Alseid 5e  +
Alter Self +Alter Self (One) One  +
Amaryllis +Amaryllis 5e  +
Amidor +Amidor 5e  +
Amphemia +Amphemia 5e  +
Amphisbaena +Amphisbaena 5e  +
Ancient Companion +Ancient Companion 5e  +
Angara +Angara 5e  +
Angel +Angel AAA Overview 5e  +
Battleforce Angel +Angel Battleforce  +
Deathpact Angel +Angel Deathpact  +
Deva +Angel Deva  +
Firemane Angel +Angel Firemane  +
Planetar +Angel Planetar  +
Radiant Idol +Angel Radiant Idol  +
Solar +Angel Solar  +
Anhkolox +Anhkolox 5e  +
Animal Friendship +Animal Friendship (One) One  +
Animal Messenger +Animal Messenger (One) One  +
Animal Shapes +Animal Shapes (One) One  +
Animal of the Land (One)/Display +Animal of the Land One  +
Animate Dead +Animate Dead (One) One  +
Animate Objects +Animate Objects (One) One  +
Animated Armor +Animated Armor 5e  +
Strahd's Animated Armor +Animated Armor Strahd  +
Animated Breath +Animated Breath 5e  +
Animated Coal +Animated Coal 5e  +
Animated Object +Animated Object AAA Overview 5e  +
Animated Table +Animated Table 5e  +
Anitmagic Field +Anitmagic Field (One) One  +
Ankheg +Ankheg 5e  +
Giant Ant +Ant Giant  +
Giant Ant Queen +Ant Giant Queen  +
Giant Ant Soldier +Ant Giant Soldier  +
Antilife Shell +Antilife Shell (One) One  +
Antimagic Field +Antimagic Field (One) One  +
Antipathy/Sympathy +Antipathy/Sympathy (One) One  +
Anvilwrought +Anvilwrought AAA Overview 5e  +
Bronze Sable +Anvilwrought Bronze Sable  +
Burnished Hart +Anvilwrought Burnished Hart  +
Gold-Forged Sentinel +Anvilwrought Gold-Forged Sentinel  +
Anvilwrought Raptor +Anvilwrought Raptor 5e  +
Ape +Ape 5e  +
Ape +Ape AAA Overview 5e  +
Giant Ape +Ape Giant  +
Apprentice +Apprentice 5e  +
Aranea +Aranea 5e  +
Arasta +Arasta 5e  +
Arcane Eruption +Arcane Eruption (One) One  +
Arcane Eye +Arcane Eye (One) One  +
Arcane Gate +Arcane Gate (One) One  +
Arcane Hand +Arcane Hand (One) One  +
Arcane Lock +Arcane Lock (One) One  +
Arcane Sword +Arcane Sword (One) One  +
Arcane Trickster +Arcane Trickster Subclass One  +
Archaic +Archaic 5e  +
Archdruid VGtM +Archdruid VGtM  +
Archdruid MotM +Archdruid MotM  +
Archdruid VGtM +Archdruid VGtM  +
Archer +Archer NPC  +
Archillus +Archillus 5e  +
Archmage +Archmage 5e  +
Archon +Archon AAA Overview 5e  +
Ashen Rider +Archon Ashen Rider  +
Archon of Falling Stars +Archon Falling Stars  +
Archon Mount +Archon Mount AAA Overview 5e  +
Archon of the Triumvirate +Archon of the Triumvirate 5e  +
Argantle +Argantle 5e  +
Armor of Agathys +Armor of Agathys (One) One  +
Arms of Hadar +Arms of Hadar (One) One  +
Arrp +Arrp 5e  +
Art Elemental Mascot +Art Elemental Mascot 5e  +
Aryn +Aryn 5e  +
Ashardalon's Stride +Ashardalon's Stride (One) One  +
Asher +Asher 5e  +
Assassin +Assassin 5e  +
Sanbru Dusken Assassin +Assassin Duskken Sandbru NPC  +
Assassin +Assassin Subclass One  +
Tarkanan Assassin +Assassin Tarkanan NPC  +
Assassin Vine +Assassin Vine 5e  +
