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Author: Luigifan18 (talk)
Date Created: December 16, 2017
Status: Just started
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Paint Dragon[edit]

Type: Dragon [Paint]
Environment: The Art Flow
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: Wyrmling 4; very young 7; young 10; juvenile 13; young adult 16; adult 19; mature adult 22; old 25; very old 28; ancient 31; wyrm 34; great wyrm 37
Treasure: Quadruple standard
Alignment: Usually chaotic neutral
Advancement: Wyrmling 3-5 HD; very young 6-8 HD; young 9-11 HD; juvenile 12-14 HD; young adult 15-17 HD; adult 18-20 HD; mature adult 21-23 HD; old 24-26 HD; very old 27-29 HD; ancient 30-32 HD; wyrm 33-35 HD; great wyrm 36-38 HD
Level Adjustment:
Paint Dragons by Age
Age Size Hit Dice (hp) Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Base Attack/
Attack Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Breath Weapon (DC) Frightful Presence DC
Wyrmling 4d12+4 (32) 12 11 14 16 14 17 +4/ 4d6 {2 Str, 3 Dex, 2 Con}
Very young 7d12 () 14 11 17 18 16 20 +7/ 7d6 {2 Str, 3 Dex, 3 Con}
Young 10d12 () 16 12 20 21 18 24 +10/ 10d6 {3 Str, 3 Dex, 3 Con}
Juvenile 13d12 () +13/ 13d6 {3 Str, 4 Dex, 3 Con}
Young adult 16d12 () /
Adult 19d12 () /
Mature adult 22d12 () /
Old 25d12 () /
Very old 28d12 () /
Ancient 31d12 () /
Wyrm 34d12 () /
Great wyrm 37d12 () /

Paint Dragon Abilities by Age
Age Speed Initiative AC Special Abilities Caster Level SR
Wyrmling 50 feet, extraordinary fly 150 feet (average), supernatural fly 30 feet (poor) , touch ,
4 16
Very young 50 feet, extraordinary fly 200 feet (average), supernatural fly 45 feet (poor) , touch ,
7 19
Young 50 feet, extraordinary fly 200 feet (average), supernatural fly 60 feet (poor) , touch ,
10 22
Juvenile 50 feet, extraordinary fly 200 feet (average), supernatural fly 75 feet (average) , touch ,
13 25
Young adult 50 feet, extraordinary fly 300 feet (average), supernatural fly 90 feet (average) , touch ,
16 28
Adult 50 feet, extraordinary fly 300 feet (average), supernatural fly 105 feet (average) , touch ,
19 31
Mature adult 50 feet, extraordinary fly 300 feet (average), supernatural fly 120 feet (average) , touch ,
22 34
Old , touch ,
25 37
Very old , touch ,
Ancient , touch ,
Wyrm , touch ,
Great wyrm , touch ,



Regeneration (Su): All paint dragons have regeneration equal to 1.5 times their HD, rounded down, which can be bypassed by water or cold damage; the regeneration is also suppressed if the paint dragon is soaked or frozen, and is not regained until the paint dragon is dry. An antimagic field also suppresses a paint dragon's regeneration until the field goes away.

Flight (Ex and Su): Paint dragons are relatively unique among beings tied to or empowered by the Art Flow in that they can fly quite well without it, thank you very much. Having fully functional wings is the reason for why they are capable of this. They have separate flight speed and maneuverability for their flight with the Art Flow and their flight with their wings, with their winged extraordinary flight being faster and their Art Flow-based supernatural flight having better maneuverability (except at the earliest stages of their life cycle, where their extraordinary flight is superior in both respects). They meld the two together into a seamless whole, giving them the amazing flight speed of a dragon with the solid maneuverability of an Art Flow User. (Their two flight speeds and maneuverability grades do not stack; they simply use the better of each.) If one means of flight or the other is disabled, the paint dragon can fall back on the other, albeit at the expense of its flight speed (if its extraordinary flight is disabled) or its maneuverability (if its supernatural flight is disabled). The supernatural flight is suppressed if the paint dragon is soaked or frozen, and is not regained until the paint dragon is dry.

Made of Art (Ex): 50% of a paint dragon's body is composed directly of material from the Art Flow. This gives it rather strong regeneration and helps their non-extraordinary flight speed, but also makes them rather vulnerable to water.

Vulnerable to Water (Ex): A Paint dragon takes 150% more damage from water and cold effects and attacks, takes a −2 penalty on saving throws against non-damaging water and cold effects, and loses 30% of its hp each round if immersed in water (or 15% of their health if half-immersed). It should be noted that paint dragons are not nearly as helpless around water as most Art Flow-born creatures; their great size means that a lot more water is required for them to even be half-immersed, let alone fully immersed, and their ability to fly using wings rather than the Art Flow's power means that they are actually fully capable of flying out of a lake if somebody slam-dunks them into one.

Breath Weapon (Su): A paint dragon's breath weapon is a cone of energy from the Art Flow, 40 feet long plus 10 feet per age category, that deals damage and poisons victims. A Reflex save halves the damage and grants a +4 bonus to the initial Fortitude save against the poison. A creature that takes no damage from the breath weapon (such as by having evasion) also dodges the poison entirely and does not need to make a Fortitude save. The poison of a wyrmling paint dragon deals 2 Strength damage, 3 Dexterity damage, and 2 Constitution damage for both the initial poison and secondary effect. The Dexterity damage improves by 1 at the age categories of juvenile, mature adult, and ancient. The Constitution damage improves by 1 at the age categories of very young, young adult, very old, and wyrm. The Strength damage improves by 1 at the age categories of young, adult, old, and great wyrm. (A great wyrm paint dragon deals 5 damage to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution with its poison.)

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