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== transportation ==
== transportation ==

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In Sword Sharp The Equiptment is mostly the same except with two new items

(Normal) Sword

A sword with a blade length of in between that of a short sword and a longsword the damage is 1d7 or 1d8 Reroll any eights, it has no special propertities And it cost 12 Gp


A katana is Well a katana except it functions as a longsword has the same cost and has the finesse property


Pistol: cost:250 gp /attack: 2d8/properties: range 100/400, Reloading, light, 2lbs

Musket:cost:500 gp /attack: 2d10/properties: range 120/480, Reloading, 2 handed, 6lbs



Galician for darkness this longsword was forged by Noire Laezar for his most trustable knight Franz Zul for leading the army that conquered the Golaith nation of Trotor. this +4 longsword also functions as a Dragon slayer and a sword of life stealing and deals an extra 1d8 ( or 1d10 if wielding it versatile ) of necrotic damage

claíomh naofa[edit]

Magical items[edit]

Gloves of hand strength[edit]

While wearing these any weapon with the two handed property loses this property