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Hurrah, finally 500 articles. It only took me like 10 years.

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Sulacu's Homebrew (586 Articles)
Classes and Prestige Classes Agent, Arthroparch, Cloaktower Watchman, Eldritch Agent, Enlightened Fist, Fleshcrafter, Guardian, Half-Jinn, High Priest, Paladin, Sulacu Variant, Philosopher, Shaman, Sivatar, Sivatar, Variant, Staffshaper, Wildhunter
Races and Templates Animated Weapon, Anuë, Child, Variant, Chromatic Dwarf, Deathless, Dire, Exemplar, Gear Actua, Half-Jinn, Holy Knight, Legacy, Lifelink, Living Dead, Neneki, Oni, Pangali, Polar Elf, Polly, Shadowkin, Siroc, Trollkin, Vehicle
Character Options "Lol Media", Analgesia, Antennae, Astroadaptation, Augment Shielding, Bald, Bio-Energy Suffusion, Bioweapon, Blade Rampart, Butt Gun, Chameleon, Dodge, Sulacu Variant, Dubious Fortune, Empower Bioweapon, Healing Surge, Improved Resistance, Increased Biocapacity, Mass Spell, Mental Backlash, Metabolic Boost, Metamagic Expertise, Multi-Weapon Fighting, Sulacu Variant, Nature-Minded, One-Dimensional Tyranny, Overbear, Overweight, Painzerker, Persistent Summoning, Pushback, Quicken Bioweapon, Secret of the Cursed Flame, Spell Penetration, Variant, Spell Surge, Sure Strike, Synaesthetic Perception, Two-Weapon Stance, Vigorous Flurry, Vita-Retention, Weaponize Bio-Energy, X-Ray Vision
Class Ability Components Abolishing Flames, Aetherion Blast, Aetherion Burst, Aetherion Orb, Aethernova, Arcane Ray, Arcane Sentry, Arrow of White Bloom, Asepsis, Asepsis, Mass, Asura, Ball Lightning, Bamf, Bestow Sentience, Black Chains of Durance, Blood of the Pale Moon, Bloodied Chains of Pyrrhos, Bolt of Indra, Brown Note, Burden, Capricorn, Colors Trap, Complete Restoration, Contract Seal, Covert Transposition, Dark Reckoning, Dementation, Dementia, Desiccate, Detect Heat, Divine Retribution, Elemental Confluence, Encrypt/Decrypt, Energy Subjugation, Entangle, Feather, Gnawing Maggots, Golden Body, Golden Chains of Kronos, Graviton Crash, Graviton Lance, Graviton Zero, Hao Tian Chen, Clear Sky Heavenly Demon, Hellmouth, Hindsight, Indra's Arrow, Invincible Golden Body, Ipsophagia, Karmic Annihilation, Karmic Justice, Maggot Storm, Mark of Summoning, Mark of the Shadowstalker, Memento Mori, Memorize, Meteor, Motskalla's Entangled Space, Motskalla's Magic Trigger, Motskalla's Spatial Displacement, Pan Tzu, Scholar of Iniquity, Primal Calling, Proximity to Cat, Pyroclasm, Refrigerate, Reject, Sacred Bayonet I, Sacred Bayonet II, Sacred Bayonet III, Sacred Weapon, Sagittarius, Schizophrenia, Schizophrenia, Mass, Shadow Asgard, Singularity, Soul Trap, Spell Shield, Spellburke, Spring of Life, Stifle, Stromberg's Frozen Court, Sunfire Orb, Sunlight Spear, Supreme Golden Body, Swamp of the Underworld, Tag, Warmth, White Chains of Corpora, Whoopee, Wrath, Zone of OSHA-Compliance