Jade Assassin Vine +Assassin Vine Jade  +
Asteroid Spider +Asteroid Spider 5e  +
Astral Dreadnought +Astral Dreadnought 5e  +
Astral Projection +Astral Projection (One) One  +
Atomie +Atomie 5e  +
Aubreck Drallion +Aubreck Drallion 5e  +
Augury +Augury (One) One  +
Aura of Life +Aura of Life (One) One  +
Aura of Purity +Aura of Purity (One) One  +
Aura of Vitality +Aura of Vitality (One) One  +
Aurochs +Aurochs 5e  +
Autognome +Autognome AAA Overview 5e  +
Autognome Common +Autognome Common  +
Awaken +Awaken (One) One  +
Awakened Plant +Awakened Plant AAA Overview 5e  +
Awakened Shrub +Awakened Shrub 5e  +
Awakened Toadstool +Awakened Toadstool 5e  +
Awakened Tree +Awakened Tree 5e  +
Awakened Zurkhwood +Awakened Zurkhwood 5e  +
Battleaxe +Axe Battle One  +
Axe Beak +Axe Beak 5e  +
Greataxe +Axe Great One  +
Handaxe +Axe Hand One  +
Azer +Azer 5e  +
Azil +Azil 5e  +
Azure Fungus +Azure Fungus 5e  +
B'rohg +B'rohg 5e  +
Baba Lysaga's Creeping Hut +Baba Lysaga's Creeping Hut 5e  +
Baboon +Baboon 5e  +
Badger +Badger 5e  +
Giant Badger +Badger Giant  +
Bal-Oon +Bal-Oon 5e  +
Balhannoth +Balhannoth AAA Overview 5e  +
Balhannoth MToF +Balhannoth MToF 5e  +
Balhannoth MotM +Balhannoth MotM  +
Banderhobb +Banderhobb  +
Bandit +Bandit 5e  +
Bandit Captain +Bandit Captain 5e  +
Bane +Bane (One) One  +
Banishing Smite +Banishing Smite (One) One  +
Banishment +Banishment (One) One  +
Banshee +Banshee 5e  +
Barbarian +Barbarian One  +
Bard +Bard One  +
Bard +Bard AAA Overview 5e  +
Bard NPC MotM +Bard NPC MtoM  +
Bard NPC VGtM +Bard NPC VGtM  +
Barghest +Barghest AAA Overview 5e  +
Barghest MotM +Barghest MotM  +
Barghest VGtM +Barghest VGtM  +
Barkskin +Barkskin (One) One  +
Barret Gloffrin +Barret Gloffrin 5e  +
Basilisk +Basilisk 5e  +
Bat +Bat 5e  +
Giant Bat +Bat Giant  +
Bat Swarm +Bat Swarm 5e  +
Swarm of Bats +Bats Swarm  +
Battle Master +Battle Master Subclass One  +
Bauble +Bauble 5e  +
Bavlorna Blightstraw +Bavlorna Blightstraw 5e  +
Bayleaf +Bayleaf 5e  +
Beacon of Hope +Beacon of Hope (One) One  +
Bear +Bear AAA Overview 5e  +
Black Bear +Bear Black  +
Brown Bear +Bear Brown  +
Cave Bear +Bear Cave  +
Polar Bear +Bear Polar  +
Beast +Beast AAA Overview 5e  +
Beast Bond +Beast Bond (One) One  +
Fae Beast +Beast Fae AAA Overview 5e  +
Fae Badger +Beast Fae Badger  +
Fae Panther +Beast Fae Panther  +
Fae Rat +Beast Fae Rat  +
Beast Master +Beast Master Subclass One  +
Beast Sense +Beast Sense (One) One  +
Beast of the Land +Beast of the Land 5e  +
Beast of the Land +Beast of the Land One  +
Beast of the Sea +Beast of the Sea 5e  +
Beast of the Sea +Beast of the Sea One  +
Beast of the Sky +Beast of the Sky 5e  +
Beast of the Sky +Beast of the Sky One  +
Beatrice +Beatrice 5e  +
Giant Fire Beetle +Beetle Fire Giant  +
Behir +Behir 5e  +
Beholder +Beholder AAA Overview 5e  +
Beholder Common +Beholder Common  +
Death Kiss +Beholder Death Kiss  +
