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Very High Balance Feats[edit]

Accelerate SpellMetamagicCast a spell a little faster, but not too fast.None
Access Primal UtteranceGeneralYou gain access to a Primal Utterance early.Must be able to use at least one 3rd level Utterance.
Adamantine Body, TomeRacialA warforged feat which doesn't make us cry.Warforged race
Additional Element AffinityWeavingYou gain an affinity with another element.Affinity with at least one element.
Adept FlyerElementalYou are a natural flyer.(Air) subtype, Fly speed, Character level 5+
Adept MindreaderPsionicYou are an expert at reading people's mind.Must be able to manifest read thoughts
Adept of the Horological MysteriesMulticlassCombine temporal adepts with time mages for doubletime action.Time Mage 1st, Temporal Adept 1st
Adventurous WordcastingWordcastingYou're good at moving around with words.Know at least one of the following effect words: ExcelPortAlThroLift
Air DashSpelltouchedYou temporarily gain a fly speed and gain the ability to Hyperjump.Dodge, must have been subjected to fly.
Alignment HeritageMonstrousGain an alignment subtype.1st level only
Always AngryFuryYou can rage all the time — you're always angry and always ready to smash. Unless you are fatigued anyway.Greater Rage Class Feature
Amanachian SpellMetamagic, VileUse the energy of the Eater of the Divine to make an anathemic spell.ApostateEIE
Ancient SorcererGeneralYou can lengthen your casting to increase it potency. You also gain access to new spells not available to a sorcerer.Sorcerer 1st Level
Angel's BlessingExaltedYou obtain an archon's protective aura.Any good alignment, Knowledge The Planes 15 ranks
Anima DodgeGeneralYou use another ability score instead of your dexterity for your AC.None
Annoying Combat NoisesGeneral, FighterMake annoying noises in battle to distract foesFlurry of blows or Improved unarmed strike or power attack or rage class feature, Charisma 11 or perform 4 ranks
AquafiendFiendYou like the water.None
Arcane ArcherFighterYou can enhance your projectiles with spells.must be able to cast 1st level spells., Precise ShotPoint Blank Shot
Arcane MetamagicGeneralGain slots usable for metamagic.Any metamagic feat
Arcanist WarlockMulticlassInnate Spell, but for Warlock/Casters.Spellcraft 8 Ranks, ability to use least invocations, ability to cast arcane spells of 2nd level or higher, and either 1): Spell Mastery and Signature Spell (Prepared Arcane Caster), OR 2): Still Spell and Silent Spell (Spontaneous Arcane Caster)
Archon's BlessingExaltedYou obtain an archon's aura of menace.Any good alignment, Knowledge The Planes 8 ranks
Arena TrapMonstrousRadiate a dimensional anchor effect.Knowledge The Planes 10 ranks, caster level 1st
Argent AegisGeneralYour astral construct forms about you, as a silvery sheath of protection.Know the Astral Construct power.
Arrow to the KneeFighterWith a well-placed arrow to the knee, you end adventuring careers.Precise Shot, BAB +17
Ascended ProgressionGeneralIncrease the spellcasting abilities of bards, psychic warriors, and other partial spellcasting/manifesting classes significantly.Must have at least one level in a class granting partial spellcasting or manifesting (see below).
Asmodeus' InfluenceMinionYou can briefly force lesser opponents to do what you wish.Diabolic Disciple (Asmodeus)
Aspect of the Acherontia AtroposHivemaster, SymbioticYou have taken on the traits of the most bee-like of the death's-head moths, and the moths and bees that crawl across every facet of your skin, have begun to coexist, as you grow to be like them.Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Queen BeeAspect of the Death's-Head Hawkmoth
Aspect of the CaterpillarHivemasterWhile it has other potent defenses, the caterpillar is perhaps best known for its ability to wrap itself into a protective, shell-like coccoon.Aspect of the Vermin class feature
Aspect of the GlowwormHivemaster, SymbioticIt has become apparent that the caterpillars that cluster themselves on your body and even under your skin, and the fireflies that dance around you in a hypnotic swarm, are one in the same, the caterpillars merely insects known as 'glowworms'.Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the CaterpillarAspect of the Firefly
Aspect of the Honeydew AntHivemaster, SymbioticThe ants that roam freely across your infested body have learned to herd the aphids that accompany them, and thusly guide them to granting you even more strength.Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the AphidAspect of the Ant
Aspect of the LocustHivemasterYou have taken on the traits of the locust, and you and your minions will devour everything in sight, given the chance.Aspect of the Vermin class feature
Aspect of the Predator WaspHivemaster, SymbioticThe interaction between the wasps that grip your skin day and night, and the spiders that crawl repulsively across you, has led to each kingdom growing more and more violent, till they are both kingdoms of perfect killing machines.Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Tarantula WaspAspect of the Spider
Aspect of the Queen BeeHivemasterThe queen is the mother of all bees in her hive, and her flock will defend her with suicidal fervor.Aspect of the Vermin class feature
Aspect of the StinkbugHivemasterWhen disturbed, the stinkbug releases a malodorous gas that debilitates would-be predators. With your supernaturally strengthened anatomy, you can use it to become the hunter instead of the hunted.Aspect of the Vermin class feature
Aspect of the Titan BeetleHivemasterThe titan beetle is the largest insect in the world; with your power, you have attained its destructive size and strength for yourself.Aspect of the Vermin class feature
Assume Direct ControlRacialYou can swap bodies at any distance, with a willing target.Sentient Illusion
Astral Power ArmorPsionicYou summon a power armor made of an astral construct.Must be able to manifest astral construct, manifester level 7th.
Astrological SpellMetamagicWaiting for the stars to align now pays off.None
Atlas EnhancementGeneralYou ioncrease the base score of ability score to 18 and gain greaterAutohypnosis 11 ranks, Hidden Potential
Attune DomainGeneralYou incorporate the workings of a divine domain into your magic.Caster Level 1, Must follow a god or philosophy consistent with the chosen domain.
Attune SphereGeneralYou incorporate the workings of a fiendish sphere into your magic.Caster level 1, must have bled from a wound inflicted by a fiend with access to the chosen sphere.
Attune Sphere, Book of ElementsGeneralYou incorporate the workings of an elemental sphere into your magic.Caster level 1, must conduct a ritual using a piece of an elemental with access to the chosen sphere.
Augment MetamaneuverMetamaneuverUse more than one metamaneuver effect on a single maneuver at once.Three or more other Metamaneuver feats
Aura CrushGeneralYou have a powerful aura which prevent lesser foes from attacking.12 HDs, Aura Pressure or Pressure
AutolifeExaltedYou won't die, even if they kill you.Any good alignment, Craft Wondrous Item, must be able to cast resurrection
Awaken CoreDeformityThe Zonder Core is active, making you difficult to kill.Host Zonder Core, 9th level
Awesome BlowFighterThe force of your blows can send your opponents flying violently away from you.18 Str
Axe MasteryFighterYou do nice mean things with an axe.Must be proficient with some sort of axe.
Baneful TouchGeneralYou gain a touch attack which deal negative energy damage, and use it to channel strikes through it.One Bone Crown maneuver
Barracks BuilderGeneralYou can build additional Monster Crafting vats outside of your Monster Control Vault.Possess a Monster Control Vault
Becursed TransformationHexYou reverse your hexblade's curse, turning you into a cursed monster but granting you powerful abilities.Hexblade's Curse Class Feature
Bend StrikeMetamaneuverYour strike ignores some cover.Ability to initiate a Strike of 2nd level or higher
Beshadowed GateMulticlassWhen you multiclass between Gate Knight and Shadowknife certain abilities keep advancing.Gate Knight 1st, Shadowknife 1st
Bio-Energy SuffusionXenothericYou can use your bio-energy for casting spells or manifesting powers.Ability to cast spells or manifest powers.
