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The following is a sortable list of spells from the 5th ed. [[SRD5|SRD]].
The following is a sortable list of spells from the 5th ed. [[SRD5|SRD]].
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|?Item Type
|?Item Type
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The following is a sortable list of spells from the 5th ed. SRD.

NameItem TypeRarityAttunement
Adamantine ArmorArmorUncommon
Amulet of HealthWondrous ItemRaretrue
Amulet of Proof against Detection and LocationWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Amulet of the PlanesWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Animated ShieldArmorVery Raretrue
Apparatus of the CrabWondrous ItemLegendary
Armor of InvulnerabilityArmorLegendarytrue
Armor of ResistanceArmorraretrue
Armor of VulnerabilityArmorRaretrue
Arrow of SlayingWeaponVery Rare
Arrow-Catching ShieldArmorRaretrue
Bag of BeansWondrous ItemRare
Bag of DevouringWondrous ItemVery Rare
Bag of HoldingWondrous ItemUncommon
Bag of TricksWondrous ItemUncommon
Bead of ForceWondrous ItemRare
Belt of DwarvenkindWondrous ItemRaretrue
Belt of Giant StrengthWondrous ItemRare, Very Rare, Legendary, vairestrue
Berserker AxeWeaponRaretrue
Boots of ElvenkindWondrous ItemUncommon
Boots of LevitationWondrous ItemRaretrue
Boots of SpeedWondrous ItemRaretrue
Boots of Striding and SpringingWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Boots of the WinterlandsWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Bowl of Commanding Water ElementalsWondrous ItemRare
Bracers of ArcheryWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Bracers of DefenseWondrous ItemRaretrue
Brazier of Commanding Fire ElementalsWondrous ItemRare
Brooch of ShieldingWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Broom of FlyingWondrous ItemUncommon
Candle of InvocationWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Cape of the MountebankWondrous ItemRare
Carpet of FlyingWondrous ItemVery Rare
Censer of Controlling Air ElementalsWondrous ItemRare
Chime of OpeningWondrous ItemRare
Circlet of BlastingWondrous ItemUncommon
Cloak of ArachnidaWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Cloak of DisplacementWondrous ItemRaretrue
Cloak of ElvenkindWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Cloak of ProtectionWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Cloak of the BatWondrous ItemRaretrue
Cloak of the Manta RayWondrous ItemUncommon
Crystal BallWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Crystal Ball of Mind ReadingWondrous ItemLegendarytrue
Crystal Ball of TelepathyWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Crystal Ball of True SeeingWondrous ItemLegendarytrue
Cube of ForceWondrous ItemRaretrue
Cubic GateWondrous ItemLegendary
Dagger of VenomWeaponRare
Dancing SwordWeaponVery Raretrue
Decanter of Endless WaterWondrous ItemUncommon
Deck of IllusionsWondrous ItemUncommon
Deck of Many ThingsWondrous ItemLegendary
Demon ArmorArmorVery Raretrue
Dimensional ShacklesWondrous ItemRare
Dragon Scale MailArmorVery Raretrue
Dragon SlayerWeaponRare
Dust of DisappearanceWondrous ItemUncommon
Dust of DrynessWondrous ItemUncommon
Dust of Sneezing and ChokingWondrous ItemUncommon
Dwarven PlateArmorVery Rare
Dwarven ThrowerWeaponVery Raretrue
Efficient QuiverWondrous ItemUncommon
Efreeti BottleWondrous ItemVery Rare
Elemental GemWondrous ItemUncommon
Elven ChainArmorRare
Eversmoking BottleWondrous ItemUncommon
Eyes of CharmingWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Eyes of Minute SeeingWondrous ItemUncommon
Eyes of the EagleWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Feather TokenWondrous ItemRare
Figurine of Wondrous PowerWondrous Itemrare, uncommon, varies, very rare
