The Abyssal Dark (3.5e Location)

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Author: Sulacu (talk)
Date Created: May 9, 2017
Status: Work in progress
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The Abyssal Dark[edit]

Many scholars across many worlds have studied the endless cycle of death and rebirth. In vain attempts to transcend the bonds of mortality, ascetics have sought to climb to the highest zenith of this cycle where the heavens are believed to reside. Contrary to this, very few men of wisdom have wondered, perhaps out of avoidance or fear, about the cycle's lowest points. What is this unreachable place that sits at the very nadir of the cosmic wheel?

Throughout life, a living being's soul accumulates burdens. Attachments both material and immaterial. Loves and desires. They are all things that cling to one's very essence. This is known as karma, or the 'weight' of the soul. This is also what keeps a being's soul from passing on and eventually returning to the cycle of death and rebirth. As such, before such weighted-down souls can ascend to the heavenly sphere to be reincarnated upon the material plane once more, they must first shed their weight. This shed weight sedimentates into a blackened substance known as soul dreg, which makes up the lowermost bedrock of existence. This is known as the Abyssal Dark, the culmination of aeons of shed karma.

Countless societies have endowed this hypothetical location with equally countless names; Netherworld. Nadir Wuld. The Dreg Well. The Wailing Dark. However, few living things have ever set foot in this extremely dangerous place.

Planar Traits[edit]

The Abyssal Dark is the bottom-most plane in the cosmic wheel, situated directly below the material plane and even other lower planes. It is sometimes considered to be a layer of the material plane.

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Size: Seemingly infinite.

Elemental, Energy, Alignment and Magic Traits[edit]

  • Magic Traits: Dead magic, with few exceptions. An enspell field can shortly negate the Abyssal Dark's dead magic trait within its area of effect, but the effect will only last 1 round per caster level.

Planar Connections[edit]

Travel to and from the Abyssal Dark is nigh impossible, as the plane often requires very specific measures to traverse into. the Abyssal Dark represses most magic almost completely, requiring the planar traveler to enter it physically, either through some existing aperture or by using specific means to create one. One of the only reliable ways to travel to and from the Abyssal Dark is to create a temporary transitive demiplane that holds a stable connection between the two. However, such magic has to be sustained from outside. Since it is nigh-impossible to pin-point locations in the Abyssal Dark, recreating such a connection to the same place in the Abyssal Dark is equally unlikely. Many travelers that are cut off from their entry point into the Abyssal Dark are usually left with no choice but to wander aimlessly.



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Features of the Abyssal Dark[edit]




Using the Abyssal Dark[edit]


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