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Locations of Interest[edit]


The Touchstones rules in the Planar Handbook and Sandstorm are. . . not good. Which sucks, because the idea has such potential. So, instead, here's how Touchstones work. A Touchstone is a magic item sitting out somewhere. It takes one of your eight magic item slots and no feat, and gives you a scaling bonus and also acts like a magic staff, in that your connection to the Touchstone has a pile of charges and one or several spell-like abilities that you can spend those charges on. You cast these as spell-like abilities with a caster level equal to your character level and save DCs based on your charisma score. No matter what duration these spells have, there's no limit to how many you can use at once other than charges and per-day limitations, since you paid for them with the magic item slot. Once you spend all of your charges of the Touchstone, you lose your scaling bonus from it as if you "took it off". You can "take it off" at any time voluntarily in ten minutes, but once it comes off you have to go back to it and spend 15 minutes doing a ritual to put it back on, which also gives you all your charges back.

Two things make Touchstones different from ordinary magic items. First, there's no way to reliably make a touchstone that does what you want. Maybe the gods have one, but they're not telling. You can know of a touchstone that does most of what you want with a DC 30 Knowledge check as long as you can plausibly connect the Knowledge field to the Touchstone somehow (Arcana, The Planes (if it's on another plane), Religion, and Nature are good for this. So's History. Architecture and Engineering and Nobility and Royalty less so). Getting there is another story. Second, any number of people can use a Touchstone independently of eachother, and at any distance. Each person keeps track of their own pool of charges for the Touchstone and can't use eachothers', and as long as they visited the Touchstone and danced around it for 15 minutes, they can use it no matter where it is, even on another plane.

Example Touchstones[edit]

Druidic Holy Sites[edit]

Rant about druidic holy sites, maybe some descriptions, and so on

The Underdark: What's Up With That?[edit]

Rant about how the hydrology of the Underdark doesn't work and the whole place should be flooded. Also, it should probably have collapsed in an earthquake

Figure out some magic to fix this.