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The Duskwall Plateau (3.5e Quest)

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Author: Hananack (talk)
Date Created: Jan. 3, 2010
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The destruction of the peaceful town of Ravenshire began when a long, stifling green cloud of undeath settled down upon the town. The sky turned a sickly lime color as ghostly pale green snowflakes dropped from the sky upon every living thing and dwelling, dispersing into a gas as each came into contact with physical matter. As time passed, the people of Ravenshire felt a terrible sickness, and those slain by the disease were transformed into ghouls, which set upon their kinsmen and slew the rest of the living.

The players have already investigated the tainted ghost town of Ravenshire and have discovered that the green cloud of tainted miasma originates from afar, blown by the wind from the Duskwall Plateau.

The ancient road from RavenshireEdit

File:Ancient road to duskwall.jpg
The ancient road from Ravenshire to Duskwall Plateau

The road to Duskwall Plateau passes through an extension of the Moonwood Forest, which is likewise corrupted by the cloud of taint, cloaking the forest in a fell mist with a pale green glow. Though the tainted wind blows strong above, upon the ground there is not even a breeze; the air seems stagnant and dead. At some point during their journey, the players will encounter a group of worgs, driven to madness by hunger as little living prey remains after the corruption. A successful Diplomacy Skill check may yet convince the worgs to leave them be, while a check which exceeds by 10 or more may convince them to aid the players in assaulting the source of the taint and restoring natural order.

The Duskwall PlateauEdit

High upon the ancient road lies the Duskwall Plateau: an ancient complex used by many villains on their time of raising. The complex has lost its original name and purpose as the ages passed - its dark history faded with the span of the years and flowing of time. One fact of Duskwall Plateau is apparent: it is a nexus for evil matter and dark deeds.
The complex contains four stone-paved plateaus: a central one larger than the rest, and three smaller ones located due west, south, and east from the central plateau. These smaller plateaus are taller than the central platform; winding stone stairs lead to the tops of each of them. Ancient ruins are apparent on the central plateau - large foundation-stones arranged in a mostly-broken circular construction.
Catacombs lie on the western slope of the mountain, beneath the complex - a stone path and steps lead off from the central plateau down to a sharply-curving, winding path leading down the slope of the mountain to the catacomb entrance.

Elements of DuskwallEdit

  1. The Tainted Cauldron
  2. The Ziggurat of Flesh
  3. The Skull Abbey
  4. The Old Soul
  5. The Howling Roots
  6. The Catacombs

The Necro mage GnollsEdit

Through the entire quest in Duskwall. The DM should use the Necro Mage Gnolls as the Wandering monster. The Necro Mage Gnolls are the servants of Go-go'roth. They are very hostile to anyone who attempts to come close to the plateau and will attack immediately.

  1. Acolyte Necro-mage Gnoll
  2. Adept Necro-mage Gnoll

Go-go'roth The skull lord And His SerpentirsEdit

Go-go'roth is a Skull Lord[1]. He took over the Duskwall in the name of Doresain King of Ghouls[2], his mission was to protect The Tainted Cauldron.
Go-go'roth is protected by three negative shields which are being renewed at the negative plane portals located at the The Ziggurat of Flesh, The Skull Abbey and at The Howling Roots. Go-go'roth travels between these 3 locations to renew the 3 shields upon him, each time he passes near The Tainted Cauldron, he transfers some of the shield to the Cauldron to renew its protection and enabling it to spread the fell cloud of undeath.

Go-go'roth is also accompanied by 3 Serpentirs[3]. The Serpentirs will automatically attack any opponent coming close to Go-go'roth.

Quest ObjectiveEdit

  1. Destroy all of the negative portals located at these locations to remove the Skull lord Shield
    1. The Ziggurat of Flesh
    2. The Skull Abbey
    3. The Howling Roots
  2. Destroy Go-go'roth and remove his protection over The Tainted Cauldron
  3. Destroy The Tainted Cauldron


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