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Ranger Revised (5e)

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Ranger Revised is a class in 5th edition, described in UA Revised Ranger.

Hit Die: 1d10
Saves: Strength, Dexterity

Favored Enemy
Natural Explorer
Fighting Style
Primeval Awareness
Ranger Conclave
Ability Score Improvement
Greater Favored Enemy
Fleet of Foot
Hide in Plain Sight
Feral Senses
Foe Slayer

Unofficial Description: A revised version of the ranger class.

Ranger Conclaves (3 official and unofficial Ranger Archetypes.)

Ranger ConclaveFeaturesSummarySource
Beast ConclaveAnimal Companion, Coordinated Attack, Beast’s Defense, Storm of Claws and Fangs, Superior Beast’s DefenseThis conclave focuses on friendship with beastsUA Revised Ranger
Deep Stalker ConclaveUnderdark Scout, Deep Stalker Magic, Extra Attack, Iron Mind, Stalker’s Flurry, Stalker’s DodgeThis conclave focuses on undergound and underdark environmentsUA Revised Ranger
Hunter ConclaveHunter’s Prey, Extra Attack, Defensive Tactics, Multiattack, Superior Hunter’s DefenseThis conclave focuses on hunting specific kinds of targetsUA Revised Ranger
Unearthed Arcana

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—Notice on most 5e Unearthed Arcana PDFs

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