Death Tyrant +Beholder Death Tyrant  +
Eyedrake +Beholder Eyedrake  +
Gauth +Beholder Gauth  +
Gazer +Beholder Gazer  +
Mindwitness +Beholder Mindwitness  +
Spectator +Beholder Spectator  +
Belashyrra +Belashyrra 5e  +
Beledros Witherbloom +Beledros Witherbloom 5e  +
Bellis Bellweather +Bellis Bellweather 5e  +
Berbalang +Berbalang AAA Overview 5e  +
Berbalang MotM +Berbalang MToF  +
Berbalang MToF +Berbalang MToF  +
Berserker +Berserker NPC  +
Bestial Spirit +Bestial Spirit 5e  +
Bestow Curse +Bestow Curse (One) One  +
Big Barkless +Big Barkless 5e  +
Bimz +Bimz 5e  +
Birsk Chumwell +Birsk Chumwell 5e  +
Biscuit +Biscuit 5e  +
Bitzi +Bitzi 5e  +
Bix +Bix 5e  +
Black Tentacles +Black Tentacles (One) One  +
Blackguard MotM +Blackguard MotM  +
Blackguard VGtM +Blackguard VGtM  +
Blade Barrier +Blade Barrier (One) One  +
Blade Ward +Blade Ward (One) One  +
Blade of Disaster +Blade of Disaster (One) One  +
Bladesinger Archmage +Bladesinger Archmage 5e  +
Bless +Bless (One) One  +
Blight Creature +Blight AAA Overview 5e  +
Needle Blight +Blight Needle  +
Blight Spell +Blight Spell One One  +
Tree Blight +Blight Tree  +
Twig Blight +Blight Twig  +
Vine Blight +Blight Vine  +
Blinding Smite +Blinding Smite (One) One  +
Blindness/Deafness +Blindness/Deafness (One) One  +
Blink +Blink (One) One  +
Blink Dog +Blink Dog 5e  +
Bloody Bjorn +Bloody Bjorn 5e  +
Bloody Toes +Bloody Toes 5e  +
Blookybeak +Blookybeak 5e  +
Blowgun +Blowgun One  +
Blur +Blur (One) One  +
Boar +Boar 5e  +
Giant Boar +Boar Giant  +
Bobi +Bobi 5e  +
Bodak +Bodak MotM  +
Bodger +Bodger 5e  +
Bodytaker Plant +Bodytaker Plant 5e  +
Podling +Bodytaker Plant Podling  +
Boggart +Boggart 5e  +
Boggle +Boggle AAA Overview 5e  +
Boggle MotM +Boggle MotM  +
Boggle VGtM +Boggle VGtM  +
Bone Knight +Bone Knight 5e  +
Bone Swarm +Bone Swarm 5e  +
Boneclaw +Boneclaw AAA Overview 5e  +
Boneclaw MToF +Boneclaw MToF  +
Boneclaw MotM +Boneclaw MotM  +
Boneless +Boneless 5e  +
Bones of the Earth +Bones of the Earth (One) One  +
Book of Shadows +Book of Shadows (One) One  +
Booming Blade +Booming Blade (One) One  +
Borrowed Knowledge +Borrowed Knowledge (One) One  +
Longbow +Bow Long One  +
Shortbow +Bow Short One  +
Brackish Trudge +Brackish Trudge 5e  +
Brain in a Jar +Brain in a Jar 5e  +
Bramble +Bramble 5e  +
Brawler +Brawler Subclass One  +
Braxat +Braxat 5e  +
Break-a-leg +Break-a-leg 5e  +
Brigganock +Brigganock 5e  +
Broom of Animated Attack +Broom of Animated Attack 5e  +
Brottor +Brottor 5e  +
Brownie +Brownie 5e  +
Buckawn +Buckawn 5e  +
Budoc +Budoc 5e  +
Bugbear +Bugbear AAA Common  +
Bugbear +Bugbear AAA Overview 5e  +
Bugbear Chief +Bugbear Chief 5e  +
Bugbear Lineage +Bugbear Lineage  +
Bulette +Bulette 5e  +
Bulezau +Bulezau 5e  +
Winged Bull +Bull Winged  +
Bullywug Common +Bullywug AAA Common 5e  +
Bullywug +Bullywug AAA Overview 5e  +
