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[Prowess] Feats[edit]

Prowess Feats are general style feats that closely interact with the Tome of Prowess revised skill system.


Prowess Feats

Feat Summary Prerequisites Balance Point
Always Aware It takes you much less time to notice things than it does for others. Perception 6+ ranks High
Angry Glare False friends wither under the weight of your glare. Intimidation 4+ ranks High
Artificer You are a true master of spell trigger magic items. Arcana 4+ ranks, Caster Level 6 Unquantifiable
Clarity of Rage When blinding rage pushes you forward, you still tend to end up right where you wanted to be. Rage class feature Low
Combat Casting, Prowess Training to allow a spellcaster to cast spells in melee without getting stabbed in the face, and better finish them even if they do. None High
Craft Item of Prowess You can create skill items, granting ranks, bonuses, and other adjustments to others. Character level 4 High
Fast-Talker, ToP You can talk yourself out of holes. Bluff 6+ ranks High
Human-like Skill Training You gain an extra skill point at each level. Race that does not grant bonus skill points High
Jack of All Trades, Prowess Variant You can learn mundane professions remarkably quickly. None Moderate
Modest Strike You can painlessly strike an unsuspecting target, delaying the damage by 1d4 rounds and possibly concealing the attack. Legerdemain 7+, Quick Draw High
Orator You are a verbal artist. Affability 6+ ranks High
Powerful Leader You are surrounded by an aura of power. Intimidation 12+ ranks High
Rumormonger Your lies spread. Bluff 6+ ranks High
Scholar of Magical Theory Although you may not be capable of casting magic yourself, you have still amassed your own personal library of spells which can be used for crafting magical items. Thaumaturgy, Geomancy, or Arcana 4+ ranks, Grade III in a artisanal background ability High
Shadow Focus You are a mighty master of the arts of the Darkest Shadows. Arcana 4 ranks Very High
Tracker You can follow less than obvious trails. Survival 4+ ranks High
Winning Smile You are so genuinely likeable that it's hard to yell at you. Affibility 4+ ranks High

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SummaryProwess Feats are general style feats that closely interact with the Tome of Prowess revised skill system. +