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Horse hoof and bite damage values are vastly underrated. Example, a typical 1,000 lb 15 hand tall light horse can kick with just one hoof, an average of 2,000 PSI of pressure. With an average of 20 square inches per hoof (an 1,800 lb draft horse can have 16 inch diameter hooves, which roughly averages to about 16x16 or 256 square inches) So to convert PSI into foot pounds of FORCE, you multiply the pounds per square inches by the number of square inches. So, 2,000 PSI x 20 sq.inches equals 40,000 foot pounds. FOURTY THOUSAND foot pounds. A human Super heavyweight PROFESSIONAL Boxer can punch with a full force jab at around 1,600 to 2,000 ft pounds of force. And anyone who has spent actual time around horses knows that a typical horse is at least 20 times more powerful than the strongest humans, even Hercules himself. A 2,500 lb Shire horse with 18 x 18 inch hooves, well that's 5,000 PSI x 324 square inches= 1,620,000 foot pounds. And some armchair expert thinks that a few 4 sided damage dice ACTUALLY represents how powerful horses are AND the fact that an average horse has a reaction time 5 to 7 times faster than someone like Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris. Also please explain how a one thousand pound plus animal only has 30 Hit Points.

No. Horses are always made out to be ougher than they really are. ALWAYS. Litterally every horse i have ever met has been sickly and frail and very sad and that has nothing to do with PSI or foot lbs or square inchage. in DND hit points represent not only physical mass but also strength of will, and resilience, and luck and horses have none of that. Honestly, the main reason dnd even included horses are for fan boys like you who care more about king arthur than the biological realities of horse bodies. If you dont lke it play another game
Horses OP nerf please. Surgo (talk) 01:03, 4 August 2022 (UTC)