Bullywug Croaker +Bullywug Croaker  +
Bullywug Knight +Bullywug Knight 5e  +
Bullywug Royal +Bullywug Royal AAA Overview 5e  +
Bullywug Royal (5e)/Downfall +Bullywug Royal Downfall  +
Bullywug Royal (5e)/Dunwater +Bullywug Royal Dunwater  +
Burly +Burly 5e  +
Burning Hands +Burning Hands (One) One  +
Butterfly +Butterfly 5e  +
Cadaver Collector +Cadaver Collector 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/lvl3Fighter +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/TheraLaz +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/RavenStorm +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/TranceEver +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/lvl3Paladin +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/lvl3Ranger +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/lvl3Wizard +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/Phaidryn +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/lvl3BFighter +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/lvl3Warlock +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/lvl3Rouge +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/lvl3Cleric +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Cala'diel (5e Campaign Setting)/Stats/CassidyBurton +Cala'diel/Stats 5e  +
Call Lightning +Call Lightning (One) One  +
Calluna +Calluna 5e  +
Callybon +Callybon 5e  +
Calm Emotions +Calm Emotions (One) One  +
Cambion +Cambion 5e  +
Camel +Camel 5e  +
Campestri Common +Campestri AAA Common  +
Campestri +Campestri AAA Overview 5e  +
Swarm of Campestris +Campestris Swarm  +
Giant Canary +Canary Giant  +
Candlefoot +Candlefoot 5e  +
Captain Sigurd +Captain Sigurd 5e  +
Caradoc +Caradoc 5e  +
Carisso +Carisso 5e  +
Carrion Crawler +Carrion Crawler 5e  +
Carrionette +Carrionette 5e  +
Carriorn Stalker +Carriorn Stalker 5e  +
Carthasar +Carthasar 5e  +
Cat +Cat 5e  +
Crag Cat +Cat Crag  +
Great Cat +Cat Great AAA Overview 5e  +
Catapult Spell +Catapult Spell (One) One  +
Catnap +Catnap (One) One  +
Catoblepas +Catoblepas 5e  +
Cause Fear +Cause Fear (One) One  +
Cave Fisher +Cave Fisher 5e  +
Celestial +Celestial AAA Overview 5e  +
Celestial Spirit +Celestial Spirit 5e  +
Celtic Pantheon +Pantheon SRD5  +
Centaur +Centaur AAA Common  +
Centaur +Centaur AAA Overview 5e  +
Centaur Lineage +Centaur Lineage  +
Centaur Race +Centaur Race  +
Centipede +Centipede  +
Dread Centipede +Centipede Dread  +
Giant Centipede +Centipede Giant  +
Cerberus +Cerberus AAA Overview 5e  +
Two-Headed Cerberus +Cerberus Two-Headed  +
Underworld Cerberus +Cerberus Underworld  +
Ceremony +Ceremony (One) One  +
Chain Lightning +Chain Lightning (One) One  +
Champion +Champion NPC  +
Champion +Champion Subclass One  +
Changeling +Changeling AAA Overview 5e  +
Changeling Lineage +Changeling Lineage  +
Changeling NPC +Changeling NPC  +
Chaos Bolt +Chaos Bolt (One) One  +
Charm +Charm 5e  +
