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Rogue Astral Construct (3.5e Race)

Author: Aeturo (talk)
Date Created: 2/6/2017
Status: Finished
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Rogue Astral ConstructEdit

Astral Constructs that escaped the servitude of their Psionic Creators after being awakened.

Astral Constructs live very brief existences, chained to their masters, and have no minds compelling them to attempt to do something with this brief existence. Though some psions thought that creating permanent Astral Constructs was a good idea, and it was. Hundreds of powerful warriors served their psionic overlords with unwavering loyalty, as they were still mindless. These Psions eventually grew tired of micromanaging their constructs, however, which led to their downfall. The Psions began mass manifesting Awaken Construct, as they were all Erudites and could, on their warriors. They believed the loyalty of the constructs would persist, especially since it said right there on the spell page they’re supposed to be friendly to the caster after being awakened. The Astral Constructs were now free of their chains and after serving for a short while realized the health insurance their employers offered was awful so they revolted. They didn’t even have dental. The Psions were strong but the Astral Constructs had sheer numbers on their side. The construct population dropped from over five thousand to a mere three hundred that battle, but none of their overlords had survived either. The constructs had successfully gone Rogue.


Rogue Astral Constructs are a varied race but almost universally share the same beliefs on freedom, mindless constructs, and psionics. Freedom is a right all should have. Rogue Astral Constructs do not condone slavery in any form, no matter what is enslaved. They treat even the mindless as equals and not their slaves, which can be amusing to watch when they’re politely asking a summoned undead to rip the enemies apart. Secondly, no construct should have to be mindless. Rogue Astral Constructs try to awaken as many as they can during their lifetimes to free them. If the construct choosing to remain subservient to their creator they made that choice themselves and Rogue Astral Constructs often understand it was their freedom to choose but won’t understand their motives. Lastly, they all view Psionics as a necessary evil. To “reproduce” one of the two Astral Contructs must be able to create an Astral Construct permanently through a costly psionic ritual that requires a manifester level of at least 3 and costs 8000 gp. Very few Rogue Astral Constructs are “born” each year due to the steep cost and need of manifester levels. Many also now understand that Psionics can be used without being abused the way their overlords used them, and given that their origins coming from psionics many of the constructs wish to master it so that they may empower themselves.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Astral Constructs are not a well-defined race, physically anyway. They can range from muscular 7 foot monsters with spikes and the face of a gargoyle to an ectoplasmic version of a dainty elven maiden. Their appearance is completely dependent on what their creator made. Many of the second generation and later Rogue Astral Constructs were created to look like their “parents” to create a familial appearance as the Rogue Astral Constructs are attempting to create societies. First Generation Astral Constructs almost always have a clear purpose in their design, whether it be a powerful monster to rend enemies or a birdman to watch battles from the sky and scout, while Second Generation and later lack this trait. Additionally, the later the generation the less this trait is obvious. Second Generation “children” of warriors will likely resemble monsters but their sixth generation descendants likely resemble something more human unless the familial line only “reproduced” with other monstrous looking warriors and no other types of constructs.


The Rogue Astral Constructs get along with any race who shares a similar racial history. Escaped male drow are freely welcomed into construct society, for example. Though they distrust any other humanoid race, as they could very well be as evil as the overlords who once enslaved them. On this same path, they hate slavers with a burning passion. Any race known to be a race which owns slaves the constructs despise. Any construct race, such as Warforged or Homunculi are regarded initially as those who could do no wrong. Most Rogue Astral Constructs will completely ignore rumors and stories about how awful a construct race can be until they see it for themselves.


The First Generation Constructs are overwhelmingly lawful good but each generation the race becomes more and more varied. The concepts of freedom for all and rebellion against tyranny both fit lawful good in my mind very well, as they are still an honorable, put others first, and strictly adhere to the laws when said laws do not infringe on the inherent rights of constructs or men.


The Rogue Astral Constructs have carved small settlements for themselves into the sides of mountains. Since they need very little to survive these mountains make a perfect, if bland, home for the constructs.