Flame TongueWeaponRaretrue
Folding BoatWondrous ItemRare
Frost BrandWeaponVery Raretrue
Gauntlets of Ogre PowerWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Gem of BrightnessWondrous ItemUncommon
Gem of SeeingWondrous ItemRaretrue
Giant SlayerWeaponRare
Glamoured Studded LeatherArmorRare
Gloves of Missile SnaringWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Gloves of Swimming and ClimbingWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Goggles of NightWondrous ItemUncommon
Hammer of ThunderboltsWeaponLegendarytrue
Handy HaversackWondrous ItemRare
Hat of DisguiseWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Headband of IntellectWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Helm of BrillianceWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Helm of Comprehending LanguagesWondrous ItemUncommon
Helm of TelepathyWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Helm of TeleportationWondrous ItemRaretrue
Holy AvengerWeaponLegendarytrue
Horn of BlastingWondrous ItemRare
Horn of ValhallaWondrous Itemvaries, rare, very rare, legendary
Horseshoes of SpeedWondrous ItemRare
Horseshoes of a ZephyrWondrous ItemVery Rare
Immovable RodWondrous ItemUncommon
Instant FortressWondrous ItemRare
Ioun StoneWondrous Itemrarity varies, Very Rare, Rare, Legendarytrue
Ioun Stone of AbsorptionWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Ioun Stone of AgilityWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Ioun Stone of AwarenessWondrous ItemRaretrue
Ioun Stone of FortitudeWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Ioun Stone of Greater AbsorptionWondrous ItemLegendarytrue
Ioun Stone of InsightWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Ioun Stone of IntellectWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Ioun Stone of LeadershipWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Ioun Stone of MasteryWondrous ItemLegendarytrue
Ioun Stone of ProtectionWondrous ItemRaretrue
Ioun Stone of RegenerationWondrous ItemLegendarytrue
Ioun Stone of ReserveWondrous ItemRaretrue
Ioun Stone of StrengthWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Ioun Stone of SustenanceWondrous ItemRaretrue
Iron Bands of BindingWondrous ItemRare
Iron FlaskWondrous ItemLegendary
Javelin of LightningWeaponUncommon
Lantern of RevealingWondrous ItemUncommon
Luck BladeWeaponLegendarytrue
Mace of DisruptionWeaponRaretrue
Mace of SmitingWeaponRare
Mace of TerrorWeaponRaretrue
Magic AmmunitionWeaponUncommon, Rare, Very Rare
Magic ArmorArmorRare, Very Rare, Legendary
Magic Item List
Magic WeaponWeaponUncommon, Rare, Very Rare, varies
Mantle of Spell ResistanceWondrous ItemRaretrue
Manual of Bodily HealthWondrous ItemVery Rare
Manual of Gainful ExerciseWondrous ItemVery Rare
Manual of GolemsWondrous ItemVery Rare
Manual of Quickness of ActionWondrous ItemVery Rare
Marvelous PigmentsWondrous ItemVery Rare
Medallion of ThoughtsWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Mirror of Life TrappingWondrous ItemVery Rare
Mithral ArmorArmorUncommon
Necklace of AdaptationWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Necklace of FireballsWondrous ItemRare
Necklace of Prayer BeadsWondrous ItemRaretrue
Nine Lives StealerWeaponVery Raretrue
OathbowWeaponVery Raretrue
Oil of EtherealnessPotionRare
Oil of SharpnessPotionVery Rare
Oil of SlipperinessPotionUncommon
Orb of DragonkindWondrous ItemArtifacttrue
Pearl of PowerWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Periapt of HealthWondrous ItemUncommon
Periapt of Proof against PoisonWondrous ItemRare
Periapt of Wound ClosureWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Philter of LovePotionUncommon
Pipes of HauntingWondrous ItemUncommon
Pipes of the SewersWondrous ItemUncommon
Plate Armor of EtherealnessArmorLegendarytrue