Bio-RestorationXenothericYou use your bio-energy to restore yourself.Healing Surge
Biotic InitiateXenotheric, PsionicA mysterious human, only known as The Shepherd, ventured far away from their home galaxy at the end of a brutal war for survival. After leaving, he began to teach naturally psionic races to harness biotics, a higher level form of telekinetic control by manipulating the Dark Matter that permeates through the Universe.Int 16, 4 HD, Able of Manifest 1 Psychokinesis Power of level 1 or Higher
Biotic VanguardXenotheric, PsionicBy delving deeper into the teaching of The Shepherd, you now understand the ideals of the Vanguard. To be the forward force of your party to lead them battle with brute force and disrupting the front line of any enemies you face.6 HDCon 18, Biotic Initiate
Blessed SummoningGeneralYou summon stronger celestial creatures.Augment Summoning
Blessing of ApolloMinionApollo grant you his protection and his plagues.Favored of ApolloPrecise ShotHeal 4 Ranks
Blood ManeuverMetamaneuverUse your life essence to empower your maneuver.None
Blood PainterGeneralBy painting magical diagrams out of your own blood, you can spontaneously cast spells using only your own life energy. This is especial use to casters who prepare spells, or to casters who have run out of spells.Caster Level 5, Spellcraft 4 ranks
Blood SpellMetamagicYour blood empowers your spells.Knowledge (Arcana) 6 ranks, any other metamagic feat
Bloodline SoulswordGeneralYour Eldritch Soulsword carries even greater power now.Eldritch Soulsword
Bloodseeking SpellMetamagicYour magic draws out the blood from those it injures, making any injuries more severe.Heal 4 ranks
BloodshaperRacialYou can shape blood into weapons and objects.Grey Vampire
Bloody Wyrm Brawler StyleFighter, TacticalYou're good with Dragon Claws, so why not extent that to their big brother?Weapon Focus (Dragon Claws), Weapon Focus (Dragonblood Arms),  Combat Reflexes Claws of the Wyrm Style
Body AssemblageNecromantic CreationThe discarded husks of life are nothing more than a building material to you.Caster Level 1+, Ability to cast 1st level spells of the Necromancy school
BodybenderBendingYou can Bend flesh, blood and nerves much more fluidly than others.At least three Water bends, one of which must be Puppeteer, at least three Earth bends, one of which must be Bend Flesh; At least three Fire bends, one of which must be Electric Puppet
Bond of the LocustSymbioticYou have developed a symbiotic bond with the hordes of ravenous locust that cloud around you and grip to your infested body, pinching your skin and waiting for access to the next plant to devour, and you have started to take their traits for yourself, until you yourself can be described as a plague.Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Locust.
Bond of the Queen BeeSymbioticYou have formed a bond with the thousands of bees that hum under your skin continually, and have started to form a symbiosis, sharing an unsettling number of traits with them.Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Queen Bee.
Bond of the Tarantula WaspSymbioticYou have developed an unsettlingly tight bond with buzzing wasps that you have spent your life with, and have actually begun to take on their very traits.Aspect of the Vermin class feature, Aspect of the Tarantula Wasp.
Boneblade MasterGeneralYou have mastered the alchemic processes needed to create boneblades, as well as their use in combat.Craft (Alchemy) 4 ranks, Craft (Scrimshaw) 4 ranks
Born InvokerJobYou have the inherent ability to use invocations.Cha 17+, must not have levels in Warlock or other Invocation-granting class, 1st level Only
Born SorcererGeneralEven if you never become a real sorcerer, the arcane talent remains yours.1st level only, Cha 15
Born WizardGeneralEven if you never become a real wizard, the arcane talent remains yours.1st level only, Int 15
Brain DrainPsionicDrink power points like Amy Winehouse drinks the sauce.Wildest Talents
Brainwashing MindbreakerGeneralYou dominate those you mindbreak, and if it would render them insane you seize control of their mind.Gaze of Madness, Character Level 7th
Breath of the DragonDraconicThe blood of dragons flows within you. You gain various dragon themed powers.Sorcerer level 1st
Brew ArchpotionItem CreationYou can infuse more than one spell into a potion, for longer durations, but at a greater cost.Brew PotionKnowledge (arcana) 16 ranks, Spellcraft 16 ranks.
Brimstone SpellMetamagicBurn your evil foes with this fireone metamagic feat known, ability to cast spells with the fire descriptor, caster must be non evil, spellcraft 9 ranks
Broad Practice, Very HighFighterWhen you level up you gain ability score quickly and they apply to multiple ability scores.None
Broaden Spell ListGeneralYou add spells from another spell list to your own spell list.Able to cast spells.
Brutal WestlerMetamaneuverWhat's left if weapons don't work? Use raw Strength.Power attack, Base Attack Bonus +6, Strength 18+
Buddha's Palm, VariantFighter, MonkYou have unlocked the powerful Buddha's Palm technique.Stunning Fist
Burst ThroughFighterWhen you overrun somebody, it's really, really painful.Str 13, Power AttackImproved Overrun, base attack bonus +4, must be Tiny or larger.
Called ShotFighter, TacticalMake called shot for save or suck.Bab +3, must have at least one class level in a class that grants full attack bonus progression.
CarrierFiendYou are a carrier of a dangerous disease, though you are immune to its effects.Must have one level of a Fiend class.
Cast Blood RuneGeneralCast a spell without using a spell slot or spell per day, but at the cost of time and constitution burn.Caster Level 5, Spellcraft 4 ranks
Cast In HandsMetamagic, RacialYou can use your many floating hands to cast more than one spell at once. Signcaster Hands Aghast racial ability (2 hands or more)
Caster TrainingMulticlassChoose a prestige class which does not give full spellcasting progression (or none at all), it now gives full or partial progression.Caster level 5.
Catastrophic CacophonyGeneralYour sonic abilities echoes with the power of pandemonium.None
Celestial AncestryGeneralOne of your recent ancestors mated with a celestial creature, and now the blood of some Upper Planar creature flows in your veins. This gives you some benefits.None
Chain Bikini ChickFighter"And her special ability is somehow not dying while only wearing less than half the armour of the other guys."Cha 15, Female
Chakra DisablerFighter, MonkYou hit people in their nerves and chakras, making them go limp.Improved Unarmed StrikeWeapon Focus: Unarmed StrikeHeal 8 ranks, Autohypnosis 8 ranks
Champion's GuidanceGeneralYou are able to communicate with past divine champions, gaining their insight.Divine Champion
Channeled Eldritch BlastGeneralYou have learned to charge your Eldritch Blast to greater effect.Eldritch Blast +1d6
Chaos WarpGeneralYou can step through reality into another, but you do so at your own risk...Caster level 10th, Knowledge (The Planes) 8 ranks, Cha 13
Charged Item SpecialistGeneralGet extra uses out of a single chosen magic item per day.Use Magic Device 5 Ranks
Child of NightGeneralGives blur when not in full daylight.Character level 5th
Chilling PerformanceGeneralLiterally chill foes with your performanceBardic music ability, know two spells that deal cold damage, perform 15 ranks
Classical ProgressionMulticlassYou keep advancing the abilities of one of your base class using your character level instead of class level.Must have 3 levels in a base class.
Clear the Room, GreaterFighterYour farts are horribleYou have a gas problem, Clear the Room, Improved Clear the Room, Base Attack Bonus +6
Clear the Room, ImprovedFighterYour gas problem has gotten even nastierYou have a gas problem, Clear the Room, Base Attack Bonus +3
Silent, but DeadlyFighterThe name says it allyou have a gas problem, Clear the Room, Improved Clear the Room, Greater Clear the Room, Base Attack Bonus +10
Cloud RiderReserveYou can summon a magical cloud which grant you a fly speed.Must be able to cast 3rd level spells.
Colourful Flag, ImprovedGeneralImprovements to numeric effects of Colourful Flag.Colourful Flag, 3th level.
Combat CrafterGeneralYou make things fast enough to do it in combat.Possess a Total Gadget Value score greater than 0.
Combat ExploitFighterNow I can use ExploitsFighter Level 2
Combustible SpellGeneralAlways set fire to foesSpellcraft 12 ranks, 4 fire spells known, caster ability score 15
Compact SizeGeneralYou are smaller than normal for your race, but your more compact form make up for the loss or reach with increased strength and stoutness.1st Level Only, Large Size or Larger
Concussive BlowFighterGive concussions to foes.15 StrengthPower Attack or Point Blank Shot, BAB +8, proficiency in a bludgeoning weapon
Construct PokémonPokémasterYou caught a Golem!Ability to control Pokémon of CR 20.
