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Green's in Style[edit]

Blah blah intro text


Monster Feats[edit]

Right, so the system of having Fiend and Elemental feats was fine when there weren't nearly as many kinds of monsters. Since now we have feats for Dragons, Animals, Fey, a few for Giants, in addition to Elementals and Fiends like we used to, and a lot of them want the same feats, we clearly need a unified system.

So here that is. Feats that labelled [Monster] have a list of monster types, sometimes only allowing certain subtypes of them, that can take them. If you are that kind of monster, you can take monstrous feats as if you were. Some monstrous feats work slightly differently (slightly different benefits or prerequisites) for different types. When you take the feat, you pick one type and take it as that type; if you're a fiendish dragon, you take Huge Size as either a [Fiend] or a [Dragon] feat. This will handle issues like the one where they all need Large Size.

Feat Listing[edit]

Placeholder keeping all the feats made for this book together.


A lot of epic spells to reshape the terrain actually kind of suck. Here are a bunch of spells to do that, and also some spells to pad out the spell lists of other people and fix spells that don't work in the Player's Handbook.

Plant Growth

Raise Island

Raise Mountain

Raze Island

Raze Mountain


Add stuff to make forests, deserts, swamps, springs, and so on.


Introduced in Unearthed Arcana, Incantations are ways for groups too low-level to cast a spell to cast that spell by making a bunch of skill checks over several hours. The idea isn't bad, and is actually really well-suited to the terrain reshaping spells, although the mechanics may merit re-examination.

Wild Spheres[edit]

The centerpiece of the Wild Spheres that we're doing with spheres here will be the Terrain spheres, as a subtype of the broader Wild spheres. To get a Terrain sphere, you have to live in a certain kind of terrain, or at least have lived there for a significant event or portion of your life. This way, dragons, faeries, and unicorns can get magical powers drawn from the land around them. Unless your sphere-granting class says otherwise, Wild spheres use Wisdom to set their saving throw DCs.

Other Wild spheres are based on things like seasons, weather, and so on. They still have prerequisites based on the climate of your home. You can't have the Summer sphere if there isn't a recognizable Summer where you live. You can't take the Monsoon sphere without a Monsoon season.

Also have a few spheres of other types, just to fill out the list available to dragons and fairies; there'll be rules for which Elemental spheres are accessible to which kinds of dragon, for instance.

Astral Spheres Preview[edit]

Astral Spheres will be introduced, fittingly, in the Astral Libram. They allow creatures to draw power from the fundamental ideas of the cosmos. A few are given here as a preview because some essential dragon spheres are Astral.