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An Argument on Skill Investment[edit]

By core, the only difference between class skills and cross-class skills is that they cost double, and that the maximum ranks you can have in a cross-class skill is half that of the maximum ranks in class skills. Using this variant rule it costs nothing extra to turn any cross class skill into a class skill. So unless I'm missing something, provided you are level 3 this would make the distinction between class skills and cross-class skills useless.

This seems like a whole can of worms to open. There are some very powerful skills that can be bought this way at no extra cost, especially if you also include certain transformative rules on skills based on, say, Pathfinder's skill system. Getting free speccing in Stealth or Detection on a class that doesn't carry it feels a little overmuch. I think there should definitely be a cost, however slight, for specializing in a skill outside of your class's general area of expertise.

Anyway, do tell if I missed something, because I may not be understanding your intentions with this.

Never mind, I think I got it. So you spend 3 skill points to make the skill a class skill, yes? I suggest not calling it 'investing ranks' because that made me think you were getting ranks in the skill before it becomes a class skill. My B. --Sulacu (talk) 09:14, 22 January 2019 (MST)