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About the IP Range Blocks[edit]

With the loss of Asirra and the rash of new account creation, I am taking an aggressive stance against spam accounts. I am blocking entire ip range of a provider (found via WHOIS) when that range has been associated with multiple spam accounts, but only for 1 year as they may change over time and I don't want to have to remember to unblock them later. Only ip edits and account creation are disabled for these blocks. Existing users who login from one of these blocks (including existing spam accounts) should not be affected.

If you are a new user trying to create an account from one of the blocked ranges, I'm sorry for the headache. Users in these ip ranges can send emails or join our IRC chat to ask for help (links on the left), and we will assist legitimate users who need to create an account from those ranges. We can either setup the account for you with a dummy password which you can change afterwards, or temporarily unblock the range so you can do it yourself.

This plan is possibly too aggressive, I guess we'll find out. If you have a better plan, start a discussion on my talk page and maybe I'll do that instead.

About me[edit]

I am one of the admins here, and make crazy templates.

I like ridiculously convoluted player driven campaigns (which means I generally prefer wizard balanced games in the 6-14 level range), math and probabilities, and gentlemen's agreements not to break the game (because they leave more interesting options on the table than just fixing it all). In case you want to see more about how I roll, here's my current list of houserules.

I write crunchy bits, like the Tome of Prowess when I can find the time. While others can do the difficult work of putting working classes and options atop a system rife with pit falls and really complex issues, I prefer to tinker with the system itself to find a measure of balance. It's just easier for me (/shrug).

I also write a fair bit on The Gaming Den posting under the same name. It's not as nice a place as here or most other boards, so consider yourself warned if you decide to check it out.

Work I've Rated[edit]


Rants and Canned Responses[edit]

My work[edit]

Tome of Prowess Stuff[edit]

  • Tome of Prowess (3.5e Sourcebook) (Skills for the mundane and the masterful. Skills that scale to all levels of the game and offer the skilled classes some of the utility previously only found within spells or items.)
  • Angry Glare (False friends wither under the weight of your glare.)
  • Battlefield Apothecary (As the man with the meds on the front lines, everyone pretty much loves you.)
  • Beastmaster (Creatures of all types have a thing for you.)
  • Clarity of Rage (When blinding rage pushes you forward, you still tend to end up right where you wanted to be.)
  • Combat Casting, Prowess (Training to allow a spellcaster to cast spells in melee without getting stabbed in the face, and better finish them even if they do.)
  • Craft Item of Prowess (You can create skill items, granting ranks, bonuses, and other adjustments to others.)
  • Dilettante Necromancer (You think the undead pretty neat, but might not be interested in all of that specialist spellcasting stuff.)
  • Dimensional Wrangler (You could wrangle a blink dog or a pocket dimension with the right knot.)
  • Earth Diver (You can treat earth as if it were a liquid, gaining assorted defensive and mobility benefits.)
  • Enduring Physiology (If things got really bad, you could always just hide under a rock for a century or two until they improved.)
  • Etheliometer (A device to allow those without access to spells to detect the presence of magic, and perhaps glean some information about its type.)
  • Frighten (Subjects within cone flee for 5 rounds.)
  • Human-like Skill Training (You gain an extra skill point at each level.)
  • Metaphysical Escapist (You can temporarily free yourself from gravity, the prime material plane, and (eventually) your physical form.)
  • Mounted Combat, Revised (You are a skilled rider and combatant, and have brought the two together.)
  • Saddleborn Warrior (You are at your best when fighting with an ally that you are sitting on.)
  • Traceless Stalker (You might as well be incorporeal for all the traces you leave behind.)
  • Tracker (You can follow less than obvious trails.)
  • Winning Smile (You are so genuinely likeable that it's hard to yell at you.)

Mostly not ToP Stuff[edit]

Some ToP stuff is still in here due to my inability to exclude it from the ask query. Apologies to those who aren't looking for that sort of thing :-(.


  • Priest (A cleric revision with less physical combat power, spontaneous casting from a much smaller list, and a stronger reliance on domains for spells available.)
  • Templar (Templars are ordained warriors tasked with spreading the faith and defending the faithful, while also beating down the foes of a deity.)


  • Amateur Spellcaster (Your dabbling in spellcasting advances to full amateur abilities.)
  • Clarity of Rage (When blinding rage pushes you forward, you still tend to end up right where you wanted to be.)
  • Craft Item of Prowess (You can create skill items, granting ranks, bonuses, and other adjustments to others.)
  • Hurtling Charge (You can bash people out of the way to reach an intended charge target.)
  • Infinite Spell (A spell becomes reusable until you next prepare spells (+4 slots))
  • Intermediate Spellcaster (You improve your middling spellcasting abilities to those of an intermediate spellcaster.)
  • Middling Spellcaster (Your novice spellcasting abilities improve to middling spellcasting.)
  • Mounted Combat, Revised (You are a skilled rider and combatant, and have brought the two together.)
  • Novice Spellcaster (You improve your amateur spellcasting abilities to those of a novice.)
  • Phantom Step (No one is really sure where you're standing once your sword starts swinging...)
  • Plane Tearing Strike (You can swing your weapon hard enough to cut reality itself, opening the way to other places and planes.)
  • Spell Slayer (Spells don't get by you unless you want them to.)
  • Spellcasting Dabbler (You gain minor spellcasting abilities.)
  • Step Through The Strike (You step into your strikes, and often wind up in different places before or after them.)
  • Whirling Cleave (When you carry through someone with a strike, you really carry through.)


