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The concept of a 'beginner class had me raising my eyebrow at the idea; but the execution works perfectly fine. The class abilities do well not to be complicated at all, the single defining feature of Warrior's Technique is easy to comprehend and the lack of an extra attack make it just simple to play. There aren't many choices or restrictions and for someone that's just learning, this class will work really well.

Shuffling Step

I'm not a fan of this effect. Tried this out as an intro class for new players. It teaches the Warrior player not to think as much about threat areas in melee combat, and cases some annoyance when transitioning from a Warrior to a "real" melee class like a Fighter. The class is already pretty solid at level 2, so I would be happy to see the class with just this ability removed. Alternatively, I could see Shuffling Step as a movement boost (something similar to Monk's Unarmed Movement?) --YLM (talk) 16:43, 7 June 2020 (UTC)

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