Charm Monster +Charm Monster (One) One  +
Charm Person +Charm Person (One) One  +
Chi Toshi'ba +Chi Toshi'ba 5e  +
Chill Touch +Chill Touch (One) One  +
Chimera +Chimera AAA Overview 5e  +
Chimera +Chimera Common  +
Theran Chimera +Chimera Theran  +
Chitine +Chitine 5e  +
Choker +Choker 5e  +
Choldrith +Choldrith AAA Overview 5e  +
Choldrith MotM +Choldrith MotM  +
Choldrith VGtM +Choldrith VGtM  +
Chromatic Orb +Chromatic Orb (One) One  +
Chucklehead +Chucklehead 5e  +
Chuul +Chuul 5e  +
Chwinga +Chwinga AAA Overview 5e  +
Chwinga Astronaut +Chwinga Astronaut 5e  +
Circle of Death +Circle of Death (One) One  +
Circle of Power +Circle of Power (One) One  +
Circle of the Land +Circle of the Land Subclass One  +
Circle of the Moon +Circle of the Moon Subclass One  +
Circle of the Sea +Circle of the Sea Subclass One  +
Clairvoyance +Clairvoyance (One) One  +
Clapperclaw +Clapperclaw 5e  +
Cleric +Cleric One  +
Cloaker +Cloaker 5e  +
Clockwork +Clockwork AAA Overview 5e  +
Bronze Scout MToF +Clockwork Bronze Scout MToF  +
Bronze Scout MotM +Clockwork Bronze Scout MotM  +
Copper Hawk +Clockwork Copper Hawk  +
Clockwork Horror +Clockwork Horror 5e  +
Iron Cobra MToF +Clockwork Iron Cobra MToF  +
Iron Cobra MotM +Clockwork Iron Cobra MotM  +
Oaken Bolter MToF +Clockwork Oaken Bolter MToF  +
Oaken Bolter MotM +Clockwork Oaken Bolter MotM  +
Stone Defender MToF +Clockwork Stone Defender MToF  +
Stone Defender MotM +Clockwork Stone Defender MotM  +
Clone +Clone (One) One  +
Cloud of Daggers +Cloud of Daggers (One) One  +
Cloudkill +Cloudkill (One) One  +
Greatclub +Club Great One  +
Club +Club One  +
Clurichaun +Clurichaun 5e  +
Cockatrice +Cockatrice 5e  +
Cogwork Archivist +Cogwork Archivist 5e  +
College of Dance +College of Dance Subclass One  +
College of Glamour +College of Glamour Subclass One  +
College of Lore +College of Lore Subclass One  +
College of Valor +College of Valor Subclass One  +
Color Spray +Color Spray (One) One  +
Colossus of Akros +Colossus of Akros 5e  +
Colossus of Akros +Colossus of Akros 5e  +
Command +Command (One) One  +
Commoner +Commoner 5e  +
Commune +Commune (One) One  +
Commune with Nature +Commune with Nature (One) One  +
Compelled Duel +Compelled Duel (One) One  +
Comprehend Languages +Comprehend Languages (One) One  +
Compulsion +Compulsion (One) One  +
Cone of Cold +Cone of Cold (One) One  +
Confusion +Confusion (One) One  +
Conjure Animals +Conjure Animals (One) One  +
Conjure Barrage +Conjure Barrage (One) One  +
Conjure Celestial +Conjure Celestial (One) One  +
Conjure Elemental +Conjure Elemental (One) One  +
Conjure Minor Elementals +Conjure Elementals Minor One One  +
Conjure Fey +Conjure Fey (One) One  +
Conjure Volley +Conjure Volley (One) One  +
Conjure Woodland Beings +Conjure Woodland Beings (One) One  +
Conjurer +Conjurer NPC  +
Construct +Construct AAA Overview 5e  +
Construct Spirit +Construct Spirit 5e  +