Control SpawnUndeadYour victims serve you eternally in death.None
Coronach SongGeneralDestroy the undead with a song, kill the dyingPerform 13 ranks, bardic music class feature, Charisma 15
CounterattackFighter, MonkWhen you're attacked, there is a small chance you attack back!BAB +6 or Monk level 6, Combat Reflexes
CounterstrokeFighterMake attacks of opportunity when others miss you.BAB +6, Combat ReflexesLightning Reflexes
Craft Arcane DeviceItem CreationYou are able to create powerful arcane devices.Caster level 9th or Use Magic Item 12 ranks
Craft ConsumablesItem CreationYou are able to create all kind of consumables items.Caster level 1st or Use Magic Item 4 ranks
Craft Truespeech ItemItem CreationAllows you to craft truespeech items.Truespeech class feature
Craft TurretItem CreationYou can enhance siege weapons, and create quick-use turrets.Craft Construct, Craft Technology 8 ranks or Knowledge Engineering 8 ranks
Craft Wondrous ArtificeItem CreationYou are able to create items of great powers.Caster level 3rd or Use Magic Device 6 ranks
Creation Ex XenoXenothericCan't make something out of nothing, unless you're an alien or something...Con 18, Craft Xeno-Alchemy 5 ranks
Crippling PokerFighter, TacticalYou hit people in major organs instead of just bruising them to death.Must be able to make unarmed attacks, Sleight of Hand 6 ranks, Heal 6 ranks
Critical CareGeneralRaise the recently dead with Heal.Medical Knowledge, Heal 8 ranks
Cruel FateGeneralYour Lucky One Luck Bonus can be turned upon your enemies, making them fail miserably.Luck Bonus +1
Cult SpellMetamagicSoon, people will understand why you let peasants in deep robes follow you around everywhere.None
Curse of SpiteUndeadYou hatred survive even in death and curses others.5 HD
Dancing and Stabbing WizardGeneralThe fluidity of your murderous stabs blend with the somatic components of your spells so well, it's like you've choreographed it.Dancing Wizard
Dark HandGeneralYou enhance one of your hand with a dark power, granting you dire abilities.Must be able to use a Undead Touch Attack or cast vampiric touch
Dark HexHexYou make enemies you curse much more susceptible to your attacks.Hexblade's Curse
Dark SoulGeneralYou gain many traits of the undead but can never become one.Tomb-Tainted SoulLbM
Deadly RiposteGeneralYou have trained extensively in exploiting an ineffective enemies opening in combat.DodgeImproved Initiative, Death Blow, Tumble 5 ranks, Escape Artist 5 ranks
Deep BreathMonstrousYou can take a deep breath to make a very destructive breath weaponDragon Race, Breath Weapon, Character level 8+
Deep MindPsionicYou have more power known and power points.1st level Only
Definitive DisassemblyGeneralYou can destroy a machine with a single, precise blow.Knowledge (Engineering) 11 Ranks
Deformity, FacelessVile, DeformityYou lack a face, and where it would be, is instead a blank, featureless plane, devoid of emotion.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVD
Deformity, FrozenVile, DeformityYour body is as cold as ice, muscles and ligaments stiff with frost and your heart stuttering around ice crystals, as the icy cold blossoms out around you.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVD
Deformity, LiefeldDeformity, VileYour body contorts into a twisted mockery of human proportions.Willing DeformityBoVD or the Badly Drawn flaw
Deft ShotFighterTake 10 on ranged attacks.BAB +4, Spot 4 ranks
Deft SwingFighterTake 10 on melee attacks.BAB +4, Spot 4 ranks
Devil PreparationGeneralBy learning dark culinary techniques, you have learned to consume the flesh of devils, demons, and other infernals, absorbing their taint and some of their power.Character Level 10, Must have eaten the flesh of a Devil or Demon
Devilbond PyromancerGeneralYou are a pyromaniac with sinister power.Capable of using least ignitions, must not have the fire-bound warlock feat.
Dire VimGeneralWhen very low on health, hit harderDanger Vim, 18 constitution, 18 strength or dexterity
Disciple of the DarkVileYou gain phenomenal dark evil powers by drawingBlack Disciple or Dark Brand
Disciplined CleaveFighterUse a martial strike during an extra cleave attack.BAB +6, One martial strike, Power AttackCleave
Disciplined TripFighterUse a martial strike during a trip attempt.BAB +3, One martial strike, Improved Trip
Dispater's SheenMinionYour skin takes on a glistening metallic luster, a barrier capable of protecting you from harm.Diabolic Disciple (Dispater)
Divine ChampionGeneralYou are the chosen one of a deity, gaining the ability to call upon your patron's power and being generally more attuned to your deity's portfolio.True BelieverMiC
Divine ContainmentEpicSometimes, you gotta take 'em down a notch. Capture, kill, or just to teach a lesson, you know how to make immortals stay put.Spark Snuffer
Divine StalkerMulticlassYou have learned to meld together your sacred skills with those of the hidden blade to make yourself a truly terrible opponent.Sneak Attack +2d6, Turn Undead
Dominating EgoGeneralWhen it comes to ego battles, you always come out on top.Base Will +5
Dominions of the InfernalGeneralWhen you call, armies of those you have defeated are forced to answer in service.Must have the signature summon ability of the great Fiendish Houses, must have a Leadership score
Double TeamPokémasterThe secrets of Double Battling are yours to know, and theirs to find out the hard way.Ability to control Pokémon of CR 20.
Double Weapon SpecialistFighter, TacticalYou are able to use double weapons to their fullest potential.Two-Weapon Fighting, proficiency in a double weapon.
Dragonblood ProdigyMulticlassYou can multiclass with sorcerer without completely boning yourself.Sorcerer 1st
Dragonblooded PsionPsionicYour psionic powers are empowered by your dragon blood.Manifester level 1st, must have the dragonblood subtype
Dual OriginGeneralYou have access to a secondary Bloodline or Mystery.1st Level, must have Access to a Bloodline or Mystery
Dualist MageMulticlassYou can combine different divine and arcane when going into a prestige class.Must able to cast 2nd level arcane spells and 2nd level divine spell
Ecto Cooler FillingUndeadYou gain a breath weapon (and death throes) that sickens and nauseates.Undead Type, Psionic power points or Incorporeal subtype
Efficient Monster CrafterGeneralYou make Monsters more cheaply than normal.Possess a Monster Control Vault
Eidolon IdolaterGeneralYou have access to multiple eidolon instead of a single eidolon.Eidolon Class Feature, Character Level 1st
Eldritch ApotheosisGeneralYour invocations become supernatural abilities.8 invocations known, Charisma 17, Spellcraft 12 ranks, Eldritch Blast 7d6
Eldritch FlurryGeneralYour ability to fire eldritch blasts increases, allowing you rapid fire.Base attack bonus +6, Eldritch Glaive, Eldritch Blood
Eldritch MixerGeneralYou can mix up various essences into your eldritch blast.Access Lesser Invocation and at least two Least Eldritch Essences
Electrical TormentGeneralYour lightning is extremely painful and can be used in excruciating but nonlethal bursts.Must be able to cast a spell or spell-like ability (or manifest a power or psi-like ability) with [electricity] descriptor of 2nd level or higher.
ElectrocuteGeneralYou deal more electricity damage than normal and cause jittering and paralysis in enemies.None
Element-Binding CraftGeneralYou have found the secrets to force an elemental into a magic item and steal its power.Three or more Item Creation feats, ability to cast Lesser Planar Binding.
Elemental AvatarElemental, RacialYou gain the full Elemental type.Hardiness of the Elements
Elemental HeritageMonstrousGain an elemental subtype.1st level only
Elemental MasteryGeneralChoose an energy type, learn additional spell with that energy descriptor and deal more damage with them.1st level only, must be able to cast spell.
Elemental SurgeGeneralYou can attune yourself to the elements, allowing you to empower your elemental spells.Must be able to cast a 1st level spell or spell-like ability.
Emergency HealthReservesometimes Expeditious Retreat isn't enoughAbjuration spell of 3rd level or higher
Energy VisionXenothericYou are able to fire rays of energy from your eyes.Con 19+
Enervating TouchUndeadYour undead nature allows you to drain the life out of living victims.None
Enlarge PhraseMetaphraseSpeak the phrase from farther away.Truespeech class feature, Truespeech 7 ranks.
Epic Pokémon ControlPokémasterWhen a Master Ball just isn't enough.Ability to control Pokémon of CR 20.
Epic Pokémon MasteryPokémasterYou're the best of the best, as long as it's with Bug-types. Otherwise, not so much.Subtype Mastery Class Ability with any subtype.
EsurienceGeneralTake penalties to starvation checks for more damageMust be required to eat and be able to eat, sneak attack class feature
Eternal InheritorLegacy, MulticlassYou, young elf, have inherited the weapon of a great elven warrior of an order known as the Eternal Blades. Legacy Apparition class feature, Blade Guide class feature, Elf
Eternal ThoughtMetapsionicThe idea of making things last forever appeals to you.Know a power that has a duration.
Evil Ghost PossessionGeneralYou turn all Enchantment (Compulsion) spells you cast into Necromancy spells.Must be able to cast a Enchantment (Compulsion) spell of 1st level or higher
Evil Spirit HunterGeneralYou extended the list of creature you hunt to fey and evil outsider.Ghost-Hunting Technique or Favored Enemy (Undead)
Evocative WordcastingWordcastingThis quadratic damage boost should help you deal with those quadratic health enemies.Know at least one of the following effect words: PyrLekForchSaunAciKolDethLyf
Exalted AssassinAmbush, ExaltedMake your opponents physically blind as they are spiritually blind.Any good alignment, Sneak attack +4d6
Exalted Spell LearningExaltedLearn a new [Good] spell.Must be able to cast spells
Exceptional AimFighterYou can spend a swift action to make sure you hit your target.Fighter 4th
Executioner's StrikeGeneralYou can outright slay foes who are unaware of your presence.Sneak Attack +1d6,  Telling Blow feat, Hide 6 ranks.
Exotic Broaden Spell ListGeneralYou can select spells from weird spell lists.Broaden Spell List
Exotic CompanionGeneralYour animal companion can now be just about anything.Beastmaster class feature.
Exotic DragonMonstrousYou are not a usual kind of dragon, and have a weird breath weapon.Dragon Race
Expanded LexiconGeneralYou learn another truespeech phrase.Truespeech class feature
Expert AssaultFighterYou have been seasoned by fighting in the most hellish of places. You have fought against entire endless armies, went hand to hand against incarnations of war itself, and been taught by grizzled veterans of ancient wars long past. You have practiced in the art of war a thousand ways, and have honed your skill beyond that of a normal warrior, and have become an expert of the ways of battle, and how to cut down your foes.Proficiency with all martial weaponsBAB +9
Extend BoostMetamaneuverDouble the duration of a Boost.Ability to initiate any Boost maneuver.
