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Author: ghostthered (talk)
Date Created: 1/4/14
Status: <-how close to completion->
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<- X-Druid ->

<- An x druid is a druid that has gone corrupt. Just like a druid it uses animals and nature except these kind of druids make use of the wild side of nature. ->

<- class background ->

Most x druids were druids wanting more power or were banished from being a druid. Almost all x druids are evil, some can be neutral.

<- Difference ->

<- The difference between the 2 classes are quit simple. ->

-druids may use herbs to make medicine. X druids uae them for poison.

-druids ask help from animals. X druids make animals angrier and stronger.( like a dire animal)

Class Features

{{5e Class Features |classname=X-Druid |hitdie=1d6 per level |armorprofs= none |weaponprofs=same as druid |toolprofs=poisoners kit |saveprofs=dex, wisdom |skillprofs= same as druid.

The X-druid

Level Proficiency
1st +2 spells, Ritual caster, druidic language, the dc to resist your spells are 8+ prof.+ wisdom mod.
2nd +2 dire shape ( 2x, regain on short rest) challange rate 1/4 land.
3rd +2 none
4th +2 dire shape, challange rate 1/2 can swim.
5th +3 dire shape 3 per day
6th +3 none
7th +3 none
8th +3 dire shape challenge rate 1 can fly
9th +4 none
10th +4 x- druid craft
11th +4 none
12th +4 none
13th +5 none
14th +5 none
15th +5 vigorous corruption
16th +5 none
17th +6 none
18th +6 corrupt control, spell casting in dire shape, rebirth
19th +6 none
20th +6 unlimited dire shape, primal ending.

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