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Setting Sun (3.5e Martial Discipline)

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Maneuvers of the Setting Sun DisciplineEdit

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1st-Level Maneuvers

  • Float Like a Butterfly: Stance — Move 5 feet every time you make an attack or another's attack misses you.
  • No Rest for the Wicked: Counter — Throw grabbed ally or foe 10 feet as an immediate action.
  • Setting Sun Suplex: Strike — Grab on to opponent, throw them to the ground over your head and knock them prone.

2nd-Level Maneuvers

  • Distracting Blow: Strike [X-Discipline] — Strike a blow that hits a spellcaster where it hurts - his focus.
  • Form Tackle: Rush — Bodily tackle foe, grabbing onto them in the process.
  • Horizon Line Punch: Strike — Punch all the creatures in a straight line, moving that distance without provoking.
  • Judo Flip: Counter — Grab a creature lunging at you and flip it over your head, slamming it to the ground behind you.
  • Sundial Twist Kick: Counter — Follow up melee attack with roundabout kick, deal double damage if previous attack missed.

3rd-Level Maneuvers

  • Breaking Dawn: Stance — Delay your turn without changing your place in initiative.
  • Burning Sunrise Assault: Rush [Fire X-Discipline] — Make a super jump check and deal extra fire damage.
  • Home Run Derby: Strike — Grab on to opponent, throw them to provoke attacks of opportunity for their forced movement.
  • Mighty Arms: Stance — Throw people twice as far as normal.
  • Pivotal Chop: Counter — A successful Sense Motive check allows you to dodge, then counterattack.
  • Roll with the Blow: Counter — When you are hit with an attack, you roll with the damage and reposition yourself.
  • Split Punch: Strike — You do the splits before hitting your opponent where it really hurts — between the legs.
  • War Monkey Stance: Stance — You wield tons of weapons, although with some difficulties.

4th-Level Maneuvers

  • Flying Knee: Strike — Deal massive damage to big opponents with melee attack, ground fliers.
  • Gentle Fist: Strike — Negate a foe's ability to use spells, psionics, maneuvers, etc.

5th-Level Maneuvers

  • Eagle Talon's Grasp: Stance — You gain additional attacks of opportunity and improved grab on them.
  • Grip of the Starlit Dusk: Stance — You ignore all size bonuses and penalties for yourself and opponents and can use combat maneuvers on creatures of any size, among other benefits.
  • One Inch Punch: Counter — Counter an opponent's counter, continue with your previous action if successful.
  • Tears of the Sun: Strike — Causes opponent to bleed, taking damage and rendering them temporarily blinded, deafened, and sickened.

6th-Level Maneuvers

  • Bicycle Kick: Strike — Make a charge attack, then make three unarmed strikes; if all three hit, you can make more.
  • Luigifan18/Super Smash Assault: Strike [X-Discipline] — Send enemies flying with a mighty blow. The more badly injured they are, the further they fly, just like in Super Smash Bros.!

7th-Level Maneuvers

8th-Level Maneuvers

9th-Level Maneuvers

  • Glass Unicorn Shatter: Strike — Render your foe vulnerable to their body breaking at critical moments, or shatter large objects.
  • Hurricane Scythe Kick: Rush — Push an opponent backwards with successive melee attacks.
  • REKT.exe: Strike — Segata Sanshiro's Judo Throw. Probably worse, actually.
  • Solar Throw: Strike — Grab and throw your enemy; on a failed save, the distance of the throw is infinite.

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