Extend PhraseMetaphraseThe phrase lasts longer.Truespeech class feature, Truespeech 7 ranks.
Extra ArmsFiendYou have more arms than normal.Character level 6 (per extra pair)
Extra Arms, Book of ElementsElementalYou have more arms than normal.Character level 9+
Extra BodyshiftGeneralYou gain an additional bodyshift known and a minor bonus on it.Bodyshifter 1st
Extra Shift PointsGeneralYou gain more shift points.Bodyshifter 1st
Extra SignatureGeneralYou sign another Deed.Be able to perform at least one Deed
Extra Spells KnownGeneralGain one extra spell known per level.1st level only
Extra Spells Per DayGeneralYou gain one extra spell per day for each spell level.Caster level 1st
Extraordinary MageMulticlassYou share your levels in your "mage" classesAt least three levels in a "mage" class (FireElectricAcidKnowledgeBloodcloudGreen)
Eyes of the PhoenixMantra, PsionicYou create several little flames around you, which you can fire at people or see through.Manifester level 8th, Psionic Meditation
Fairy EaterGeneralBy consuming the flesh of fairies, you have absorbed a fraction of their magic.A Feast Unknown, Must have consumed the flesh of a creature with the fey type
Familiar SwarmGeneralWhat's better than a rat familiar? How about a million of them?A familiar.
Familiar-Blooded SpellMetamagicYou can sacrifice your familiar to empower your spell, spell-like ability or supernatural ability.Spellcraft 9 ranks, must have a familiar.
Favor of NyxPsionicYou are personally favored by the Goddess of the Night and granted her lightningsManifester level 11th.
Favored DodgeGeneralYou gain a 20% miss chance against your favored enemy, reach 50% when your favored enemy reach +6.Favored Enemy Class Feature
Favored Summon, VariantMetamagicYour summoned creatures gains additional benefits at the cost of quantityAbility to summon creatures via a Conjuration (summoning) spell, Augment Summoning.
Favored by a KingseekerMinionYou are favored by a unique kind of spirit that seek sovereign.Must be nobility or descended from a great monarch.
Feed the Dark GodsNecromantic CreationYou have attracted the attention of dark gods and demon lords, and they are willing to grant dark life to your creations in exchange for pain and power.Any two Necromantic feats, Character Level 7, 10 ranks in Knowledge (Religion)
Fell StrikeGeneraladd Eldritch Blast damage to your martial strikeshideous blow or hideous shot least invocation, 1 strike maneuver or maneuver-like ability
Fey GlareRacialYou gain the supernatural ability to blind or stun targets with a look.Fey Type
Fey PokémonPokémasterThe power of nature is in your hand.Ability to control Pokémon of CR 20, must have evolved a Plant type Pokémon.
Fiendish HeritageTomeYour ancestors came from the lower planes. That makes you that much more awesome.Nongood alignment.
Fiendish InvisibilityFiendYou cannot be seenCharacter level 6
Find the GapFighterThe first attack you make in a round ignore armor and shield bonus to AC and reduce natural armor.Bab +11, Power Attack
Fire-Bond WarlockGeneralYou are a warlock with fiery power.Able to use least invocation, must not have the devilbond pyromancer feat.
Flame DancerReserve, Spelltouched, TacticalThey say you're one hot dancer, but you know you're just on fire tonight.Fiery Burst (Complete Mage),  Controlled Immolation Improved Controlled Immolation, Must have used your Fiery Burst to set yourself on fire.
Flame JetsGeneralYou improve the rocket charge ability, increasing your speed and ignoring difficult terrain when running or charging. You are able to gain a fly speed as long as your hands are unoccupied.Flare Buster's Rocket Charge class feature
Flexible InvocationGeneralgain an invocation you can exchange for anotherinvocation class feature
Flowing Style CounterMonkRather than step away you may strike at your foe.Monk 3rd, Combat ReflexesFlowing Style Monk
Flowing Style MonkMonkYour monastery taught you to be light and agile in combat.Monk 1st
Fog StalkerReserveYou can see through fog effects you created.Ability to cast 2nd level spells.
Force SubstitutionMetamagicYou alter an energy spell into a [force] spell.Any other metamagic featKnowledge (arcana) 5 ranks.
Forsaken BarrierCurseYou have a powerful forcefield around yourself, but your actual body is quite weak.One other [Curse] feat.
Fortunate SonLuckDeeply expand the usability of your luck rerolls.Gambler 10 Levels, Profession (Gambling) 13 Ranks
Frankenstein MonsterNecromantic CreationIt ALIVE! It ALIVE!Variant Body Assemblage or other ability to use animate dead innately
Free PowerMetapsionicManifest a power as a free action usable outside of your turn and concentrate on it as a free action.Manifester Level 11th, Quicken Power
Frost WardenReserve, Spelltouched, TacticalThey say you're as cold as ice... They're not wrong.Winter's Blast (Complete Mage),  Polar Chill Improved Polar Chill, Must have used your Winter's Blast on a target that fell prone because of your Polar Chill.
GaleforceFighterGain an extra standard action after downing a foe.Cleave, BAB 11+
Gate InvokerGeneralYou are able to call upon other powers as a Gate Knight.1st level Gate Knight
Gatling SpellMetamagicBy focusing your power, you can cast spells in quick succession.None
Gaze Into MadnessDeformity, VileYou put out your eyes, but still you can only see mad visions of the future to come.Evil Alignment, Willing DeformityBoVD, 5 HD, 2 Vile or Deformity feats, You must put out both your eyes
Genetic EngineeringGeneralYou learned the art of genetic engineering from your studies of the Elder Things.Knowledge (Xeno) 15 ranks, Forbidden KnowledgeDark Insight 5
Gentle Fist StyleFighter, MonkDon't let him touch you!Improved Unarmed Strike and BAB +4, or Mystic Eyes: White Eyes of the Divine
GeomancySpelltouchedForm a magic circle which enhances magic.Caster level 3rd, Knowledge Geography 6 ranks, exposure to an [Air], [Earth], [Fire], and [Water] spell
Gestalt TrainingGeneralYou are gestalt with an NPC class.None
Ghastly HideUndeadGain DR and use your undead touch against foe which attack you unarmed.Unliving Hide
Ghost Cut TechniqueGeneralStudy of the ephemeral essence of incorporeal undead has taught you combat techniques that transcend the limitations of the flesh.Whispers of the Otherworld
Ghost of Misdeeds PastUndeadYou can change someone's life with a clever curse.9 HD, Ghost or Geist
Ghostly ReachUndeadYour touch attacks gain terrifying reach.incorporeal undead, 9HD
GhostwalkerMulticlassYou've combined your Riftwalker and Cryptic training.Baleful Rift +1 [W], Unraveling Strike +1, Knowledge (The Planes) 7 ranks, Knowledge (Psionics) 7 ranks.
God's GraceGeneralYou have been blessed by the gods and you can easily show for it.This feat can only be taken at character creation.
Golden Psychic PotentialPsionic, RacialAs a Golden One, you can tap into your incredible psionic potential.Must be a Golden One.
Graft FleshItem CreationYou take bits from one creature and add it to others.Character level 3rd, must be instructed by another creature with this feat
Grasp of the MindflayerPsionicYou gain the ability to manifest in a grapple, and manifest while attempting to pin a creature.Illithid or Illithid HeritageCP
Gravatic ChargeXenothericYou can lay Eggs! Only instead of eggs, it's semi-formed rifts between planes that go BOOM!Constitution 15
Gravatic NodeXenothericBy controlling your DNA which grants you your Gravatic Charge ability, you can make gravity cry even more.Con 17, Gravatic Charge
GravitomancerTacticalYou have mastered enough of unseen shackles to be able to manipulate gravity itself.Two Unseen Shackles maneuvers, Gravity Wielderknowledge (math & physic) 8 ranks
Gravity WielderFighterYou use your Intelligence instead of your Dexterity when using Unseen Shackles's ranged touch attack.Must know three or more Unseen Shackles maneuvers
Greater HotheadFuryNow you've made me angry!Improved Hothead, character level 15
Greater Mark of the Ska'drinRacialYour racial Ska'drin mark improves again, building upon your ancient, innate power. Ska'drin Improved Mark of the Ska'drin, 10 HD.
