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Wilderness Adventuring

A lot of the rules for wilderness adventuring in core are. . . not good.


Come up with a terrain system where a few terrain pieces can reshape a battlefield. Probably give terrain pieces a "space" and a "reach", and have things happen when you're just in the terrain piece's "threatened area".


Each of these probably gets a subsection.

  • Put light levels on more solid ground
  • Fix falling damage (less realistic, more epic)
  • Heat and Cold effects for weather to plug in to
  • Anything else I think of.


Havvy is writing weather rules. I should work with that project to help it fit with the rest of the Feral Libram so I can yoink it.

Ecology of the PC

What is the ecological impact of player characters going on adventures? Rant goes here.

High-level Wilderness Adventures

Under what circumstances do they work, and what do they look like? Rant goes here.

Carrying, Movement, and Exploration, but Titled Better

Most of the CME chapter in the Player's Handbook needs to be rewritten. Come up with a better set of rules for carrying capacity less tied to real-world weights and measures (use size category, instead).