Psicrystal Rapport (3.5e Feat)

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Author: Spanambula (talk)
Date Created: 4 April 2016
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Psicrystal Rapport [Psionic] Prerequisites: Manifester level 1st, power point poolBenefit: You gain the following abilities based on your highest level of power you can manifest:

1st: Psicrystal Affinity: You gain a psicrystal, using the normal rules for it's abilities. Shiny! So long as you are within 5 feet of your psicrystal, you do not need a power point to become psionically focused.

2nd: Psycrystal Containment: Your psicrystal may now hold a psionic focus, as the feat.

3rd: Psicrystal Cognizance: Your Psicrystal gains the property of a Cognizance Crystal. It can hold up to a number of power points equal to 2x the highest level power you can manifest -1. While your psicrystal is within 5 feet of you you may use it's store of Power points to manifest a power, following all the normal rules for stored power points. By concentrating on your psicrystal for 10 minutes, you may transfer any or all stored power points from your psicrystal back to yourself. You cannot use this to gain more than your maximum number of power points.

6th: Psicrystal Solicitation: When your psicrystal is psionically focused and holding at least 5 power points, it may take over concentrating on a single power you have manifested for a number of rounds equal to your normal manifester level or the power's normal duration, whichever is less. Transferring concentration is a free action that may only be taken during your turn. While concentrating for you, the psicrystal cannot take any other action, though it may stop concentrating as an immediate action, ending the power. Your psicrystal must be within 5 feet of you to gain the benefit of this effect.

9th: Psicrystal Mastery: Your psicrystal can add a metapsionic effect you already know to a power that you manifest. To do so it expends it's psionic focus and uses the appropriate number of power points from its stored supply. The psicrystal must have sufficient stored power points for the metapsionic effect to use this ability. These points do not count towards the power point limit for manifesting the power. You must be in physical contact with your psicrystal for this ability to function.

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