White Eyes of the DivineHeritageSpot 14 ranks, Mystic Eyes: White Eyes of the DivineMystic Eyes: White Eyes of the Divine, Improved
Greater Ocular LaserSpelltouchedYour Ocular Laser grow in power.Ocular Laser
Greater Practiced SpellcasterGeneralPracticed SpellcasterCAImproved Practiced Spellcaster
Greater Rapid ShotFighterYou make a lot of extra attacks with Rapid Shot.Rapid Shot, Bab +11
Greater Shiba ScreamRacialYour Shiba Scream practically bursts ear drumsBAB +16, Improved Shiba Scream (3.5e Feat), Canin, Shiba Scream (3.5e Feat)
Greater Spell Focus, VariantGeneralYou increase the DC and caster level of a school augmented by spell focus by +1.Variant Spell Focus
Greater StareGeneralYou have an additional Mesmeric Stare and the range of your Mentalist Stare increase.Mesmeric Stare Class Feature
Greater Structural IntegrityRacialIncrease Structural Integrity by 3.Replicant
Greater Sudden BlowFighterGreater Celerity, for fighters.Dex 13, Fighter Level 12th, Lesser Sudden BlowSudden Blow
Greater Versatile SpellcasterGeneralThree 1st-level spell slots, when added together, equal Fireball. Boom.Versatile Spellcaster,  Improved Versatile Spellcaster, any two Metamagic feats, Spellcraft 12 ranks
Greatreach ManeuverMetamaneuverYou can use a maneuver from farther away.Ability to initiate any touch-range or melee-range maneuver.
Greatshield MasterFighter, TacticalYou are extremely proficient when using a greatshield.Improved Shield Bash, Tower Shield Proficiency
Greenblood RageFury, RacialYou can take an extra standard action when you rage.Orc Subtype, Barbarian's Rage class feature
Greenbound Summoning, VariantGeneralA variant of the very powerful greenbound summoning feat.Verdant SummoningKnowledge (Nature) 9 ranks
Gremlin AuraMonstrousYou have a strange aura of misfortune around you, which cause strange an unusual events.Fey Type
Gunchuck Gun FuFighter, TacticalYou've mastered the use of gunchucks, and can become a whirling storm of pain.Weapon Focus (Gunchuck or Bladed Gunchuck),  Two-Weapon Fighting or variant
Harbinger of UndeathMinion, VileYou can raise the dead with the powerBab +6, Black Disciple or Dark Brand (deity or elder evil of undeath) or Thrall to Demon (Orcus)
Heavenly DessertsGeneralBy gorging on the sweet flesh of angels, you have digested a portion of their divine essence.Character Level 10, Must have eaten the flesh of an Angel, Archon, A Feast Unknown, Eldarin, or Deva
Heavy ClockworkGeneralYou have a clockwork power armor, which boost your armor bonus and strength, but it become a heavy armor.Clockwork Knight Armor
Heir of the StormGeneralYour ancient mitahnese lineage grants you access to [air] and [electricity] spells from the druid spell list and you wield them strongly.Mitahnese Human race, arcane caster 1st.
Hellflare BreathMonstrousYou can supercharge your breath at the cost of your health.Must possess a breath weapon which deal damage.
Hero Of LegendMulticlassYou've chosen to write your own legends - Autobiography of a Hero.Bardic Music (Inspire Competence), Inspire Courage +1, Lay On Hands, Aura of Courage, Smite Alignment 1/day, Perform 6 Ranks, Heal 6 Ranks, Diplomacy 9 Ranks, Concentration 9 Ranks
Hexing Doll MakerTacticalYou create a doll of someone and shenanigan ensue!Craft (Dollmaking) 4 ranks, must be able to use invocations or hexblade curse., Knowledge (Arcana) 9 ranks
High Magical PotentialGeneralYou are a cut above the rest when it come to magical talents.1st Level Only
High Psionic KnowledgePsionicYou are very knowledgeable when it come to powers.Manifester level 1st
High WarlockGeneralYou gain additional invocations and your abyssal blast/eldritch blastDragonfire Adept, Warlock or Abyssal Warlock 1st level, Incantator
Holy BonekeeperExaltedYou use the bone of a saint as some kind of mystical wand.Must be able to cast divine spell with a holy symbol.
Homeworld BoundGeneralYour Monster Control Vault can fly and has a hyper drive.Possess a Monster Control Vault with at least 30 10' cubes of deployed space.
Horrid TouchUndeadYour cause severe status effect.7 HD, Improved Pale TouchPale Touch
Horsebreaking CleaveFighterWhen wielding a Horsebreaker (3.5e Equipment), you can cut through a horse and its rider in one stroke.Power AttackCleaveHorsebreaker Training (3.5e Feat)Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Horsebreaker), BAB +5, Weapon Focus (Horsebreaker (3.5e Equipment))and Strength 23
Horsebreaking Cleave, ImprovedFighterYou can now truly cut through both a horse and its rider with one strikePower AttackCleaveExotic Weapon Proficiency (Horsebreaker), Horsebreaker TrainingHorsebreaking Cleave, BAB +9, Weapon Focus (Horsebreaker), Weapon Specialization (Horsebreaker (3.5e Equipment))and Strength 25
Horsebreaking Great CleaveFighterAfter cutting through a horse and its rider, you can continue the Horsebreaking Cleave onto a second rider or another nearby mount and its rider.Power AttackCleaveGreat CleaveHorsebreaker TrainingExotic Weapon Proficiency (Horsebreaker), Weapon Focus (Horsebreaker), BAB +12, Greater Weapon Focus (Horsebreaker), Weapon Specialization (Horsebreaker)Horsebreaking Cleave (3.5e Feat), Strength 25, Improved Horsebreaking Cleave
Huge SizeFiendYour size increases to HugeCharacter level 10
Huge Size, Book of ElementsElementalYour size increases to HugeCharacter level 10
Hurricane Surge BlastMonkCreate blasts of winds by using stunning fist attempts.Stunning Fist, Monk 3rd
Hurtling HitterFighterYour limbs aren't too busy while you're running fast to dish out a bit of pain.Must be able to make unarmed attacks
Hybrid BloodlineGeneralYour powers come from a mixed bloodline.1st level only, must have a warlock bloodline.
HydrationMonstrousWhile in water, you have your status effects washes away.[Water] subtype.
IcewalkerGeneralYou can not only walk on icy surfaces with no problems, you can leave ice in your wake.None
Imbue ArrowSpellcastingYou can put your spells into arrows and have them go off where you shoot them.None
Imbue SpellgraftItem CreationA feat that lets you imbue others with Spellgrafts.Caster level 5th,  Craft Wondrous Item AND one of: Silent Spell and Still Spell OR Sudden Silent and Sudden Still
Immense StrengthGeneralYou gain powerful build and reach of a large creature while wielding large weapons.Medium Size, Strength 23+, Monkey GripCW
Immortal CellsGeneralYou are nearly immortal, no longer needed to eat or breath and gaining a powerful regeneration.Regenerative Cells
Impressive WordcastingWordcastingYour spells may not do more to any given target, but they sure are big.Know at least one of the following modifier words: LongWydCharg
Improved Attack BonusGeneralIncrease the BAB progression of a class by 1 step.Proficiency in all martial weapons or one exotic weapon
Improved ChannelingGeneralYou can channel faster than others.Must be able to cast spells.
Improved EcholocationGeneralI hear you.SonarEcholocation, Skill Focus (Listen), Listen 13 ranks
Improved Exotic Breath WeaponMonstrousYour breath weapon has the signature effects of dragons of your kindExotic Dragon, Character Level 6+
Improved HotheadFuryDon't make me angry!Hothead, character level 9
Improved Magically AloftSpelltouchedYou gain the power of flight!6 HDs, Magically Aloft
Improved Mark of the Ska'drinRacialYour racial Ska'drin mark improves, building upon your ancient, innate power. Ska'drin, 5 HD.
White Eyes of the DivineHeritageMystic Eyes: White Eyes of the Divine, 6HD
Improved Personal InvisibilitySpelltouchedYou are constantly naturally invisible.Personal Invisibility, 9 HD
Improved Piercing Eldritch BlastGeneralIgnore energy resistancePiercing Eldritch Blast, 15 ranks in spellcraft, concentration, knowledge(Arcana)
Improved Practiced ManifesterGeneralGain some of the powers known you've missed out on by multiclassing.Practiced ManifesterCP
Improved Practiced SpellcasterGeneralPracticed Spellcaster gave you back lost caster levels, now get back lost spells too.Practiced SpellcasterCA
Improved Racial Hit DiceGeneralYour racial hit dice are a lot better than normal.Must possess at least one racial hit dice
Improved Regenerative CellsGeneralYour Regeneration 0 evolves into Regeneration 16HD, Regenerative Cells
Improved Retribution StrikeFighter, GeneralHit more enemies that missRetribution Strike, must have three of listed feats:Dodge, Great Cleave, Acrobatic, combat expertise, Combat Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Agile, 15 dex or 17 int or 17 wis
Improved Timeless BodyGeneralYou no longer die from old age, become immune to negative energy and automatically come back to life if your body is in good condition.Timeless Body
Improved Undead GraftTacticalGrant some improvement on the pale master's undead graft.Undead Graft (Weakening) Class Feature
Improved Versatile SpellcasterGeneralYou can consume lower-level spells to power your metamagic.Ability to spontaneously cast spells, Versatile Spellcaster (Races Of The Dragon, p. 101), any metamagic feat
Incarnum HerculesIncarnumThis feat allow you to invest Incarnum to make increase your Strength score.Con 15, Meldshaper Level 4th
IncinerateGeneralYou deal more fire damage than normal and cause spontaneous combustion.None
Increase SizeMonstrousYou grow one size category larger.5 HD, Construct TypeGiant TypeMagical Beast Type or Outsider Type
Increased Vault SupremacyGeneralYour walking vault just got stronger.Supreme Commander
InexorableGeneralNo one avoids your attacks, no matter how nimble they are.6HD
Infinite ChargerFighterYour charge is not limited by your speed.BAB +9
Infinite SpellMetamagicA spell becomes reusable until you next prepare spells (+4 slots)None
Infinity and BeyondMetapsionicWhy affect only half a room when you can affect the whole country?Manifester level 11
Infinity and Beyond, VariantMetapsionicYou grant your power unlimited range and/or allow it to affect ridiculously large area.Manifester Level 15th
Influence of the EntityPsionicYou call upon the power of the Entity to manipulate the false world you created to make the creatures that fell under it your thralls.Must be able to manifest microcosmpower of the entity and psychic thesis (microcosm) feats.
