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PrerequisiteNone +
SkillRide +
SummaryYou don't have to see to kill. +, You go all out and try to achieve goals in a proactive manner. +, You can put things into your pants in the middle of combat. +, You are a member of a completely arbitrary fighting school that has a number of recognizable signature fighting moves. +, You lead tiny men. +, Maybe Spiders tell you what's up. You certainly react to danger with uncanny effectiveness. +, You are very hard to hit when you want to be. +, You benefit your allies so good they remember you long time. +, You smack around those folks in the spirit world. +, Everyone has a specialty. Yours is miraculously finding ways to stab creatures in the face when it seems improbable that you would be able to reach that high. +, You are so tough. Your belly is like a prism. +, You kill really large numbers of people. +, You can move around and shoot things with surprising effectiveness. +, You hack people down with inherent awesomeness. +, You are able to grit your teeth and shake off mental influences. +, You are an unstoppable Juggernaut. +, You are fasty McFastFast. It helps keep you alive. +, You have trained long and hard to kill magic users. Maybe you hate them, maybe you just noticed that most of the really dangerous creatures in the world use magic. +, You are at your best when fighting with an ally that you are sitting on. +, You stab people in the face. +, You fight well in a group. +, You are crazy good using a ranged weapon in close quarters. +, Your shooting is precise and dangerous. +, You cut people so bad they have to ask you about it later. +, When armed with two weapons, you fight with two weapons rather than picking and choosing and fighting with only one. Kind of obvious in retrospect. +, You are incredibly deft with a sword. +, You are just as dangerous to everyone around you as to anyone around you. + and You are very calm about shooting people in the face. That's a good place to be. +
TypeCombat +, Leadership + and Skill +