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Sigil Prep (3.5e Campaign Setting)

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Author: DM Swift
Contributors: Ghostwheel
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Sigil prep ra by tonytempest-d4hjnpe.jpg
Neil is a Beholder RA in the Freshman dorms.

Sigil PrepEdit

High school all over again--this time in the Planes!

Deep in the heart of the plane known as the Outlands, inside a tremendous floating ring above the infinitely tall Spire, is the city of Sigil, most renowned of all the planar metropolises in the multiverse. In the city of Sigil, there sits a large conglomeration of huge, majestic buildings and bustling populace. It is the Sigil Preparatory Academy, a school where young men and women (and things) learn the fine arts of adventuring.

Sigil Prep brings together students from around the planes, from Toril to Oerth to Eberron to Krynn, and places beyond. Students are allowed to start here as early as 16 (human equivalent), though most start around 18 or so. Most students are on a five-year program: Freshman, Sophomore, Midyear, Junior, and Senior. Graduate programs are offered, as well. A degree from Sigil is one of the most prestigious documents a young person can earn.

Sigil’s campus is vast and twisting. Nobody can even venture a guess as to the total student body, and sometimes it takes hours to find one’s way off campus. It is absurdly large, with hundreds of buildings, divided into numerous campuses.

They have a huge sports program, playing a number of sports that don’t exist on the material planes, such absurdities as football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Football is their particular specialty, and they lead the division in this violent and machismo-laden sport.

The Dean of Schools is a mysterious being known as “The Lady of Pain”, who never appears at school functions, nor does she accept appointments, or see students or faculty, or even allow her name to be mentioned. This is not terribly different from the Dean at most colleges. If in doubt, refer to her as Our Beloved Headmistress, though even this may tick her off.

The Faculty is vast, composed of many races, most of whom are in their early epic levels. Important department heads have reputations far beyond the academic, including Mordenkainen of Greyhawk, Dove Falconhand and Storm Silverhand of the Seven Sisters, and the elusive Raistlin Majere of Krynn.

In a giant donut city
On top of an infinite spire
Stands our dear Sigil Prep
Ever to inspire

We love her standards and her halls
And her headmistress, all the same
Even though we never ever
Call to her by name

Beneath her glowing ring and sigil
With its white and gold
I hope I graduate from this place
Before I’m very old.

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Student Body
The many races of Sigil Prep.
The Curriculum
The classes available to characters.
Life at Sigil Prep
Getting There
Getting Around
What to do after school.
NPCs, Minions, and Notables
All the people your players may see, talk to, or kill.
Information on this campaign and suggestions.
Running a Campaign
Basics on how to run a game with this setting.
Adventures and Quests
Things to do in Sigil Prep.

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