Inherent SorceryGeneralYou gain some powerful magical powers.Magically Gifted, 6 Hit Dice
InsightPsionicYou are able to see incoming attack coming, allowing you to deftly dodge out of the way.BAB +5 or Psicraft 8 Ranks
Insight of RishtaVileYou are able to read other creature's desire and darker thoughts.Dark Brand (Rishta, Mistress of Impure Thoughts)
Instantaneous JauntingReserveYou are able to teleport small and moderate distances fairly often.Must be able to cast spells from the [Teleportation] subschool
Instantaneous ManifestationGeneralYou can summon your phantom out of your consciousness as a standard action for 1 round.Phantom class featurePathfinder
Instantaneous QuickeningSpelltouchedWhile under the effect of haste you can go much faster than normal.7 HD, Exposure to the haste spell.
Intense FocusCombat Form, FighterScrew with the action economy while maintaining combat focus.Combat Focus and 4 other combat form feats.
Intense SufferingGeneralYou cause mindbreaking pain with your hypnotic suffering class feature.Hypnotic Suffering Class Feature, Mentalist 7th
Interwoven SpellMetamagicYou can weave two spells together and have them affect a similar area. Add a touch spell to a ray, and so forth.Any two metamagic feats, ability to cast 2nd-level spells, Spellcraft 8 ranks.
Intimidating HorsebreakFighterEnemies find your skill with a Horsebreaker unnervingStrength 23, Exotic Weapon Proficience:HorsebreakerHorsebreaker Training (3.5e Feat)Weapon Focus:HorsebreakerPower AttackCleaveHorsebreaking Cleave (3.5e Feat)
Invert WeaveWeavingYou make your weave imperceptible to others.Sleight of Hand 7 ranks
Invincible StanceFighterYou gain temporary hit points based on your base attack bonus and can use them to negate enemy spells or abilities.Fighter level 6th
Item EaterGeneralNot only do you eat people, but you eat items too.1 Least Shift
Jade Phoenix InheritorLegacy, MulticlassYou have inherited the weapon of an arcane warrior, one of the thirteen Jade Phoenix Magi, because you are the current incarnation of that Mage. Legacy Apparition class feature, Mystic Phoenix Stance
Jaws of the Feral BeastRacial, FighterYou have developed your bite to truly devastating levelsCanin, BAB +15, Mighty Jaws (3.5e Feat)Masterwork Bite (3.5e Feat) or Masterwork Body (3.5e Feat)Improved Natural Attack
Kind FateGeneralYour Lucky One Luck Bonus can be turned upon your allies so they succeed admirably, making your own character look even more useless.Luck Bonus +1
Kingly VoiceHeritageYou have the blood of an ancient and powerful gang running through your vein, this manifest with your powerful and commanding voice. If you are a sorcerer you gain additional spell known from your bloodline.1st Level Only, Cha 15+
Knockout PunchingFighterYou hit people so hard they or their equipment flies around.Must be able to make unarmed attacks
Lapis MetamagicMetamagic, IncarnumYou can meld your very soul into your spells when empowering them. Like Midnight Metamagic, but not limited to once per day.Caster level 1st, any Metamagic feat, must possess either Con 13+ or at least one point of Essentia
Large SizeFiendYour size increases to Large.Character level 5
Large Size, Book of ElementsElementalYour size increases to Large.Character level 5
Lasting Psychic WarriorPsionicDouble the base power points of the psychic warrior and similar classes.Limited psionic power point progression like the Psychic Warrior (under 150 points or less by 20th).
Lasting StanceMetamaneuverYou continue to gain the benefits of your Stance for a few rounds after it ends.Ability to initiate a Stance of 4th-level or higher
Lasting SymbolGeneralYou can make your Symbol spells long lasting and reappearing.Must know at least two Symbol spells
Legion ManeuverMetamaneuverShare a Boost, Rush or Counter with allies.Ability to initiate Boosts, Rushes or Counters of 4th level or higher.
Legion SpellMetamagicYou buff entire armies in a single fell swoop with legion-augmented spells.None
Leopard's InsightGeneralAs the Leopard you wait and avoid your opponent’s advances seemingly predicting where they will strike and avoiding them.[1]Leopard Style, Monk level 4 or Bab of +4, [2]Ki Pool
Leopard's IntentGeneralYou have learned to see through your opponent’s defense, and your strike become as precise and efficient as those of the leopard.[3]Leopard Style, [4] Leopard's Insight, [5]Ki Pool, Monk level 8 or Bab of +8
Light BenderFighterYou are able to bend light with your desert wind maneuvers.must be able to initiate desert wind maneuvers., 1st level Only or Master of the Elemental Winds
Lightning RodMonstrousYou attract and absorb electricityInherent resistance to electricity 10 or more
Lightning ShaperReserve, Spelltouched, TacticalBeing hit by electricity while the thunderstorm of your magic raged within was an en-lightning experience.Storm Bolt (Complete Mage),  Conductivity Improved Conductivity, must have attempted to redirect a lightning effect with Conductivity while your Storm Bolt was available.
Linked SoulGeneralYou can affect both you and your partner when using spells or spell-like abilities.Linked Mind Trait
Living Voodoo DollGeneralYou can transfer pain and effects from yourself to someone you're linked to.None
Lock-On ShootingFighterAfter 3 rounds of observing a target, you can lock on and rarely miss in a flurry of attacks.Precise Shot, Spot 9 ranks, Rapid Shot
Luckiest Man AliveLuckbut when luck run dry.Two [Luck] feats.
Lunar FlightHeritageYour power seem to affect the very gravity around you, as old lunars you discovered the secret of flight.Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar, 3 lunar heritage feats.
Lunar LegacyHeritageThe power of the Lunar fills your very existence, your very being is shaken by the power you just uncovered.Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar, ability to cast spells
Lunar Mind SupremacyHeritageYour have reached the pinnacle of Lunar Gravity power, you may move objects with but a single thought.Any Lawful or lunar or half-lunar, at least 4 Lunar Heritage feats, must be able able to cast Telekinesis as a Sorcerer spell.
Lunatic StrikeMetamaneuverConfuse targets you damage with a Strike.Ability to initiate at least one Strike that deals damage.
Mage ArmorGeneralMage armor all the time that grows with your levels in casting classes.Spellcasting
Magic Item MasteryGeneralYou are able to extract powers from magic items you possess and gain extra uses of one of your item.Use Magic Device 8 Ranks
Magic MythalGeneralForm a magic circle which enhances magic.Spellcraft 6 ranks, Caster level 3rd
Magical BloodlineGeneralYou possess limited inherent sorcerer spellcasting.1st level Only.
Magical Scholar of SorceryGeneralYou have limited ability to 'prepare' spells.Must be able to cast arcane spell spontaneously.
Magical TalentHeritageYou can cast spellsMagically Inclined
Magically AloftSpelltouchedYou float constantly.Exposure to the flylevitate or similar spell, 3 HDs
Magically InclinedHeritageYou use the forces granted to you by your heritage to arouse the magical powers within you.1st level
Maita HeritageHeritageYou inherited the terrible soul-devouring power of a Maita through dark sorcery and crossbreeding.Sorcerer 1st or Tiefling Race
Mana EngineGeneralYour focus allows you to regain the magical energy spent casting your spells.Ability to cast 1st level spells
Manipulative WordcastingWordcastingYou're good at controlling people with words.Know at least one of the following effect words: SaunKolMinTerrPathDispAvisIlus
Mantra of AscensionMantra, PsionicAs long as you are in a Mantra you gain temporary power points.Psionic MeditationMantralist and two additional [Mantra] feats
Mark of the Caring UrsineRacialYou were just born more caring than other bears.1st level only, Bear Genasi
Martial Study, VariantFighterYou may not be trained in the sublime arts, but you picked up a few maneuvers anyway.None
Mass SpellMetamagicYour spells can benefit more targets.Caster level 9th.
Mass SpellcastingGeneralAdd Mass spells to your spell list.Any metamagic feat
Master ConstructorMetapsionicYour astral construct gains additional power and versatility.Know the Astral Construct power.