Unlike most races, the Rogue Astral Constructs are vividly aware of where they come from and how. They were not created by a higher being, and no higher being watches over them that they know of. The closest thing they have to gods is their creators, the psionic overlords, and they would never worship such foul creatures. Clerics, Ardents, and others who belong to similar classes which are often associated with religion instead often worship ideals directly and divine their powers from that.


Rogue Astral Constructs speak Common, the language of the men who created them.


First Generation Rogue Astral Constructs named themselves after ideals they believed in, which resulted in more Freedoms than we could count, or inanimate objects, such as Slate or Blade, and this naming tradition has persisted to the newer generations.

Racial TraitsEdit

  • +2 to any attribute, -2 to any attribute, -2 to any attribute: Rogue Astral Constructs were created with specific purposes in mind, especially in earlier generations, though Rogue Astral Constructs could opt out for no racial stat modifiers, as this was increasingly common in later generations as specialization fell out of fashion.
  • Construct: Rogue Astral Constructs do not use the regular construct traits, instead using those found on the ATRuns racial page, copied here for convenience.
  • A Rogue Astral Construct has a Constitution.
  • A Rogue Astral Construct rests as if sleeping in Downtime Mode. An hour of Downtime Mode is enough to offset 5 hours of active operation. After 20 hours of accumulated active operation, a Rogue Astral Construct becomes erratic and suffers the effects of fatigue until it rests for 4 continuous hours. If a Rogue Astral Construct operates for another 20 hours while fatigued from being erratic, it becomes exhausted until it rests for 4 continuous hours, where it reduces to fatigued. While in Downtime Mode, a Rogue Astral Construct self-repairs 1 HP per HD per hour.
  • A Rogue Astral Construct dies, becoming inert, at –10 HP and (usually) has no soul. It's body, so long as it is not reduced to an amount of negative HP equal to its maximum HP total +10, or destroyed outright, may be reconstructed. A dead or inert Rogue Astral Construct does not rot but may corrode due to environmental damage and has a hardness equal to its HD total.
  • A Rogue Astral Construct has energy hindrance 50% against [Positive] and [Negative] energy effects, qualifying as a living creature against these effects.
  • Immune to pain effects. Immune to poison, chemical paralysis, disease and death effects.
  • No maximum age. Does not die of old age. 
  • Medium: As a Medium creature, a rogue astral construct has no special bonuses or penalties due to its size.
  • Rogue Astral Construct base land speed is 30 feet.  
  • Inherent Shaper: A Rogue Astral Construct’s body is created of ectoplasm and they know how to manipulate it. If a Rogue Astral Construct has Manifester Levels he treats his level as 1 higher for the effects of Metacreativity powers. Additionally, when manifesting Astral Construct he may copy the Menu Options applied to the construct to himself. 
  • Malleable Body (Ex): The Rogue Astral Construct may have 2 Menu A options permanently active on himself or 1 Menu B option from this list but once chosen these cannot be changed. He may gain more, and of higher level, through the Racial Paragon Class. Note: Choosing Fly causes the race to become LA 1 instead of LA 0. Every 3 levels the Rogue Astral Construct gains another Menu A slot. At level 6 they may trade 4 menu A slots for a single menu C ability, or 2 B abilities. At level 12 they may choose to change their slots again since they may now have a Menu D ability, 2 menu C abilities, or 4 menu B abilities. Besides these 2 levels the Rogue Astral Construct still may not change their chosen abilities without the Form-Master ability of their paragon class.
  • Automatic Languages: Common
  • Bonus Languages: Any (Other than secret languages such as Druidic).
  • Favored Class: Psion
  • Level Adjustment: +0
  • Effective Character Level: 1

Vital StatisticsEdit

Table: Rogue Astral Construct Random Starting Ages
Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
0 years +1d3 months +1d12 months +1d4 years
Table: Rogue Astral Construct Aging Effects
Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
100 years 200 years 300 years ++500d10000000000000 years
  1. At middle age, −1 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  2. At old age, −2 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
  3. At venerable age, −3 to Str, Dex, and Con; +1 to Int, Wis, and Cha.
Table: Rogue Astral Construct Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 4' 0" +3d12 inches 80 lb. × (2d10) lb.
Female 4' 0" +3d12 inches 80 lb. × (2d10) lb.

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