Portable HoleWondrous ItemRare
Potion of Animal FriendshipPotionUncommon
Potion of ClairvoyancePotionRare
Potion of ClimbingPotionCommon
Potion of DiminutionPotionRare
Potion of FlyingPotionVery Rare
Potion of Gaseous FormPotionRare
Potion of Giant StrengthPotionrarity varies, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary
Potion of GrowthPotionUncommon
Potion of HealingPotionCommon, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, rarity varies
Potion of HeroismPotionRare
Potion of InvisibilityPotionVery Rare
Potion of Mind ReadingPotionUncommon
Potion of PoisonPotionUncommon
Potion of ResistancePotionUncommon
Potion of SpeedPotionVery Rare
Potion of Water BreathingPotionUncommon
Restorative OintmentWondrous ItemUncommon
Ring of Animal InfluenceRingRare
Ring of Djinni SummoningRingLegendarytrue
Ring of Elemental CommandRingLegendarytrue
Ring of EvasionRingRaretrue
Ring of Feather FallingRingRaretrue
Ring of Free ActionRingRaretrue
Ring of InvisibilityRingLegendarytrue
Ring of JumpingRingUncommontrue
Ring of Mind ShieldingRingUncommontrue
Ring of ProtectionRingRaretrue
Ring of RegenerationRingVery Raretrue
Ring of ResistanceRingRaretrue
Ring of Shooting StarsRingVery Raretrue
Ring of Spell StoringRingRaretrue
Ring of Spell TurningRingLegendarytrue
Ring of SwimmingRingUncommon
Ring of TelekinesisRingVery Raretrue
Ring of Three WishesRingLegendary
Ring of WarmthRingUncommontrue
Ring of Water WalkingRingUncommon
Ring of X-ray VisionRingRaretrue
Ring of the RamRingRaretrue
Robe of EyesWondrous ItemRaretrue
Robe of Scintillating ColorsWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Robe of StarsWondrous ItemVery Raretrue
Robe of Useful ItemsWondrous ItemUncommon
Robe of the ArchmagiWondrous ItemLegendarytrue
Rod of AbsorptionRodVery Raretrue
Rod of AlertnessRodVery Raretrue
Rod of Lordly MightRodLegendarytrue
Rod of RulershipRodRaretrue
Rod of SecurityRodVery Rare
Rope of ClimbingWondrous ItemUncommon
Rope of EntanglementWondrous ItemRare
Scarab of ProtectionWondrous ItemLegendarytrue
Scimitar of SpeedWeaponVery Raretrue
Spell ScrollScrollCommon, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Legendary, varies
Magic ShieldArmorUncommon, Rare, Very Rare
Spellguard ShieldArmorVery Raretrue
Shield of Missile AttractionArmorRaretrue
Slippers of Spider ClimbingWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Sovereign GlueWondrous ItemLegendary
Sphere of AnnihilationWondrous ItemLegendary
Staff of PowerStaffrare
Stone of Good LuckWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Sun BladeWeaponRaretrue
Sword of Life StealingWeaponRaretrue
Sword of SharpnessWeaponVery Raretrue
Sword of WoundingWeaponRaretrue
Talisman of Pure GoodWondrous ItemLegendarytrue
Talisman of Ultimate EvilWondrous ItemLegendarytrue
Talisman of the SphereWondrous ItemLegendarytrue
Tome of Clear ThoughtWondrous ItemVery Rare
Tome of Leadership and InfluenceWondrous ItemVery Rare
Tome of UnderstandingWondrous ItemVery Rare
Trident of Fish CommandWeaponUncommontrue
Universal SolventWondrous ItemLegendary
Vicious WeaponWeaponRare
Vorpal SwordWeaponLegendarytrue
Wand of BindingWandRaretrue
Wand of Enemy DetectionWandRaretrue
Wand of FearWandRaretrue
Wand of FireballsWandRaretrue
Wand of Lightning BoltsWandRaretrue
Wand of Magic DetectionWandUncommon
Wand of Magic MissilesWandUncommon
Wand of ParalysisWandRaretrue
Wand of PolymorphWandVery Raretrue
Wand of SecretsWandUncommon
Wand of WebWandUncommontrue
Wand of WonderWandRaretrue
Wand of the War MageWandUncommon, Rare, Very Rare, variestrue
Well of Many WorldsWondrous ItemLegendary
Wind FanWondrous ItemUncommon
Winged BootsWondrous ItemUncommontrue
Wings of FlyingWondrous ItemRaretrue

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