Master DabblerGeneralYou master the abilities you picked up with the dabbler feat.Character Level 7th, Dabbler
Master HypnotistRacialThe power of your bloodline allow you to enslave others to your will.Snakeblooded Human, Spellblood Snake Bloodline
Master of ShroudsGeneralYou are able to use the summon monster series of spell to summon incorporeal undead under your control.Spell Focus (Conjuration or Necromancy)
Master of the Flying SwordsGeneralYou make fearsome animated objects.Ability to cast animate objects
Masterful CorpsecrafterNecromantic CreationYou can raise powerful zombies with access to their old abilities.must be able to cast create undead, Caster Level 13th, CorpsecrafterLbM Feat
Maximum GärMulticlassGo full badass, and do things that should be magical just by bitch-whipping physics.Forsaker Level 6th, Way of the Walker Level 1st
Me First!GeneralStagger opponents when entering a battle, gain a high initiative via Bluff, or steal harmless effects for yourself.Bluff 6 ranks, Cha 13
Melee OpportunistGeneralPutting the boot in is funCombat Reflexes
Melody of PowerGeneralYou are able to draw upon the power of your performance to cast your spell or manifest your powers.Bardic Music, Perform 8 Ranks
Mental AnalystPsionicYou are capable of reading the thoughts of creature normally immune to it and even use your mind-affecting power on them.Psycheblade 1st, INT 13+
Mercurial SprintFighterRun and charge the way you like, you also get nifty dodge bonus from moving.Dex 13 or Bab +3, Run feat
Meta-InvokerGeneralUse metamagic with invocations.Must be able to use least invocation, eldritch blast 1d6
Metamagic EssayMetamagicYou make using certain metamagic feat look so easy.One Metamagic Feat
Metamana FuelGeneralYou can burn power in order to super-charge your spells with metamagic abilities.Any two metamagic feats, 5th level arcane caster
Midnight Item SynchronizationIncarnumYou invest your incarnum into magic item, and attune them to yourself.Con and Cha 13
Mighty JawsRacial, FighterYou have trained your jaws to make your bites more devastatingCanin, BAB +10, Improved Natural AttackMasterwork Bite (3.5e Feat)
Mindsight, VariantPsionicYou can pinpoints creature psychically.Must possess the Telepathy special ability.
Minor SuperpowersGeneralYou are not merely a one-trick pony; you have several tricks2 Spellpower
Mirage ConjurerGeneralYou are a master of the Phantasmal Summons spell.Phantasmal Summons
Monk of the DarkVileYou are a disciple of the dark, a monk who draw only from the mightiest source of power.Disciple of the DarkStunning Fist.
More Active ExploitsFighterNow I can use Exploits more oftenFighter Level 2
Multi-Arm CastingGeneralYou can cast two different spells using your multiple arms for somatic components.Able to cast 2nd level spells, must have more than one pair of arms.
Multi-CasterMulticlassYou can cast from another spell list, at a reduced rate of growth.Two classes with different class spell lists, caster level 3rd
Multi-Head CastingGeneralYou can cast two different spells using your multiple heads for vocalization.Able to cast 2nd level spells, must have more than one head capable of vocalization.
Multi-SpellMetamagicCast multiple spells with a single action.Caster level 5th
Multiclassing HeroGeneralYou can multiclass out of the transforming hero class a little easier.Must have 4 or more level in the transforming hero class.
Multiweapon Fighting, Surgo VariantFighterA variant on Two-Weapon and Multi-Weapon Fighting.None
Mundane ContingencyFighterSet up a contingent extraordinary action, such as making a melee attack in response to a creature approaching.Fighter level 11th
Mutant ArmGeneralThrough dark infusion you turn one of your arm into a monstrous abomination.Black Disciple or Dark Brand or Willing DeformityEE
Mystic Arts SynthesisGeneralYou can combine your mystic powers to level the field with a variety of effects at the same time.Must be able to cast 3rd-level arcane spells, must be able to cast 3rd-level divine spells
All Seeing White EyesHeritageSpot 20 ranks, Search 20 ranks, Mystic Eyes: White Eyes of the DivineImproved Mystic Eyes: White Eyes of the DivineExtended Mystic EyesPersistent Mystic EyesGreater Mystic Eyes: White Eyes of the Divine
Red Eyes of HypnotismHeritageMystic Eye Inheritor
Red Eyes of Hypnotism, GreaterHeritagelook into my eyes...Mystic Eyes: Red Eyes of Hypnotism, 8 or more HD
White Eyes of the Omniscient OneEpic, HeritageI SEE EVERYTHING!!!!Spot 26 ranks, Search 26 ranks Knowledge (arcana, the planes, or religion) 26 ranks, Mystic Eyes: White Eyes of the DivineImproved Mystic Eyes: White Eyes of the DivineExtended Mystic EyesPersistent Mystic EyesGreater Mystic Eyes: White Eyes of the DivineMystic Eyes: All Seeing White Eyes
Mystic ShieldReserveCreate a floating shield of force to protect you.Ability to cast 3rd level spells
Mystic TheurgeGeneralYou can use your many talents in both arcane and divine magic to their full extent.At least 3 levels in a class that gains arcane spellcasting, at least 3 levels in a class that gains divine spellcasting
Mystical MeditationPsionicYou can use your intense psychic might to activate awakened center more easily.Psychic Meditation[6], Deep Psychic Meditation [7] and Psionic Meditation
Natural BloodbenderBendingYou are a master of the forbidden art of bloodbending.Know at least two Minor Water Bend, non-good alignment, no bends from other elements.
Necrotic PoisonerGeneralYou can poison people with Necrotic Cysts, and they don't notice.Mother CystLibris Mortis
Needles MasteryGeneralYour mastery of assassin needles allow you to perform special maneuvers.Weapon Focus (assassin needles), Base Attack Bonus +4
Neo-GenesisXenothericYour lifeforce swells, and spills out into the world around you, granting you powers.Con 15, Healing Surge
Nightmarish IllusionGeneralYou imbue your illusion with terrible nightmares fromOneiromancyHoH
NightsnipeRacialYou gain many of the traits of a snipe.1st Level Only, Nightsprite Race
Nobody ShiftRacialAlters the physical make-up of a Nobody into a different type of lower Nobody.Nobody Level 4
NovachargerRacial, XenothericYou have a stronger and more versatile nova blast.Must be a Novaen
Nymph GraceRacialYour naiad heritage grant you the unearthly grace ability of a nymph.Naiad Race, Fey Grace
Oath of PurityExaltedYou took an Oath and can do magic.Good Alignment, must take an oath (see below)
ObliviousGeneralYou are immune to compulsions.1st level only.
Obtain SphereGeneralYou have gained an affinity with a certain primal magical force.None
Ocular LaserSpelltouchedYou can fire a powerful heat ray from your eyes.Exposure to a scorching ray spell.
One-Hand MarksmanFighterYou shoot supremely well with a single hand.Bab +1, Point Blank ShotPrecise ShotWeapon Focus (One one-handed or light ranged weapon)
Oroboros TattooRacialThe Oroboros is a symbol of infinity and immortality, by bearing its mark you gain some of its power.Athar HomunculusHeart of Athas
Overflowing HealthGeneral, FighterNever waste excess health or healing.Constitution 15 or Strength 16
Overkill CrafterGeneralYou craft fancier items than others of your level.Possess a Total Gadget Value score greater than 0.
OversurgePsionicYou can greatly increase your manifester level at the cost of your well being.Must have a con score.
Overwhelming EnergyMetapsionicYour energy damage from your psionic powers rips through energy resistances and immunities.None
Page TurnerGeneralYou remember precisely which page you put each spell on.Bookish Wizard alternate class feature
PainfireGeneralMust be able to use a [fire] spell, spell-like ability or supernatural ability
Pale Touch, GreaterUndeadYour touch is so cold it cause creatures to become slow and burdened.10 HD, Improved Pale TouchPale Touch
Paragon MulticlassingMulticlassYou multiclassing with racial paragon classes extremely well.None
Paralyzing TouchUndeadThe touch of your clawed hand freezes the lifeblood of the hardiest of mortals.None
Path of BloodNecromantic CreationYou have learned the dark and selfish rites that create vampires, the legendary immortal blood drinkers of the night.Character Level 5
Pathos!GeneralBy putting a fraction of their own magical essence into their performance, a bard can inspire his allies to incredible heights.Charisma 15, Inspire Courage +2, any bardic music feat (such as Lingering SongCAdv, Melodic CastingCM, or Song of the HeartECS)
Penetrating Shot, BalmzGeneralPierce through foes with your ranged attacksStr 15, Point Blank Shot, base attack bonus +7
Perfect DodgeFighterNo matter how skilled a foe is, you can dodge out of the way perfectly.Combat ReflexesDodge
Perfect ShotFighterYou can always hit your target, sometime only making chip damage but still.Point blank shotPrecise ShotWeapon Focus (Any Ranged Weapon)
Performance MagicGeneralUse your performances to do magicPerformance 15 ranks, Charisma 15, successfully done at least 5 performances of DC 25 or higher, Bardic magic class ability, spellcraft 12 ranks
Permanent Body PartsGeneralSome of your spare body parts stick around after you leave them somewhere.The ability to sprout body parts
Persistent BoostMetamaneuverYou can continue a Boost until you initiate another Maneuver.Ability to ready and initiate 3rd-level maneuvers (Including at least one Boost),  Extend Boost.
