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This material from the 5th edition SRD is published under the OGL

A feat represents a talent or an area of expertise that gives a character special capabilities. It embodies training, experience, and abilities beyond what a class provides.

At certain levels, your class gives you the Ability Score Improvement feature. Using the optional feats rule, you can forgo taking that feature to take a feat of your choice instead. You can take each feat only once, unless the feat’s description says otherwise.

You must meet any prerequisite specified in a feat to take that feat. If you ever lose a feat’s prerequisite, you can’t use that feat until you regain the prerequisite. For example, the Grappler feat requires you to have a Strength of 13 or higher. If your Strength is reduced below 13 somehow — perhaps by a withering curse — you can’t benefit from the Grappler feat until your Strength is restored.

List of Feats[edit]

This section exceeds the text of the SRD

(89 official and unofficial feats)

ActorIncrease Charisma, gain bonuses to deception and performance. Gain mimicry.Player's Handbook (5e)
AlertBonus to your initiative and mitigates effectiveness of your enemy's surprise and being hidden.Player's Handbook (5e)
AthleteIncrease Strength or Dexterity, gain bonuses to climbing, jumping, and standing from prone.Player's Handbook (5e)
Barbed HideTieflingBuff to Constitution or Charisma, and Intimidation. Grow barbs.UA Feats for Races
Bountiful LuckHalflingAllow allies to reroll attack rolls, ability checks, or saving throw roll of 1.UA Feats for Races
ChargerAllows attack or push after dashPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Close BondRanger's Companion class featureYour bond with your animal companion is far deeper than what most rangers experience.Ghostwheel
Combat BruteStrength 13 or higherYou know how to throw you're weight around and do so with great effect.Gr7mm Bobb
Critter FriendForest GnomeBuff to Animal Handling. Innate Spellcasting.UA Feats for Races
Crossbow ExpertAllows faster reloads, improves shooting in close combat, allows quick attack with hand crossbow.Player's Handbook (5e)
Defensive DuelistDexterity 13 or higherWhen hit by a melee attack, provides a chance for it to miss.Player's Handbook (5e)
Dragon FearDragonbornGain Strength or Charisma; cause fear.UA Feats for Races
Dragon HideDragonbornGain Strength or Charisma, claws, and bonus to unarmored AC.UA Feats for Races
Dragon WingsDragonbornYou have wings and can fly.UA Feats for Races
Drow High MagicDrowYou can cast additional spells without expending spell slots.UA Feats for Races
Dual WielderImproves two-weapon fighting - AC, damage, and weaponPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Dungeon DelverHelps to mitigate traps and spot secret doors.Player's Handbook (5e)
DurableIncrease Constitution and enhance hit point recovery.Player's Handbook (5e)
Dwarf ResilienceDwarfGain Constitution. Dodging recovers hit points.UA Feats for Races
Elemental AdeptThe ability to cast at least one spellSpells of one damage type do higher average damage and ignore resistance.Player's Handbook (5e)
Elemental Adept, RevisedThe ability to cast at least one spell.You become the master of an element, causing it to damage even those who would think them immune to its effects.Ghostwheel
ElusiveYou've developed a knack for keeping just outside of harm's way.Gr7mm Bobb
Elven AccuracyElfGain Dexterity. Boost to advantaged attack rolls.UA Feats for Races
Enemy KnowledgeRangerGain Strength, Dexterity, or Wisdom and Favored Enemy. Enhances Favored Enemy.Rlyehable
Everybody's FriendHalf-ElfGain Charisma, Deception, and PersuasionUA Feats for Races
Fade AwayGnomeGain Intelligence, turn invisible as a reaction.UA Feats for Races
Fey TeleportationHigh ElfGain Intelligence. Cast misty step.UA Feats for Races
Flames of PhlegethosTieflingGain Intelligence or Charisma, and bonus effects when you cast a fire damage spell.UA Feats for Races
GrapplerStrength 13 or higherAdvantage on grapple which also restrainsSRD5
Great Weapon MasterBonus attack on critical hit or kill. May take penalty to hit to gain extra damage.Player's Handbook (5e)
Greater Magic InitiateMagic InitiateYour magical power grows, allowing you to master more advanced spells.Ghostwheel
Grudge-BearerDwarfGain Str, Con or Wis. Gain benefits against one monster type.UA Feats for Races
Harrier MageAbility to cast Cantrips or SpellsYou've learned techniques to ensure that your spells land home.Gr7mm Bobb
HealerImproved use of healer's kitPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Heavily ArmoredProficiency with medium armorGain Strength and proficiency in heavy armorPlayer's Handbook (5e)
Heavy Armor MasterProficiency with heavy armorGain Strength and reduce damage taken.Player's Handbook (5e)
Human DeterminationHumanBoost 1 ability score. Advantage on one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw per rest.UA Feats for Races
Improved Beast HideWild Shape
4th Level
Improved Wild Shape4th Level
Dexterity 18+
Wild Shape
Circle of the Moon
Thanks to intense training you are now quicker when it comes to transforming, you gain several benefits.D&DGod
Infernal ConstitutionTieflingGain Constitution, resistance to cold and poison.UA Feats for Races
Inspiring LeaderCharisma 13 or higherOratory gives temporary hit points to a small group.Player's Handbook (5e)
Keen MindGain Intelligence, know direction and time, increased memory.Player's Handbook (5e)
Lightly ArmoredGain Strength or Dexterity, proficient in light armorPlayer's Handbook (5e)
