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Psysama the Soul Storm (a.k.a. Psystorm)[edit]

I am known as Psysama (my friends call me Psy). Ten years ago, I was known as Psysama, God of Destruction (which is ironic, I create more than I destroy). Someday I plan on adding more to this, but for now, this is it. For now. Until I get bored. Again.

Special thanks to Bhu for help with the X-Com: Terror from the Deep aliens/monsters.


Psysama's Homebrew (18 Articles)
Mosters Aquatoid, Bio-Drone, Calcinite, Deep One, Gillman, Hallucinoid, Lobsterman, Tasoth, Tentaculat, Triscene, Xarquid
Items Tome of the Learned Tongue
Subtypes None
Bloodlines Eiji, Saiyan
Race None
Domain Coffee, Spring