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Template:5e Deity

Used on 5th edition pages describing a deity.


{{5e Deity
|gender= <!-- Male, Female, Androgenous, None, Unstated, Unknown -->
|of= <!-- Forests, Waves, etc. -->
|refs= <!--references-->


{{5e Deity
|title=Prince of Fooishness
|type=Lord of Chaos
|of=Foolishness, Rashness
|domain=Knowledge, Humor
|symbol=Dunce Cap
|refs=<ref name="fgtn">{{Cite Pub|Foo's Guide to Nothing|pages=7}} Licensed: [[CC-BY-SA]].</ref>

Deific Summary[1]
Prince of Fooishness

Type: Lord of Chaos
Portfolio: Foolishness, Rashness
Gender: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Knowledge, Humor
Plane: Bar
Symbol: Dunce Cap
Pantheon: Universal

  1. p. 7. Licensed: CC-BY-SA.