The Bonedrinker (3.5e Vestige)

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Author: Eiji-kun (talk)
Date Created: 1-23-20
Status: 光復香港,時代革命
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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The Bonedrinker

A cannibalistic fey who went on a murderous spree before dying an ironic death, the legend of his slaughter bore a dreadful visage in the shape of the stories told.

Level: 4th

Binding DC: 21

Special Requirement: No


The fey have a boogeyman of their own known as the bonedrinker. He was said to be a fey himself who through some foul depravity developed a taste for fey flesh. This cannibal began to prey upon his own until the fey courts discovered his crimes and cursed him to a wretched existence. Yet even deformed by dark magic, his hunger continued and soon he brought upon the feywilds the Night of Maggots, from when he brought a great and terrible feast and murdered many fey.

But these crimes could not go unpunished. As a result of his evil, a vengeful spirit came upon him and in a twist of irony drained him whole, consuming his very essence until there was naught but ribbons of dried flesh left in the wind. So the bonedrinker was slain. And normally, that would be that.

However, the tale of the bonedrinker became a boogeyman, an urban legend, and the whispers of his terror may have brought forth a shade in his image. Yet the greatest oddity is that the story may not even be real and was made up by others, but the power of fear is strong indeed.


The ground creeks as if old rotting wood and a dark and musty mist seeps through the air. Within the mist is a humanoid figure, far too tall and far too thin to he human. His arms are long, his body covered in black fibers and wrapping like a mummy, and his exposed head is blank and bone white, apparently composed of ossified flesh. It breathes, somehow, with a wet rasp and extends its far too long arm to reach you and make contract.


Your skin pales and your arms grow longer, appearing unnatural and almost boneless in how they move.


You have a burning disgust of all fey (but not yourself, even if you are a fey). You can hold your tongue, but creatures gain a +8 bonus on Sense Motive checks to determine your influenced mood.

Granted Abilities

Boneless Limbs

As long as you show your sign, your reach increases by +5 ft. In addition you behave at times as if you lacked a skeleton, granting a +8 bonus to checks made to escape a grapple and Escape Artist checks, allowing you to squeeze into places two sizes smaller than normal, and rendering you immune to effects that would affect your skeleton.

Distortion Visage

Whenever you attack or become hostile you can choose to toggle your distortion visage as a free action. When you do your face becomes indistinct, chaotic, and frightening and your body moves in a jerky and erratic matter. Creatures within 30 ft must make a Will save or become shaken for as long as they can see you and +1 round after they break line of sight. In addition creatures have their memory altered to be unable to recall the details of your face or species, speaking in vague and frightful generalities. A successful save renders the creature immune for 24 hours and allows them to remember your face. However, if they never saw your face to begin with and they see your distortion visage, they will still not be able to identify you afterward regardless of the saving throw.

Drink Bones

On a natural 20, on a successful pin, or against a flatfooted creature you can drink the creature's bones. This deals 1d3 points of Con damage, and they take a -4 penalty on AC to confirm critical hits against them. This penalty stacks, and only goes away once the Constitution damage is healed. Creatures without a skeletal structure are immune, while creatures with an exoskeleton reduce their natural armor equal to the Con damage taken (minimum 0). This too is not restored until the damage is healed.

If you kill a creature using drink bones or consume a corpse no more than 1 minute old, you gain or increase your fortification against sneak attacks and critical hits by 5% per HD of the target, to a maximum of 100% at 20 HD consumed. This benefit lasts for 24 hours or when you unbind the vestige.

Enemy of the Fey

You hate fey and fey hate you. You gain +2 to attack and +2d6 bonus damage on attacks against Fey type creatures. Conversely Fey gain +1 to attack and +1d6 damage against you.


You gain a climb speed equal to your land speed, and you may move while prone at your full speed with no penalty or bonus to AC.

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