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Slaad (3.5e Bloodline)

Author: Psychowarrior (talk)
Date Created: July 11, 2010
Status: Complete
Editing: If something needs to be fixed, fix it.
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The tainted progeny of Slaad and mortals; these creatures always seem crude as if poorly made. Although usually aloof and individualistic no two beings with Slaad blood in their veins are the same.

Sometimes a Slaad's transforming disease or egg pellet doesn't result in a new Slaad. Sometimes the victim is left halfway between what they were and Slaad and sometimes depraved spellcasters will willingly offer themselves the the denizens of Limbo.

Signs of Slaad ancestry includes: Molted skin that seems to slowly shift color, a brutish outlook on life, large shoulders, or a habit to croak when startled.

Table: Slaad Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st +2 on Jump checks
2nd +2 on Jump checks Power Attack
3rd Strength +1
4th +2 on Jump checks Power Attack Resistance to electricity 5 (Ex)
5th Slaad Affinity +2
6th Strength +1 Smite Law 1/day
7th +2 on Climb checks
8th Power Attack Resistance to electricity 5 (Ex) Cleave
9th Constitution +1
10th Slaad Affinity +2 Resistance to fire 5 (Ex)
11th Slaad Affinity +4
12th Strength +1 Smite Law 1/day Resistance to cold 5 (Ex)
13th - +2 on Move Silently checks
14th +2 on Climb checks Alter Self 1/day
15th Dexterity +1
16th Resistance to electricity 5 (Ex) Cleave Fast Healing 1 (Ex)
17th Slaad Affinity +6
18th Constitution +1 +1 to Natural Armor
19th +2 on Spot checks
20th Slaad Affinity +2 Resistance to fire 5 (Ex) Damage reduction 5/Law

Slaad Affinity: You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with Slaad.
Smite Law 1/day: You can smite a Lawful creature with a melee attack as a Paladin of your character level once per day.

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