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{{3.5e Feat
|name=Aspect of the White Dragon
|fluff=Inspired by white dragons of legend, your ninja moves chill people to the bone.
|benefit=If you successfully confirm a critical hit, you can elect to deal no bonus damage and instead affect the enemy with a ''flesh to ice'' spell (DC 10 + 1/2 character level + Wisdom modifier). This is a supernatural ability and can only affect a specific target up to once per round.
You gain the following abilities as ki powers of the given level:
* 2: '''Frozen Sinew {{Su}}:''' Make a single attack as a standard action. If this attack deals any cold damage, the target is [[SRD:Slow|slowed]] for three rounds (no save).
* 3: '''Ice Dagger {{Su}}:''' As a standard action, you may create and throw a dagger made of ice. This deals normal damage for a dagger (including sudden strike or your death attack), but also deals 3d6 Dexterity damage (Fortitude negates).
* 5: '''Dragon Form {{Su}}:''' You can turn into a creature resembling a white dragon. You grow one size category and gain +12 Strength, +8 Constitution, +4 Natural Armor and -4 Dexterity (do not apply normal size modifiers to stats). You gain two claw attacks (1d8 + Str) and a bite attack (1d10 + Str x 1.5). These natural attacks all have Improved Grab. Your hands are replaced by the claws and they are unusable for fine motor skills, such as holding and attacking with manufactured weapons. You also gain a breath weapon out to a 120' line; it can deal either 1d6 Cold damage per character level (Reflex half) or 3d6 Dexterity damage (Reflex negates). You must wait 1d4+1 rounds between uses of this breath weapon. Your base land speed improves by 20'. You do not gain wings. Remaining in this form is taxing, and each round it is maintained drains a number of Ki points equal to the cost of initiating this power.

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