Monsters Aegis, Agarran, Angel, Annihilator, Ash Ghoul, Asura, Behemoth Whale, Big McLargeHuge, Black Hole, Black Leech, Bloathead Mosquito, Bomblet, Bonewheel, Calefact Dragon, Capricorn, Casinoid, Catapult, Cerulean Dragon, Chaos Elemental, Chiropteryx, Chromatic Dwarf, Chronodon, Core Dreadnaught, Coulombra, Dead, Devourer Demon, Devourer Demon, Liber Demonica, Devouring Pillow, Dream Sponge, Dullahan, Expanded Dead, Fast Headcrab, Fluxagon, Force Golem, Gear Actua, Gelidus Dragon, Geostase, Ghast, Deathless, Gibling, Gibling, Liber Demonica, Gnarlwick, Great White Handkerchief, Gyro, Headcrab, Headcrab Zombie, Hellwyvern, Humandrill, Implacable, Infernal Bloodhound Flammarch, Jawbreaker, Kalhadrin, Kibble, Kodama, Kolar, Lamented One, Lancer, Lapahn, Lapith, Lasher, Lernean Hydra, Lethus Dragon, Living Fortress, Lure, Maera, Malcurion Dragon, Menas, Meteor Golem, Mirror Golem, Mirror Golem, Greater, Mirror Knight, Mist Stalker, Mohrg, Deathless, Mountain Giant, Nanocyte Cloud, Necrophage Titan, Nightcrawler, Deathless, Noffirg, Null Elemental, Olympus Dragon, Order Elemental, Orichalcum Dragon, Orichalcum Golem, Ostrich, Oxy-Sprite, Peon, Pit Demon Spider, Pocket Golem, Poison Headcrab, Power, Praetorian, Primeval, Primeval Dragons, Principality, Protean Dragon, Proteus MX-440 Modular Exo-Suit, Pyreshade, Qilung Dragon, Ramiel, Lord of Perdition, Replicator, Dreadnaught, Replicator, Drone... further results
Equipment Alchemy Stone, Amulet of Mental Faculty, Annulus, Arcane Cestus, Arcenciel, Arcstone, Armor of Thorns, Armor of the Seldarine, Ascended Pyromancy Flame, Azurite, Baculus, Bag of the Cosmos, Barrel Armor, Battlecaster's Robes, Battlefist, Beasthunter's Hide, Bellowstone, Belt of Great Prowess, Bident, Bite Ring, Black Knight Armor, Black Rogue Armor, Blackflare Helm, Blade of Disaster, Blazestone, Blood Armor, Blood Condensing Gourd, Blood Idol, Blood Rallying Ring, Bloodbite Ring, Bloodbite Ring, Greater, Blunderbuss, Bolt Magazine, Bottomless Potion, Brass Knuckles, Breath Mint, Burst Hammer, Burst Weapon, Cachin, Cleric Armor, Cloak of Fortification, Cloak of Radiance, Codpiece of Attention, Cola, Combat Shotgun, Combination Dust, Cometsteel, Cosmic Razor, Court Sorcerer's Robes, Crimson Buffalo, Crown of the Demiurge, Dao Seeker's Robe, Dark Harvest, Dark Iron, Dark-Vision Goggles, Delver's Pick, Desert Nomad's Garb, Discblade, Diver Plate, Dragon Armor, Dragon Mantle, Dragon's Tooth, Dredmoor Armor, Duster Knuckles, Easterner's Armor, Ectoplasmic Resin, Ego Plate, Excavator's Outfit, Expanded Armor, Field Equipment Pack, Firmament Shield, Flamethrower, Flechette Storm, Fluted Plate, Four Elements Parma, Fuel Canister, Ghostlight, Gigas Flail, Golem Armor, Grave Blood Idol, Graverobber's Rags, Greatarrow, Greatbow, Greathammer, Grimoire of Passing, Guanyin's Mercy, Guanyin's Tear, Gunpowder, Havel's Armor, Havel's Greatshield, Healing Kit, Heavy Thing, Hook Sword, Hoplite Armor, Hornet Gun, Hoverboard, Hypo Canister, Hypo Pistol, Idium, Idol of Mammon... further results
Other Aendar, Aetherion, Armor Piercing Weapon, Bane, Bio-Energy, Blight, Continual Fire, Daal Ilos, Deathless, Dread, Gear, Guard, Hover, Lacarda, Legacy, Lifesight, Mana-Burned, Martial Defense, Numbed, Pilot, Rapid Healing, Reinforced Plating, Replicator, Semi-Corporeal, Shield, Slime, Sylornath, The Abyssal Dark, True Celestial, Weapon Arts, Xenotheric, Xox, Zodiac
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User:Sulacu/Two Weapon Stance: Something I'm working on to get rid of Two-Weapon Fighting for good.