LinguistGain Intelligence and languages. Cryptography.Player's Handbook (5e)
Living AspectBelow 5th level to begin.A feat chain. You are discovering the powers granted to you by The Mana.Max7238
LuckyLimited number of rerolls.Player's Handbook (5e)
Mage SlayerGain benefits when fighting spellcasters, especially in melee.Player's Handbook (5e)
Magic InitiateYou can cast a limited number of spells from one class's spell list.Player's Handbook (5e)
Martial AdeptLearn and can use a limited number of maneuvers from the Battle Master fighter subclass.Player's Handbook (5e)
Master CraftsmanYou must be a Common Clan NamekianYou are considered exceptionally skilled in your work, and few can show the same quality and care in your work as you.Iskerbabble
Medium Armor MasterProficiency in medium armorNegates stealth disadvantage of medium armor and may add more defense from Dexterity.Player's Handbook (5e)
Mending SpiritYou must be a Dragon Clan NamekianYou have developed rare powers among the Dragon Clan, the power to mend and healIskerbabble
MobileIncreased speed, improved dash, and mitigateopportunity attacks.Player's Handbook (5e)
Moderately ArmoredProficiency with light armorGain Strength or Dexterity. Can use medium armor and shields.Player's Handbook (5e)
Mother CystSuffered the effects of Necrotic CystYou gain the ability to cast necrotic cyst spells by growing a cyst of your own.Vaegrim
Mounted CombatantIncreases effectiveness of combat while mounted.Player's Handbook (5e)
ObservantGain Intelligence or Wisdom, read lips, boosted passive Perception and Investigation.Player's Handbook (5e)
Orcish AggressionHalf-OrcBonus movement toward enemies.UA Feats for Races
Orcish FuryHalf-OrcBoost to Strength or Constitution. Extra weapon damage. Bonus attack using Relentless Endurance.UA Feats for Races
Point Blank Shotat the DM's discretion
the Sharpshooter feat)
Proficiency with a ranged weapon.
Thanks to intense training using ranged weapons in close-quarters combat, you gain several benefits.Spanambula
Polearm MasterThis feat gives a special attack and/or modifies opportunity attacks with a list of weapons defined as polearms.Player's Handbook (5e)
ProdigyHalf-Elf or HumanBonus to an ability score. Gain one skill, tool, and language proficiency.UA Feats for Races
Relentless CombatantUses the tempo of combat you've learned how to learn from failure, compound success, and react with greater swiftness.Gr7mm Bobb
RendTwo-Weapon Fighting
16 dexterity or 16 strength
Hitting with both weapons gives extra damage (3.5e's Two-Weapon Rend for 5e)Liosrakia
ResilientBoost an ability score and be proficient with its saving throw.Player's Handbook (5e)
Revenant BladeElfBonuses when using a Double-Bladed ScimitarEberron Rising from the Last War
Ritual CasterIntelligence or Wisdom 13 or higherYou can cast ritual spells of one class.Player's Handbook (5e)
Saiyan RageSaiyanSaiyans are known for their powerful Zenkai ability on the battlefield, but some Saiyans take it futher, fully giving in to their primal instincts.Iskerbabble
Savage AttackerBetter average damage from melee weapon attacks.Player's Handbook (5e)
Second ChanceHalflingBonus to Dexterity, Constitution, or Charisma. Force a reroll on an attack against you.UA Feats for Races
SentinelProtect friends with opportunity attacks and reactions.Player's Handbook (5e)
Sharpshooter (5e)/FeatIgnore long range, half cover and three-quarters cover with ranged weapons.Player's Handbook (5e)
Shield MasterShield can be used to push in melee, can use it to provide a bonus to Dexterity saving throws.Player's Handbook (5e)
SkilledGain proficiency in a limited number of skills and/or tools.Player's Handbook (5e)
SkulkerDexterity 13 or higherIncreased ability to hide. Increased perception in dim light.Player's Handbook (5e)
Spell SniperThe Ability to cast one spellIncrease range of some spells, ignore half cover and three-quarters cover, and learn a cantrip.Player's Handbook (5e)
Squat NimblenessDwarf
or Halfling
Bonus to Strength or Dexterity, and Acrobatics or Athletics. Increased speed.UA Feats for Races
Style DedicationMartial Arts class featureYour training allows you to use weapons as though they were an extension of your own body.Ghostwheel
Super WarriorYou must be a Warrior Clan NamekianBy honing and training your warrior body, you are able to manipulate it even further.Iskerbabble
Svirfneblin MagicSvirfnblinInnate spellcasting of Svirfneblin.Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
Tavern BrawlerGain Strength or Constitution, effectively use improvised weapons and unarmed strikes.Player's Handbook (5e)
TempestStrength or Dexterity Score of 13 or higher.You have fight like the wind and this in exemplified while you dual wield.Gr7mm Bobb
ToughIncreases hit point maximum.Player's Handbook (5e)
Veteran FighterStrength 13+
6th Level
You have seen enough battle fields to understand timing is key.
War CasterThe ability to cast at least one spellEnhances spellcasting in battle.Player's Handbook (5e)
Warped BloodYou must be a Demon Clan NamekianYou accept and revel in your demonic side, drawing out new benefits.Iskerbabble
Weapon MasterBuff Strength or Dexterity and learn new weapons.Player's Handbook (5e)
Wonder MakerRock GnomeBonus to Dexterity or Intelligence. Boost to proficiency with tinker's tools. Additional clockwork device choices for Tinker traitUA Feats for Races
Wood Elf MagicWood ElfBonus to Dexterity or Intelligence. Boost to proficiency with tinker's tools. Additional clockwork device choices for Tinker traitUA Feats for Races


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