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Moving On[edit]

As many of you have noticed, I have become far less active over the years. Important wiki tasks have piled up, to the point where it's been actively damaging us. It wasn't until recently that we even had a 5e SRD started, thanks to one enterprising user (thanks for that, by the way!). Upgrades rarely happen and downtime is a constant worry. Through mostly luck we haven't had to deal with any disasters like large downtime, site hacks, etc.

About a month ago I was approached with an offer to purchase the wiki. At first I was inclined to say no, but the purchasers turned out to be the people behind one of my all-time favorite D&D sites: I started to see it as an opportunity to keep the wiki up to date (we could have had a 5e SRD a year ago!) and bring in a lot more content creators (I've never spent a single dollar on advertising; what we have here is entirely through word of mouth). Perhaps equally important, I won't have a constant worry in the back of my mind over a catastrophic crash, server hack, the latest system update, and all those sorts of disasters that are all too familiar for anyone with a large web presence.

You might rightfully be worried now over homebrew content going away, policies changing, licensing changing, that sort of thing. All I have to say is: don't worry! We emphasized as part of the sale that all content would remain. The already existing policies and guidelines surrounding the homebrew sections, including rating, will stay as-is. The current administrative staff will remain as it is, though there might be a couple of new faces, and my own role with the site will become entirely ceremonial. The only difference that is visible to you should be that we might have an influx of new users! Perhaps even with the additional resources we can expand our long moribund Open Game Content section. And most importantly, the site will stay up if I get hit by a bus tomorrow (a problem that Daranios pointed out to me in the past ;-).

You might still have questions or concerns. I'm happy to answer any of them; feel free to ask on the talk page here or, if you prefer a more real-time discussion, use our normal IRC chat link. I will do everything in my power to both reassure you and ensure that the site remains the best place on the internet for homebrew.

This is my last message as the head honcho. Cheers!

-- Surgo
So it went through after all. I suspected as much. Looks like operation Bus Strike is out there. Er, I mean... please keep in touch.
So whose the new head honcho? Let's get friendly with them! -- Eiji-kun (talk) 00:32, 7 December 2016 (UTC)