Wizard's Wand (3.5e Equipment)

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Author: The Dire Reverend (talk)
Date Created: 1/8/11
Status: Just started
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Wizard's Wand

Simple Light Melee

Cost: 35 gp
Damage (Small): 1
Damage (Medium)1: 1d2
Critical: 20/x2
Weight2: 1 lbs
Type3: Piercing
HP4: 10
Hardness: 10

1. See Damage Increases by Size to calculate the damage for a weapon larger than Medium or smaller than Small.
2. Weight figures are for Medium weapons. A Small weapon weighs half as much, and a Large weapon weighs twice as much.
3. When two types are given, the weapon is both types if the entry specifies "and", either type (player's choice at time of attack) if the entry specifies "or", or each end of the double weapon is a different type if the entry specifies "/".
4. The hp value given is for Medium armor, weapons, and shields. Divide by 2 for each size category of the item smaller than Medium, or multiply it by 2 for each size category larger than Medium.

A Wizard's Wand is a pointy stick to most people. However, in the hands of a Wand Wizard, it becomes much more. A Wand Wizard that uses spellbooks casts his spells through his wand instead of his spellbook. (Normal gold cost for scribing spells still apply). A nonmagical Wizard's Wand can hold 200 pages worth of spells. A wizard's wand can be enchanted like a regular weapon, giving a bonus to touch attacks, however, they cannot be enchanted with any special abilities. When a Wizard's Wand has an enchantment, each number gives the wand an additional 200 pages worth of space (a +1 Wizard's Wand has 400 pages, and a +2 has 600, and so on)

You can transfer all your spells from one wand to another with a ritual that takes one hour. After that hour, all the spells from the original wand are lost and are moved to the new wand (The receiving wand doesn't need to be empty). If the new wand does not have enough space, the ritual fails and the spells are kept in the original wand.

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AuthorThe Dire Reverend +
ClassMelee +
Cost35 gp +
Critical20/x2 +
Damage1d2 +
Damage TypePiercing +
Hardness10 +
Hit Points10 +
Identifier3.5e Equipment +
ProficiencySimple +
RatingUnrated +
SizeLight +
TitleWizard's Wand +
Weight1 +