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Publication:Explorer's Guide to Wildemount

Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e 
Abbreviation: EGtW 
Author: Matthew Mercer 
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast 
Publication Date: 2020-03-17 
Format: Hardcover 
Page Count: 304 
ISBN-10: 0786966912 
ISBN-13: 978-0-7869-6691-2 
Price: 49.95
Product Blurb
Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount provides everything you need to play Dungeons & Dragons on the continent of Wildemount (set within the world of Exandria)—a land of war, betrayal, and swashbuckling adventure.

Comprised of four regions, Wildemount provides endless potential for adventure in a land of brewing conflict and incredible magic. Rising tensions boil over into all-out war between the politically dubious Dwendalian Empire and the light-worshiping wastefolk of Xhorhas, supplying a vibrant backdrop for any D&D campaign to explore.

Uncover a trove of new options usable in any D&D game, featuring subclasses, spells, magic items, monsters, and more, rooted in the adventures of Critical Role—such as Vestiges of Divergence and the possibility manipulating magic of dunamancy.

Start a campaign in any of Wildemount’s regions using a variety of introductory adventures, dozens of regional plot seeds, and the heroic chronicle system—a way to create character backstories rooted in Wildemount.

Explore every corner of Wildemount and discover mysteries revealed for the first time by Critical Role Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer.

On the Cover In the shadow of Castle Ravenloft, Doctor Rudolph van Richten and Ez d’Avenir confront the vampire Strahd von Zarovich, in this painting by Anna Podedworna.

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