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After the long night experienced by our tireless moderators, we on the wiki thought it only fitting to give credit where credit is due. As such, we the People of DnD-Wiki give thanks to Eiji for his vigilance...

Even though my tail is a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death... I fear to cross the Spammerbane.
There is a well peopled Wiki
With members from L. A. to Poughkeepsie
    Their standards are high
    And 'though arguments fly
It was 'cause the folks were all geeky.

There was then a great calamity
Spambots declared their enmity
    They posted all night
    Filling the site
With their pers’nal brand of aggressivity.

"I think not!" said the man made of plush
Who told all the spam bots to shush
    He banned their IPs,
    reverted their cheese,
and turned all their spamming to mush.

Eiji stopped their ev'ry move
And busted a funky groove
    The spambots were struck
    For they were all schmucks,
His superiority Eiji-kun proved.

They fought 'til but one remained:
Eiji the Spammerbane
    When the dust had cleared
    The whole wiki cheered
Long may Eiji the Spammerbane reign!