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Complete Adventurer
System: Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e 
Abbreviation: CAdv 
Series: Hero Series 
Author: Jesse Decker 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Item Code: 177290000 
Publication Date: January 2005 
Format: Trade Hardcover 
Page Count: 192 
ISBN-10: 0-7869-3651-7 
Price: $29.95 ; C$42.95
Product Blurb
Sharpen Your Survival Skills

Taverns are filled with tales of talented heroes and their breathtaking exploits. The prowess and ingenuity of these remarkable characters gives them the edge to succeed where others cannot.

This supplement for the D&D game provides everything you need to sharpen the skills and enhance the abilities of characters of any class. Along with new base classes, prestige classes, feats, spells, monsters, and magic items, Complete Adventurer provides alternate uses for skills and other options that expand the capabilities of the most versatile heroes.

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Name Page Description
Appraise Magic Value 103 Your ability to determine an item's worth and your knowledge of magic allow you to determine the exact properties of a magic item without the use of the identify spell or similar magic.
Ascetic Hunter 105 You have gone beyond the bounds of your monastic training to incorporate new modes of bringing the unlawful to justice.
Ascetic Knight 105 You belong to a special order of religious monks that teaches its adherents that self-enlightenment and honorable service grow from the same well of purity.
Ascetic Magic 105 You practice an unusual martial art that mixes self-taught spellcasting and melee attacks to great effect.
Ascetic Rogue 106 You have gone beyond the bounds of your monastic training to incorporate new modes of stealthy combat.
Augmented Alchemy 191 You can create alchemical items and substances that are much more powerful than normal.
Blindsense 114 You can sense creatures that you cannot see.
Brachiation 106 You can swing through trees like a monkey.
Brutal Throw 106 You have learned how to hurl weapons to deadly effect.
Chant of Fortitude 113 You can channel the power of your bardic music to sustain your allies, allowing them to function even after receiving wounds that would cause others to falter.
Climb Like an Ape 114 You can improve your climbing ability.
Combat Intuition 106 Your keen understanding of your opponent's moves and your instinctive feel for the flow of combat enable you to shrewdly assess your opponent's combat capabilities.
Cougar's Vision 114 You can see in the dark like a cat.
Danger Sense 106 You are one twitchy individual.
Death Blow 106 You waste no time in dealing with downed foes.
Deft Opportunist 106 You are prepared for the unexpected.
Deft Strike 106 You can place attacks at weak points in your opponent's defenses.
Devoted Inquisitor 107 Your faithful service to your patron deity involves training and methods that many paladins consider questionable.
Devoted Performer 107 You have foregone the pursuit of frivolous musical talents, instead entering religious training in service of honor and justice.
Devoted Tracker 108 You have found a balance between your woodland training and your devotion to religious training, blending these two aspects into one seamless whole.
Disguise Spell 108 You can cast spells without observers noticing.
Dive for Cover 108 You can dive behind cover or drop to the ground quickly enough to avoid many area effects.
Dual Strike 108 You are an expert skirmisher skilled at fighting with two weapons.
Epic Dodge 191 You are able to evade attacks with exceptional agility.
Epic Reputation 191 Your reputation provides great bonuses on interactions with others.
Epic Skill Focus 191 Choose a skill, such as Move Silently. You have a legendary knack with that skill.
Expert Tactician 109 Your tactical skills work to your advantage.
Extra Music 109 You can use your bardic music more often than you otherwise could.
Extraordinary Concentration 109 Your mind is so focused that you can cast spells even while concentrating on another spell.
Extraordinary Spell Aim 109 You can shape a spell's area to exclude one creature from its effects.
Force of Personality 109 You have cultivated an unshakable belief in your self-worth.
Goad 109 You are skilled at inducing opponents to attack you.
Green Ear 110 Your bardic music can affect plant creatures.
Group Inspiration 192 Your bardic powers can inspire more allies than normal.
Hawk's Vision 114 You can improve your visual acuity.
Hear the Unseen 110 Your sense of hearing is so acute that you can partially pinpoint an opponent's location by sound, allowing you to strike even if the opponent is concealed or displaced.
Improved Diversion 110 You can create a diversion to hide quickly and with less effort.
Improved Flight 110 You gain greater maneuverability when flying than you would normally have.
Improved Skirmish 192 Your combat mobility improves.
Improved Sudden Strike 192 Your ability to strike unaware foes improves.
Improved Swimming 110 You can swim faster than you normally could.
Insightful Reflexes 110 Your keen intellect allows you an uncanny knack for evading dangerous effects.
Ironskin Chant 113 You can channel the power of your bardic music to enable yourself to ignore minor injuries.
Jack of All Trades 110 You have picked up a smattering of even the most obscure skills.
Leap Attack 110 You can combine a powerful charge and a mighty leap into one devastating attack.
Legendary Acrobat 192 You can balance and tumble much more easily than a normal person.
Legendary Climber 192 You can climb rapidly much more easily than a normal person.
Legendary Leaper 192 You can cover great distances with only a brief start.
Legendary Tracker 192 You can track prey across or through the water, or even through the air.
Lingering Song 111 Your inspirational bardic music stays with the listeners long after the last note has died away.
Lyric Spell 113 You can channel the power of your bardic music into your magic, allowing you to expend uses of your bardic music ability to cast spells.
Mobile Spell-Casting 111 Your focused concentration allows you to move while casting a spell.
Natural Bond 111 Your bond with your animal companion is exceptionally strong.
Obscure Lore 111 You are a treasure trove of little-known information.
Open Minded 111 You are naturally able to reroute your memory and skill expertise.
Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting 111 You are adept at wielding larger than normal weapons in your off hand.
Polyglot 192 You can speak, read, and write all languages.
Power Throw 111 You have learned how to hurl weapons to deadly effect.
Quick Reconnoiter 112 You can learn a lot of information from just a quick scan of an area or object.
Razing Strike 112 You have mastered the art of delivering precise strikes against nonliving creatures while channeling spell energy through your melee attacks.
Savage Grapple 114 While transformed into the shape of a wild animal, you can savagely tear at any creature that you manage to grapple.
Scent 114 You can sharpen your sense of smell.
Staggering Strike 112 You can deliver a wound that hampers an opponent's movement.
Subsonics 112 Your music can affect even those who do not consciously hear it.
Tactile Trapsmith 112 You can rely on your rapid reflexes and nimble fingers instead of your intellect when searching a room or when disabling a trap.
Versatile Performer 112 You are skilled at many kinds of performances.

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Facts about "Complete Adventurer"
AbbreviationCAdv +
AuthorJesse Decker +
ISBN0-7869-3651-7 +
Item Code177290000 +
Media TypeTrade Hardcover +
Page Count192 +
Publication DateJanuary 2005 +
PublisherWizards of the Coast +
SystemDungeons and Dragons 3.5e +
TitleComplete Adventurer +