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Cleaving Strike

An attack that is a Cleaving Strike deals damage over multiple squares. Each square must be adjacent to at least one other square in the cleaving area and must be within range. In order to make a Cleaving Strike, declare the squares that will be targeted (the ability defines the number of squares) and determine the number of single opponents within the area (a creature that takes up more than one space cannot be hit twice by a Cleaving Strike). The amount of damage per opponent is equal to the total damage from the ability divided up amongst the number of opponents. Roll a single attack at the Cleaving Strike ability's attack bonus and check it against each opponent's AC. If the attack equal or exceeds the AC, then that opponent takes their portion of the damage.

For example, Hidenberg uses his Spear Sweep ability which is a Cleaving Strike attack. It cleaves over five squares and deals 150 points of damage. Hidenberg chooses 3 squares with enemies in them. Each opponent has the chance to take 50 points of damage. Hidenberg rolls a 30 on his attack, which hits 2 of the enemies. Each one takes 50 points of damage and the third does not take any damage.

Split Burst

A Split Burst attack is targeted upon a square or a creature where the attack will 'burst' from. The burst attack will deal a set amount of damage split amongst all creatures in the burst range. This effect does not require an attack roll, but normally allows for a save of some sort for reduced damage; either from the targeted creature or from all creatures affected by the blast.


Cleave [Fighter]

Slash, stab!

Prerequisites: Str 13, Power Attack

Benefits: You gain the following ability: Cleave (Ex): As a standard action, you may make a Cleaving Strike attack over two squares that deals damage equal to twice your weapon damage.

Weapon Style [Fighter]

I'm just this damn good, yo.

Prerequisites: Proficiency with a weapon, Fighter 1 or BAB +2

Benefits: Choose a weapon type from the following list; Sword, Axe, Polearm or Hammer. You gain an ability whenever using that type of weapon.

  • Sword: Glancing Blow (Ex): Whenever you miss, if your attack missed by an amount equal to or less than your base attack bonus (maximum of 10), you deal damage equal to your strength bonus to damage with the weapon. For the purposes of this ability, the damage dealt is not multiplied by any other factor than normal strength multiplier for your weapon and any feat that specifically increases the multiplier.
  • Axe: Unfettered Assault (Ex): Every time you deal damage to an enemy wearing armor, their armor bonus to AC is reduced by 1 point for 1 round. Every time this occurs, the duration is refreshed. If an enemy has natural armor, this also reduces the natural armor bonus if the armor bonus has been reduced to 0. This cannot reduce an armor bonus or natural armor bonus to less than 0.
  • Polearm: Hamstring Wound (Ex): Every time you deal damage to an enemy, their speed is reduced by 5ft. If the enemy's speed is reduced to 0 feet, they become prone. This effect persists until the enemy uses a move action to recover. If the afflicted enemy is made prone by this ability, the move action to stand up also allows them to recover for this ability. If they have an ability that lets them get up as anything less than a move action, they must still use a move action to recover. An enemy can only be affected by this attack a number of times per round equal to the number of attacks per round your base attack bonus grants you, even if others attempt to use the ability, due to the precise strikes that are required for the ability.
  • Hammer: Staggering Pound (Ex): Whenever you deal damage to an enemy, you can ignore damage reduction equal to your base attack bonus (up to 10 points), unless the damage reduction is against bludgeoning.

Study and Adapt [Fighter]

"You are using Bonetti's Defense against me, ah?"

Prerequisites: Dodge, Fighter 4th or BAB +8

Benefits: After an opponent has declared his attack, you may use an immediate action to study his strikes and movements. Until the end of his next round, your AC against that foe is equal to his attack bonus + 10 for each attack he can make. For example, if an enemy has an attack bonus of +15/+15/+10/+10, against a full attack your AC is 25 / 25/ 20 / 20. If your AC is higher than your opponents attack bonus + 10 at any attack, you use your AC for that attack.

Block and Bash [Fighter]

When people try to hit you, you hit them in the face with a staggering force.

Prerequisites: Improved Shield Bash, Fighter 4th or BAB +8

Benefits: Whenever an attack misses you, you may make an immediate shield bash attack against that opponent. This counts as an attack of opportunity. This can only be done once per round.

Block and Smash [Fighter]

When you bash people in the face for daring to attack you, they be all like "wtf!"

Prerequisites: Block and Bash, Fighter 8th or BAB +16

Benefits: Whenever you use the Block and Bash feat, you may opt to also attempt a bull rush to force your opponent back 5ft. and you do not have to move with him.