  • Analyze Teleportation (Learn details of where your foes teleported to, without going there yourself.)
  • Asterfete's Return Scrying (One scrying sensor that appears in the area also becomes a window back to its source.)
  • Asterfete's Scry Trace (Hijack a divination sensor to see who sent it.)
  • Bind Thrall (You bind a creature to yourself, altering its will so that it willingly serves as if dominated until the end of its days.)
  • Create Anchor Sigil (Create or strengthen an anchor sigil more quickly than if you used the normal ritual)
  • Divine Mount (Summons a steed from the outer planes to serve as your mount.)
  • Frighten (Subjects within cone flee for 5 rounds.)
  • Greater Warp (A teleportation spell with a limited list of possible destinations (that can be added to), an effect delay, and unlimited range. Intended to replace greater teleport.)
  • Hinder (You weaken foes with the effects of bane and make them susceptible to weapon attacks.)
  • Improved Dimension Door (Teleports you a short distance, and allows you to act immediately afterwards.)
  • Lightning Spear (40' line deals 4d4 electricity damage, +1d4 per two levels over first (max 8d4).)
  • Nine Acre Fire (A circular wall of flame expands a great distance, turning all within its path to ash.)
  • Pursue Warp (A spell that makes it extremely difficult to escape foes by warping, and potentially dangerous as well.)
  • Spew Acid (20' cone deals 4d4 acid damage, +1d4 per two levels over first (max 8d4).)
  • Warp (A teleportation spell with a limited list of possible destinations (that can be added to) and an effect delay. Intended to replace teleport.)
  • Warp Circle (A duration based teleportation spell with a limited list of possible destinations (that can be added to), an effect delay, and unlimited range that can also be used as a trap. Intended to replace teleport circle.)

Weapon Properties[edit]

  • Burning Roar (A burning roar weapon functions as a flaming and flaming burst weapon, but also allows its wielder to call forth a rush of fire.)
  • Freezing Whirl (A freezing whirl weapon functions as a frost and icy burst weapon, but also allows its wielder to call forth a burst of cold.)
  • Lightning Slice (A lightning slice weapon functions as a shock and shocking burst weapon, but also allows its wielder to hurl a bolt of lightning a short distance.)
  • Vorpal, Variant (This variant of the classic head-severing vorpal ability functions as a keen weapon and is actually worth the cost you incur.)

Variant Rules[edit]

  • Adventurer's Skill Knack (Characters should pick up a bit of the skills they see around them, even if they don't actively practice these tricks themselves.)
  • Gestalt Style Multiclassing (A multiclassing variant that advances between 2 and 4 classes simultaneously, removing dips and multiclass patch prestige classes.)
  • Innate Spell Evolution (A retraining variant for spontaneous casters with spells known progressions.)
  • Montage Skill Retraining (Skill retraining rules to give skilled classes more flexibility so that they can prepare for more varied situations.)
  • Reactive Stealth (Revised rules for hide and move silently checks that make them success checks rather than DC setting checks.)
  • Revised Fear Effects (Rules to bring fear effects more in line with other conditions and to increase the differences between fear levels.)
  • Revised Overland Movement and Fatigue Rules (These rules are intended to better model the unfortunate truth that is fatigue while also allowing for characters to exceed their normal limits as they grow in level.)
  • Revised Pickpocketing (Pickpocketing rules that make theft more accessible, even if actually getting away with it remains difficult.)
  • Revised Riding Rules (This variant rule is designed to streamline the actions available in the ride system, and to make it scale more appropriately to more fantastic, and higher CR, mounts.)
  • Static Spell Points (A spell point system that doesn't allow novas or become more of an accounting chore as you grow in level, and comes with a set of adjustments to spellcasters to make them a bit MAD.)
  • Variant Multiclass Skill Points (This variant rule removes the imbalance in skill points that can occur if you take one class at first level instead of another.)
  • Waypoint Style Teleportation (A complete teleportation replacement that supports different narratives, and lacks some potentially abuseable elements.)

TOToM Contributions[edit]

  • Magic Missile (Unerring darts of magical force.)
  • Ray of Energy (Rays of energy shoot from your fingertips! Fire, acid, frost, and lighting are yours to command!)

Comm Opp Stuff[edit]

My Adoptions[edit]

  • Always Aware (It takes you much less time to notice things than it does for others.)
  • Grey Guardian (A paragon of defense, Grey Guardians begin their journey as able warriors with magical and martial abilities.)
  • Powerful Leader (You are surrounded by an aura of power.)

Adoption Updates[edit]

This is mostly for personal reference for when these adoptions get updated:

  • Make both of Jay's classes 2/3rd casters (bard progression-ish) instead of 1/2.
  • Make both classes ToP compatible, and add to sourcebook.
  • Make Grey Guardian more able to draw fire from groups / non-melee enemies.
  • Replace Kingsguard favored enemy mechanic with something that will see less situational use.


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