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RatedFavor.png Havvy favors this article and rated it 4 of 4!
Opens up the AoO to ranged fighting.
RatedFavor.png Eiji-kun favors this article and rated it 4 of 4!
Ranged threats are hard to get, this does it well.
RatedFavor.png Tarkisflux favors this article and rated it 4 of 4!
The new format makes it stand out while providing a substantial ranged benefit. It was ok before, but now its both good and interesting.
RatedLike.png Foxwarrior likes this article and rated it 3 of 4.
Now this actually resembles how it should work, even. The range limit being so short is a little bit strange.
Surgo is neutral on this article and rated it 2 of 4.
This rating refers to a substantially different version of the article, or concerns mentioned in it have already been addressed.
This is not a bad base at all. The issue I have is that movement provokes AoOs, and that can get a bit nuts. Even Tome Point Blank Shot specifically disallows AoOs on movement.

I remember discovering, to my dismay, that each movement action only provokes one AoO. --Foxwarrior (talk) 07:49, 27 April 2013 (UTC)

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