Terrados Dwarf(5e Subrace)

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Terrados Dwarf

Dwarves desecended from the element of air, they have a thriving sense of community and can jump like nobody's business. They dig deep to bring air to the deep places of the world. Working hard, playing harder, they take pride in their work and elevate those with the best skills to places of leadership. Particularly those that show skill in leadership. Generous by nature, dwarves will come to trust people that repay that generosity far quicker than those that simply take. They mostly eat fungi and insects, though they make excellent strong drinks out of these.

Ability Score Increase. Strength +1, Dexterity +2
Age. Terrados Dwarves reach maturity at 13 and live to an average age of 320
Alignment. Dwarves are most often neutral good, preferring to do the right thing over the lawful thing
Size. Terrados Dwarves are about a foot and a half shorter than humans. Your size is Small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. 
Darkvision. Terrados Dwarves live their lives underground and need to see freely without the use of oxygen greedy torches. You can see in dim light within 90 feet feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. 
Eternal Hope. Dwarves gain advantage on saving throws against fear and despair effects. Also, once per long rest, after a natural roll of 1 on a d20 roll, members of this race may reroll and use the second result 
Elemental Lungs. Terrados Dwarves can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to four times their Constitution score before risking drowning or suffocating. They also get their proficiency bonus on Constitution saving throws against checks to drown or suffocate. 
Light as Air. You can jump up to 30 feet in any direction without making an acrobatics check.
DexterityDex +2 +
FeaturesAge +, Alignment +, Size +, Speed +, Eternal Hope +, Elemental Lungs + and Light as Air +
RaceDwarf +
Strength+1 +
Subrace Ability ModsStr +1 + and Dex +2 +
Subrace FeaturesEternal Hope +, Elemental Lungs + and Light as Air +