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CR 16

Female Tiefling (Tome) True Fiend (Tanar'ri) 8/Conduit 4/Fiendish Brute 4
Chaotic Evil Large Outsider [Human, Native]
Init/Senses +2/Listen +20, Spot +20
Languages Common, Infernal
AC 37, touch 11, flat-footed 33
(+10 armor, +3 deflection, +2 Dexterity, +0 dodge, +11 natural armor, +2 shield, -1 size)
hp 160 (16 HD)
Immune Cold, electricity, fear effects, morale effects, non-magical poison
Resist Acid 10, Fire 10, DR 8/Good
Fort/Ref/Will +21/+18/+16
Speed 30 (6 squares)
Melee Two +4 scimitars +24/+22/+22 (1d8+15; 18-20/×2) and four +1 scimitars +21/+19 (1d8+9; 18-20/×2) or
Melee Grapple +26/+24/+24 (4d6+11; 20/×2)
Space/Reach 10'/10'
Base Atk/Grp +13/+24
Atk Options Blitz, coup de grace sleeping foe as an attack action
Special Actions Demoralize opponent once/round as a free action, pall of frost
Combat Gear +5 rime hauberk, a pair of +4 scimitars, four +1 scimitars
Spell-Like Abilities
9/day (DC 25, CL 16)—cause fear, deep slumber, obscuring mist, shivering touch (Frostburn)
8/day (DC 25, CL 16)—freezing ray (as scorching ray, but [Cold]-subtyped and doing cold damage), scare, waves of fatigue, web
7/day (DC 25, CL 16)—halt undead, shivering touch, greater (Frostburn); wall of fire, waves of exhaustion
6/day (DC 25, CL 16)—cone of cold, dream, fear, solid fog
5/day (DC 25, CL 16)—black tentacles, flesh to ice (Frostburn), nightmare, phantasmal killer
4/day (DC 25, CL 16)—entomb (Frostburn), programmed image, symbol of fear, symbol of sleep
3/day (DC 25, CL 16)—demand, eyebite, flesh to ice, chained (Frostburn), wall of force
2/day (DC 25, CL 16)—fear, Quickened; frostfell (Frostburn), teleportation circle, weird
Abilities Str 32, Dex 15, Con 20, Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 25
SQ Telepathy 100'
Feats Blitz, Combat School, Constricting Fiend, Extra Arms (2), Greater Teleport, Multiweapon Fighting, Improved Multiweapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting, Large Size
Skills Bluff +25, Intimidate +28, Knowledge: History +2, Knowledge: Arcana +6, Knowledge: Local +2, Knowledge: the Planes +6, Knowledge: Religion +6, Listen +20, Sense Motive +20, Spellcraft +22, Spot +20, Tumble +3
Possessions combat gear plus amulet of natural armor +3, cloak of resistance +5/charisma +6, belt of giant of strength +6, ring of protection +3
Dominion Sphere Once per month, one of the SLAs from the Dominion sphere can be made permanent.
Frostbite Opponents who take cold damage from the SLAs from the Frostbite sphere are fatigued.
Pall of Frost You may produce a pall of frost as a Swift Action that inflicts 1d6 of Cold Damage per round on all creatures within 10 feet of where you were standing, and which lasts 3 rounds.