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Author: qwertyu63 (talk)
Date Created: 18 March 2014‎
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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This is part of a homebrew truespeech revamp. You may be looking for the original in Tome of Magic.

Truespeech (Int)[edit]

This skill allows a creature to speak truespeech phrases and to identify such phrases and their effects.

Check: Truespeech is the skill used to speak truespeech phrases; the rules for this use can be found at Truespeech (3.5e Variant Rule). However, it can also be used to identify truespeech phrases and effects and to speak whispers.

In addition to your ranks in the skill and Intelligence modifier, you get an untyped bonus on Truespeech checks equal to the number of languages you know.

Whispers: While most of the power of Truespeech is found within the powerful phrases, there exist weaker effects known as Whispers. Truespeakers have an innate mastery of these simple words, but others can learn them by taking feats.

To speak a whisper, you must learn that whisper, either via the Whisperer class feature or Truewhisper (3.5e Feat). The Truespeech DC to speak a whisper is 10; Drain does apply to whispers (whispers have a drain of -1/-0). Attempting to speak a whisper is a full round action; and any target must be within 20 feet.

  • Color: Target object changes color for 2 minutes; you choose the new color.
  • Ember: Target takes 1 fire damage; very flammable objects light on fire.
  • Float: You have telekinesis (range of 20 feet, can move up to 5 lbs.) for 2 minutes.
  • Frost: Target takes 1 cold damage; easily frozen objects freeze.
  • Glow: Your eyes beam forth a 20-foot cone of light for 2 minutes.
  • Harm: Your target takes 1d2 damage.
  • Make: You create a small, crude object for 2 minutes.
  • Mend: Your target is healed 1d2 hit points.
  • Moment: You learn the time of day to the minute.
  • Name: You learn your targets name; disguises/aliases trick this whisper.
  • North: You learn which direction is north.
  • Skill: You get a +1 to your next skill check within 2 minutes.
  • Soul: You learn your targets alignment.

Identifying Truespeech: If you hear a truespeech phrase or whisper be spoken or see its ongoing effects, you can make a Truespeech check to identify the effect. The DC to do this is equal to 11 plus the level of the phrase (whispers are treated as level 0 phrases for this purpose).

Speaking Truespeech: Truespeech is a very complex language. However, it is a proper language; those who have studied it can speak and understand it.

  • If you have 3 or more ranks in Truespeech, you can understand simple sentences spoken in Truespeech.
  • If you have 6 or more ranks in Truespeech, you can understand complex sentences spoken in Truespeech and speak simple sentences.
  • If you have 9 or more ranks in Truespeech, you can speak complex sentences in Truespeech.

Literate characters can read and write Truespeech as well. They can read anything they understand and write anything they can speak.

Action: Varies. Speaking a phrase is a standard action. Identifying a phrase is a free action. Speaking a whisper is a full-round action.

Try Again: Varies. You can retry speaking a phrase or whisper at will, bearing in mind the actions required. If you fail the identify a phrase or whisper, you can not try to identify that phrase or whisper again for 1 minute.

Special: You cannot take 10 with this skill.

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