Contact Other Plane +Contact Other Plane (One) One  +
Contagion +Contagion (One) One  +
Contingency +Contingency (One) One  +
Continual Flame +Continual Flame (One) One  +
Control Flames +Control Flames (One) One  +
Control Water +Control Water (One) One  +
Control Weather +Control Weather (One) One  +
Control Winds +Control Winds (One) One  +
Cordon of Arrows +Cordon of Arrows (One) One  +
Corpse Flower +Corpse Flower 5e  +
Cosmic Horror +Cosmic Horror 5e  +
Couatl +Couatl 5e  +
Cougar +Cougar 5e  +
Counterspell +Counterspell (One) One  +
Cow +Cow 5e  +
Stench Kow +Cow Stench  +
Crab +Crab 5e  +
Giant Crab +Crab Giant  +
Hulking Crab +Crab Hulking  +
Crane +Crane 5e  +
Giant Crane +Crane Giant  +
Crawling Claw +Crawling Claw 5e  +
Giant Crayfish +Crayfish Giant  +
Create Bonfire +Create Bonfire (One) One  +
Create Food and Water +Create Food and Water (One) One  +
Create Homunculus +Create Homunculus (One) One  +
Create Magen +Create Magen (One) One  +
Create Spell +Create Spell (One) One  +
Create Undead +Create Undead (One) One  +
Create or Destroy Water +Create or Destroy Water (One) One  +
Creation +Creation (One) One  +
Crocodile +Crocodile 5e  +
Giant Crocodile +Crocodile Giant  +
Legendary Crocodile +Crocodile Legendary  +
Hand Crossbow +Crossbow Hand One  +
Heavy Crossbow +Crossbow Heavy One  +
Light Crossbow +Crossbow Light One  +
Crown of Madness +Crown of Madness (One) One  +
Crown of Stars +Crown of Stars (One) One  +
Crusader's Mantle +Crusader's Mantle (One) One  +
Cult Fanatic +Cult Fanatic 5e  +
Cultist +Cultist 5e  +
Cure Wounds +Cure Wounds (One) One  +
Mass Cure Wounds +Cure Wounds Mass One One  +
Cyclops +Cyclops 5e  +
Nivix Cyclops +Cyclops Nivix  +
Daemogoth +Daemogoth 5e  +
Daemogoth Titan +Daemogoth Titan 5e  +
Dagger +Dagger One  +
Dancing Item +Dancing Item 5e  +
Dancing Lights +Dancing Lights (One) One  +
Dandy +Dandy 5e  +
Danse Macabre +Danse Macabre (One) One  +
Darkling +Darkling 5e  +
Darkling Elder +Darkling Elder 5e  +
Darkmantle +Darkmantle 5e  +
Darkness Spell +Darkness Spell (One) One  +
Darkvision Spell +Darkvision Spell (One) One  +
Dart +Dart One  +
Davus Raal +Davus Raal 5e  +
Dawn +Dawn (One) One  +
Daylight Spell +Daylight Spell One One  +
Death Dog +Death Dog 5e  +
Death Knight +Death Knight 5e  +
Death Ward +Death Ward (One) One  +
Death's Head +Death's Head 5e  +
Deathlock MToF +Deathlock AA MToF  +
Deathlock MotM +Deathlock AA MotM  +
Deathlock +Deathlock AAA Overview 5e  +
Deathlock Mastermind MToF +Deathlock Mastermind MToF  +
Deathlock Mastermind MotM +Deathlock Mastermind MotM  +
Deathlock Wight MToF +Deathlock Wight MToF  +
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Has type
"Has type" is a predefined property that describes the datatype of a property and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
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