Persistent SummoningGeneralYou can make summoning spells last longer and be harder to dismiss or dispel by lowering its spell levelAugment Summoning, able to cast 2nd level summoning spells.
Personal InvisibilitySpelltouchedYou are naturally invisible, some of the time anyway.Exposure to invisibility spell
Phantasmal SummonsMetamagicSummon the object mentally, only affecting intelligent creatures.Able to cast at least on Conjuration spell.
Phantom LimbGeneralOne or more of your arms aren't entirely... "There".Two or more arms or arm-like limbs.
Phase StrikeSpell StanceAs long as you have etherealness available, your attacks phase through solid matter, it can even ignore the armor of your opponents.Bab 11, Caster level 11
PhobiavorePsionicPutting the fuel in Nightmare Fuel!Int/Cha 18, Manifester Level 1
Photokinetic PowerMetapsionicYou manifest a fire powers as both light and fire, however it require extra charging time.None
PincersFiendTwo of your hands are converted into pincers.None
Plane Tearing StrikeFighterYou can swing your weapon hard enough to cut reality itself, opening the way to other places and planes.Base attack bonus +13
Plasma Cutter BreathMetabreathYour fire breath turns into a thin cutting beam of destruction.Breath Weapon (fire), Con 17
Pocket VaultGeneralWhen undeployed, your Monster Control Vault is small and light enough to fit in your pocket.Possess a Monster Control Vault with at least 15 10' cubes of deployed space.
Poison PointMonstrousJust attacking you is enough to poison others.Con 13
Poison SacsFiendOne of your natural weapons is envenomed.Must have one level of a Fiend class
PolydipsiaGeneralTake penalties to thirst checks to do more damageMust be required to drink and be able to drink, sneak attack class feature
Power Attack, BalmzGeneralTrade attack for powerStrength 13
Power LeechGeneralBecause stopping at immunity is too mainstream.12 HD and Resistance, Immunity, or othersuch defense against an energy type
Power of the EntityGeneralYou have ties with the powerful Entity, a being of raw power. You can tap into this source at the cost of your sanity, but the power given is extreme.Caster level or manifester level 10th.
Powerful HeartGeneralYour Heart Spirit is more powerful than most.Spirit-Linked Heart, Character level 3
Practiced TransmogrifyMulticlassYou practiced your ability to turn into stuff.Transmogrify (least shape)
Practiced Wild ShapeGeneralYou work hard at your Wild shaping, getting better all the time.Wild Shape
Precise StrikeFighterYou sacrifice some of the force of your attack to ensure your attack hits.Dex 13
Prepared SlayerFighter, GeneralAlways ready to take down a incapacitated foeBab 9, must have one of these feats, Cleave, point blank shot, combat expertise, Improved two handed fighting, Improved Unarmed Strike, Crippling Strike, Combat Reflexes
Prestigious ProgressionMulticlassChoose a base class, then a prestige class. You count half of your levels (rounded down) in the prestige class as level in the base class for the purpose of getting new class features, and full class for the purpose of determining the power of class features.None
Priority SpellMetamagicYou cast a spell at the start of initiative.None
Product of Infernal DallianceGeneralOne of your recent ancestors mated with an infernal creature, and now the tainted blood of a Lower Planar creature flows in your veins. Though you can resist the call of your evil heritage, it manifests itself in an inheritance of fiendish power.None
Product of LegacyRacialYou are the product of a bloodline of heroes, thus gain additional skill points, hit points and ability score bonus.1st Level Only, Dwarf, Human or Elf Race
Protective WordcastingWordcastingYou're good at protecting people with words.Know at least one of the following effect words: AvisLyfArmInvSir
Psionic ArtificerPsionicYou are able to fabricate magic item with extreme speed and finesse.Craft Universal Item, must be able to manifest psionic fabricate
Psionic Energy SurgePsionicYou are an expert at channeling energy through your psionic powers.Must be able to manifest one energy power (such as energy ray).
Psionic ExpertisePsionicYou have additional power points.None
Psychic BerserkPsionicYou go into a psionic berserk, greatly augmenting your abilities at the cost of safety.Wild Surge +1
Psychic ImmunityGeneralYou project a personal antimagic field which protects you from psychic spells and psionic powers.Psychic NullShrouded Psyche
Psychic Potential AwakenedPsionicYou gain manifesting much like a psion, using your soulblade or soulknife level -2.Soulblade or Soulknife 3rd
Psychic ThesisPsionicAs Arcane Thesis, for psionic powersKnowledge (Psionics) 9 ranks, ability to manifest powers
Psychic VampirePsionicYou drain the minds of others to heal yourself.Manifester level 5th, must know either claws of the vampirepsychic vampire, or vampiric blade, at least two Telepathy powers., mind traphostile telepathic transfer
PyrokinesisGeneralYou were blessed by gods of fire. Or maybe you're just a powerful telekinetic. Whatever the cause, you can control fire remotely.Ability to cause some sort of force or fire effect.
Quicken BioweaponXenothericYou can use bio-energy to make your bioweapon fire more quickly.Bioweapon, 12 Hit Dice
Quicken ManeuverMetamaneuverYou can Quicken a maneuver.Ability to initiate any maneuver with an initiation time of a full round or less.
Quicken PhraseMetaphraseSpeak the phrase as a swift action.Truespeech class feature, Truespeech 13 ranks.
Rapid SpellMetamagicCast a spell a little fasterNone
Ravid's HandGeneralObjects near you occasionally animate and do what you wantClockwork Centurion, ability to cast Animate Objects, or connection to the Positive Energy Plane
Reactive Combat ManeuverFighter, MonkWhen you Parry an attack and make your counterattack, you can choose to perform a special attack on the opponent instead. Combat Expertise, BAB +6, at least one of: Improved Grapple/Trip/Disarm/Bull Rush/Sunder
Readied InitiatorFighterYou are have twice the number of maneuver readied.Must be able to ready and initiate maneuvers.
Reckless CelerityFighterMuch like Power Attack or Combat Reflexes, you can trade AC for Initiative. Power Attack Improved Initiative Dexterity 15 or higher.
Relentless Combo SurgeSurgeHit a single enemy over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. (At least until you run out of surge points.)Must be able to perform a combat surge, Cleave, Great Cleave, Combat Reflexes, fighter level 13th.
Repeat ManeuverMetamaneuverYou can recover part of your Ki right after using it.Ability to initiate any non-Stance maneuver.
Retribution StrikeFighter, GeneralYou strike when your enemies miss youbab 7, 13 dex or 15 int or 15 wis
Revert LocationSpelltouchedYou can go back to your previous location in an instant.Must have been exposed to time altering or teleportation effects of at least 3rd level.
Ritual SpellMetamagicCast a spell over a long time to cast it without consuming the spell slot.Spellcraft 4 ranks
Sacred ThunderGeneralConvert electricity damage to sonic damage and vise versa, ignore some resistance, and immunity and learn a powerful new spell.ElectrocuteCatastrophic Cacophony, and must be able to cast 7th-level [electricity] and [sonic] spells.
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Very High Balance Epic Feats[edit]

Certain PowerEpic, MetapsionicIncreases the save DC to infinite.Any one metapower feat
Certain SpellEpic, MetamagicIncreases the save DC to infinite.Any one metamagic feat
Contractual Boss ImmunityEpicYou easily shrug off debuffs, instant death, poison, and pretty much everything a person could throw at you to try to take you down without breaking a sweat. You're only going to die at the end of a long, grueling battle – no way in hell you're letting your foes take the easy way out!Character level 30th, 5 levels in Boss, Endurance, Diehard, Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will
Energy Resistance-CEGeneralGain energy resistance, or possibly energy immunity.None
Epic BlitzEpicYour mastery of combat allow you to perform actions extremely quickly.Bab 23+, Combat ReflexesRun
Epic MendingEpicHeal 1d20 at a time.Life Spring (5/day) class feature.
Epic TruespeechEpicAdd one epic phrase to your lexiconAbility to speak 9th-level phrases
Epic WordcastingEpic, WordcastingYou can cast word spells of preposterous length and power.Wordcasting level 21
Hidden PowerEpicTurn your virtual size increases into real ones, somewhat.Must have a virtual size increase.
Improved Partial Wild ShapeEpic, WildYou can partial wild shape into sizes beyond your natural size.Wis 25, Knowledge (nature) 24 ranks, wild shape 6/day.
MultifocusEpic, PsionicYou can use and regain your psionic focus quickly enough to use it multiple times.Epic Psionic FocusPsionic MeditationConcentration 24 Ranks, Character level 21st, ability to manifest powers of the normal maximum power level in at least one psionic class
Pluck from the AbyssEpicYou are better at raising people with Return from DeathLife Bond class feature, Knowledge (the planes) 24 ranks.

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