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The CountryEdit

The country, classified as Ayun (As Yet Unnamed Nation), is mostly a mountainous landscape with water surrounding at least three 'sides' of the landmass. The defining feature of the country is that it has a style of 'tiered' landscape on three levels. From the north, the mountain range is reduced in size until it forms the plain-lands. The centre of the country is formed of a plateau in the midst of the mountain range, which also borders the only natural river. The river, the Ayuw (As Yet Unnamed Waterway), flows through the mountains from the highest peak of Ayum (As Yet Unnamed Mountain) and down through the mountain ranges and into the plains, where it creates a lake, Ayul (As Yet Unnamed Lake). The lake, at it's lowest point, runs off into the sea at a controlled pace.

Due to political motivations, the Ayuw, however, has dried up due to a diversion river, the Ayud (As Yet Unnamed Diversion), has been man-made. This river runs a longer discourse, but is also noted as being a 'safer route'.

Through Ayun's mountainous landscape, very few proper paths can be found. The main path is created by the Ayur that connects to neighboring countries, small mountain villages and towns and also the two major cities of the Ayur nation.

The AyurEdit

The Ayur are a dualistic race, essentially embodying 'Dark' and 'Light' and they have a strong spiritual connection to these two concepts. Essentially, there are two types of Ayur; the Dark Ayur and the Light Ayur. As a young age, all Ayur are the same; however choices as they grow into adulthood separate them into two different sub-races both mentally and physically. The differences are subtle at first, but the older an Ayur gets, the more the differences manifest. This is also true for extremes; the more extreme an Ayur is on the 'scale' of Dark to Light, the more their appearance changes. For a good period of history, the two distinct sub-races were capable of living perfectly with each other; in a dualistic harmony, similar to that of Yin and Yang concept of Taoism. The Ayur had two main cities; Ayulc (As Yet Unnamed 'Light' City) and Ayuld (As Yet Unnamed 'Dark' City).

However, decades/centuries ago in history, a war was sparked between the two sub-races by the most extreme of the Ayur. This caused interracial segregation and full out civil war between Ayulc and Ayuld. As the Extremist Light Ayur began to force their beliefs that that Dark Ayur were evil and vile, the Dark Ayur turned to the actual Dark Ayur that fit the stereotype. Ayuld came under the leadership of the more notorious and evil of the Dark Ayur and the war turned much bloodier. The war became a stalemate after the bloodiest battle of the war; The Battle of the Broken Man. To the current day, the haunting stench of evil and darkness roams the battlefield, stained by magical radiation and death.

The High Lord, His Worship, The DIvine LightEdit

The ruler of the Light Ayur is The High Lord, His Worship, The Divine Light; the most extreme of the Light Ayur and a staunch believer in everything good and righteous. He is a zealot and it was his actions that caused the War.

The Bloodied, His Vileness, The Enveloping DarknessEdit

The ruler of the Dark Ayur is The Bloodied, His Vileness, The Enveloping Darkness; the most extreme of the Dark Ayur and a staunch believe in everything evil and vile. He is bloodthirsty maniacs and he was instated as leader due to the start of the War.

The XEdit

The X were the odd creation of the war. Often thought to be the creation of 'magical radiation' infecting the reproduction process, the X appeared from humanoid travelers in Ayun. The X had some unnatural calling to return to Ayun, even if they were abandoned by their 'parents'. This unnatural urge to return to Ayun was often taken as a result of the magical radiation and a possible theory spread that they were addicted to the mass fallout created by the war. The Ayur allowed the X into their lives and adopted them as 'servants' or other things, as they sought to be. Much research was put into discovering the origins or point of the X, but ultimately; no conclusive facts were discovered.

The Light Ayur accept the X as they realized the X needed to be in Ayun for some reason and they weren't willing to form their own government. The X soon became a stereotype as the servants; mostly due to the most weak of will, or subservient, X moved to live with the Light Ayur. They worked in many different professions and seemed to be quite happy in what they did.

Conversely, the Dark Ayur welcomed the X. The darkest of the Dark Ayur, those ruling Ayuld, saw the X as more of a tool rather than trying to aid them. The X soon became subjects in the Dark Ayur's experiments with unnatural rebirth, vampirism and manipulation of the magical radiation. This research lead to the creation of the 'Dark X', or very specific Shadowpire Xs.

Dark XEdit

The Dark X are the Shadowpires of the X. A Pire pulled from the Undershadow is supplanted into an X's body and turns the X into a Shadowpire. They are cruel, vicious, bloodthirsty and quite the compliment for Ayuld's rulers.

The AlturiEdit

The Alturi are the original inhabitants of 'Ayun'. They are a race of peaceful beings, seeking only to gain 'ascension' to a higher plane of existence through shredding of the mortal body. They are a secretive society who have forced themselves to evolve. Their original form is generally unknown, but they have become adept at traversing the mountainous landscape. People who find their settlements are treated kindly.

There will be no GIant Floating AnimalsEdit

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Geographic InformationEdit

Ayun is approximately 39,770 Square Miles and with a total population of 1,545,015 persons. It contains 4 cities, 19 towns and 3,056 villages.


Population BreakdownEdit

File:Population breakdown.png
Population Breakdown by Race
File:Male female ratio.png
Male/Female Ratio by Race
  • Ayur (70%, 1,081,510.5)
    • Light Ayur (63%, 681,351.615)
      • Male: 58% (395,183.937)
      • Female: 42% (286,167.678)
    • Dark Ayur (34%, 367,713.57)
      • Male: 63% (231 659.549)
      • Female: 37% (136 054.021)
    • Neutral Ayur (3%, 32,445.315)
      • Male: 49% (15,898.2043)
      • Female: 51% (16 547.1106)
  • X (18%, 278,102.7)
    • Normal X (99%, 275,321.673)
      • Male: 50% (137 660.837)
      • Female: 50% (137 660.837)
    • Warped X (0.7%, 1,946.7189)
      • Male: 78% (1,518.44074)
      • Female: 22% (428.278158)
    • Dark X (0.3%, 834.3081)
      • Male: 33% (275.321673)
      • Female: 67% (558.986427)
  • Alturi (1%, 15,450.15)
    • Male: 50% (7 725.075)
    • Female: 50% (7 725.075)
  • Immigrants (11%, 169,951.65)
    • Male: 46% (78 177.759)
    • Female: 54% (98,571.957)