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Animal Type

An animal is a living, nonhuman creature, usually a vertebrate with no magical abilities and no innate capacity for language or culture.


An animal has the following features (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).


An animal possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

Monsters with the Animal Type

Creature Entry CR Type and Subtypes Size
SRD:Animal Animal
SRD:Ape 2 Animal Large
SRD:Baboon 1/2 Animal Medium
SRD:Badger 1/2 Animal Small
SRD:Baleen Whale 6 Animal Gargantuan
SRD:Bat 1/10 Animal Diminutive
SRD:Bat Swarm 2 Animal [Swarm] Diminutive
SRD:Bison 2 Animal Large
SRD:Black Bear 2 Animal Medium
SRD:Boar 2 Animal Medium
SRD:Brown Bear 4 Animal Large
SRD:Cachalot Whale 7 Animal Gargantuan
SRD:Camel 1 Animal Large
SRD:Cat 1/4 Animal Tiny
SRD:Cheetah 2 Animal Medium
SRD:Constrictor Snake 2 Animal Medium
SRD:Crocodile 2 Animal Medium
SRD:Deinonychus 3 Animal Large Medium
SRD:Dinosaur Animal
SRD:Dire Ape 3 Animal Large
SRD:Dire Badger 2 Animal Medium
SRD:Dire Bat 2 Animal Large
SRD:Dire Bear 7 Animal Large
SRD:Dire Boar 4 Animal Large
SRD:Dire Lion 5 Animal Large
SRD:Dire Rat 1/3 Animal Small
SRD:Dire Shark 9 Animal [Aquatic] Huge
SRD:Dire Tiger 8 Animal Large
SRD:Dire Weasel 2 Animal Medium
SRD:Dire Wolf 3 Animal Large
SRD:Dire Wolverine 4 Animal Large
SRD:Dog 1/3 Animal Small
SRD:Donkey 1/6 Animal Medium
SRD:Eagle 1/2 Animal Small
SRD:Elasmosaurus 7 Animal Huge
SRD:Elephant 7 Animal Huge
SRD:Giant Constrictor Snake 5 Animal Huge
SRD:Giant Crocodile 4 Animal Huge
SRD:Giant Octopus 8 Animal [Aquatic] Large
SRD:Giant Squid 9 Animal [Aquatic] Huge
SRD:Hawk 1/3 Animal Tiny
SRD:Heavy Horse 1 Animal Large
SRD:Heavy Warhorse 2 Animal Large
SRD:Huge Shark 4 Animal [Aquatic] Huge
SRD:Huge Viper 3 Animal Huge
SRD:Hyena 1 Animal Medium
SRD:Large Shark 2 Animal [Aquatic] Large
SRD:Large Viper 2 Animal Large
SRD:Legendary Bear 9 Animal Large
SRD:Leopard 2 Animal Medium

... further results

Animal Type Creatures

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