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Animal Type[edit]

An animal is a living, nonhuman creature, usually a vertebrate with no magical abilities and no innate capacity for language or culture.


An animal has the following features (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).


An animal possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).


SRD Monsters with the Animal Type

Creature Entry CR Type and Subtypes Size
Animal Animal
Ape 2 Animal Large
Baboon 1/2 Animal Medium
Badger 1/2 Animal Small
Baleen Whale 6 Animal Gargantuan
Bat 1/10 Animal Diminutive
Bat Swarm 2 Animal [Swarm] Diminutive
Bison 2 Animal Large
Black Bear 2 Animal Medium
Boar 2 Animal Medium
Brown Bear 4 Animal Large
Cachalot Whale 7 Animal Gargantuan
Camel 1 Animal Large
Cat 1/4 Animal Tiny
Cheetah 2 Animal Medium
Constrictor Snake 2 Animal Medium
Crocodile 2 Animal Medium
Deinonychus 3 Animal Large Medium
Dinosaur Animal
Dire Ape 3 Animal Large
Dire Badger 2 Animal Medium
Dire Bat 2 Animal Large
Dire Bear 7 Animal Large
Dire Boar 4 Animal Large
Dire Lion 5 Animal Large
Dire Rat 1/3 Animal Small
Dire Shark 9 Animal [Aquatic] Huge
Dire Tiger 8 Animal Large
Dire Weasel 2 Animal Medium
Dire Wolf 3 Animal Large
Dire Wolverine 4 Animal Large
Dog 1/3 Animal Small
Donkey 1/6 Animal Medium
Eagle 1/2 Animal Small
Elasmosaurus 7 Animal Huge
Elephant 7 Animal Huge
Giant Constrictor Snake 5 Animal Huge
Giant Crocodile 4 Animal Huge
Giant Octopus 8 Animal [Aquatic] Large
Giant Squid 9 Animal [Aquatic] Huge
Hawk 1/3 Animal Tiny
Heavy Horse 1 Animal Large
Heavy Warhorse 2 Animal Large
Huge Shark 4 Animal [Aquatic] Huge
Huge Viper 3 Animal Huge
Hyena 1 Animal Medium
Large Shark 2 Animal [Aquatic] Large
Large Viper 2 Animal Large
Legendary Bear 9 Animal Large
Leopard 2 Animal Medium
Light Horse 1 Animal Large
Light Warhorse 1 Animal Large
Lion 3 Animal Large
Lizard 1/6 Animal Tiny
Manta Ray 1 Animal [Aquatic] Large
Medium Shark 1 Animal [Aquatic] Medium
Medium Viper 1 Animal Medium
Megaraptor 6 Animal Huge Large
Monitor Lizard 2 Animal Medium
Monkey 1/6 Animal Tiny
Mule 1 Animal Large
Octopus 1 Animal [Aquatic] Small
Orca 5 Animal Huge
Owl 1/4 Animal Tiny
Polar Bear 4 Animal Large
Pony 1/4 Animal Medium
Porpoise 1/2 Animal Medium
Rat 1/8 Animal Tiny
Rat Swarm 2 Animal [Swarm] Tiny
Raven 1/6 Animal Tiny
Rhinoceros 4 Animal Large
Riding Dog 1 Animal Medium
Roc 9 Animal Gargantuan
Shark Animal
Small Viper 1/2 Animal Small
Snake Animal
Squid 1 Animal [Aquatic] Medium
Tiger 4 Animal Large
Tiny Viper 1/3 Animal Tiny
Toad 1/10 Animal Diminutive
Triceratops 9 Animal Huge
Tyrannosaurus 8 Animal Huge
War Pony 1/2 Animal Medium
Weasel 1/4 Animal Tiny
Whale Animal
Wolf 1 Animal Medium
Wolverine 2 Animal Medium

Homebrew Monsters with the Animal Type

Homebrew monsters using this type appear below. These are not part of the SRD, and are presented for ease of reference only.


Homebrew Templates that grant the Animal Type

Homebrew templates granting this type appear below. These are not part of the SRD, and are presented for ease of reference only.


Homebrew Races with the Animal Type

Homebrew races using this type appear below. These are not part of the SRD, and are presented for ease of reference only.

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