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This table lists all 3.5e racial paragon classes on the wiki. You can also view this page in category format, if you wish.

Name Description Balance Point
ATRuns Superior A racial paragon class for the ATRuns. High
Alraune Paragon For an alraune who wants to be all they can be! Very High
Ambiko Paragon The epitome of an Ambiko's mimicry, they gain the power to copy more than appearances.
Android Paragon A paragon class for construct races that look like humans. High
Appilon, Agiishell Paragon The true path of agiishell appilons. Very High
Appilon, Ortshell Paragon The true path of ortshell appilons. High
Arane Paragon A racial paragon class for the spider-like Arane, who have embraced how spidery they can be. High
Aroghin Paragon Elite working soldier tasked with patrols and keeping the peace., Overcoming their weaknesses, they gain a great enduring strength and fighting skill. Moderate
Asuta Paragon Attaining the power of their bloodlines, asuta paragons smite good and evil alike. High
Bluewraith Revenant Paragon You are a spooky ghost now. Very High
Catertaur Metamorphosis Transform the caterpillar-like catertaur into flying moth-like beings. High
Changeling Paragon A changeling paragon High
Changeling Paragon, Variant Become a master of a thousand faces as you expand your list of available races and abilities High
Coastal Sphinx Paragon The Coastal Sphinxes Paragon is a racial paragon class whose purpose is to allow players to play strong, customizable and fun sphinxes without getting the shaft. Very High
Daeijine Illithid This is for the variant illithids described in the Daeijine Illithid race only, by taking levels in this class they gain an illithid's abilities without level adjustment. Very High
Daywalker Paragon A racial class for the Daywalker of the Simplified Races variant. High
Devilchild Incarnate The child of a Archdevil incarnated into a human body. Very High
Divine Entity Gain the powers of a deity at level-appropriate times. Very High
Doppelbose Paragon The paragon class of the doppelbose race.
Doppledasein Paragon A paragon class for High
Dread Vampire Grey Vampires who live an exceptionally long time may begin to feel the change upon them and evolve into something... unholy. High
Dryad Paragon A prestige class for the ECL 1 Dryad. Very High
Durumgir Stoneskin A Durumgir Stoneskin takes the toughness and tenacity of the Durumgir to its highest level, becomes a unstoppable, indestructible force. High
Eijilund Plushie Paragon Most plushies take levels in this class, relying on their natural powers. The class grants them many of their key abilities that are associated with the normally level adjusted race.
Einherjar Paragon To realize the potential granted to them as re-born warriors, einherjar become paragons. High
Eldritch Horror Paragon, Insidious Parasite Path A tiny squirming manipulator. Very High
Eldritch Horror, Unspeakable Abomination Path A huge monstrosity that crushes all in its path. Very High
Elf Paragon, Variant Racial paragon class for the elf variant. Very High
Evolutionist High
Fellion Paragon The paragon class for the fellion race. Very High
Fey Paragon The essence of feydom distelled in both kindly seele and sinister unseele forms. High
Feywing Paragon For a feywing that can really fly.
Ganceann Paragon The ganceann's racial paragon class. High
Gargoyle Stoneguard A racial paragon class for gargoyles who want to have full gargoyle traits. High
Ghoul Paragon A racial paragon class for Tome ghouls. High
Giantkin Paragon A Giantkin aspiring to be a real Giant.
Githyanki Paragon The stalwarts of the Githyanki, gifted with swords infused with the Astral Very High
Gokiburi Paragon Gokiburis who have evolved and grown beyond their kin, they become leaders of their kind.
Gorgoneion Paragon Become more like a medusa, gaining your powers rapidly and leaving stone statues in your wake. High
Guide High
Guromescai Paragon Arcane spellcasters and swimmers., A high spirited, bubbly spellcaster who enjoys swimming and long walks on the beach. Very High
Half-Dragon A way to be a Half-Dragon that isn't filled with suck. You do not already need to be a Half-Dragon to take this paragon class. In fact, it wouldn't even make sense if you did.
Half-Lunar Paragon Half-Lunars paragon are able to call upon both their human blood and lunars blood an thus are unique beings.
Half-Nymph Through this class, a Half-Nymph can gains a better understanding of both her human and nymph lineage and draws upon both to increase her power. High
Half-Outsider Hybrid Gain the benefits of Half-Celestial or Half-Fiend, plus a little more. High
Half-Rylvain Through this class, a Half-Rylvain can gains a better understanding of both his human and Rylvain lineage and draws upon both to increase his power. High
Hellkin Paragon Very High
Kitsune Paragon As kitsunes grow in power, they gain additional tails and additional strength. Tap into your inner power and become the legendary ninetails. Very High
Kobold Paragon A respected member of the Kobold community and exemplar of the virtues of Deekar Snirigax, first Kobold Emperor of the Munerian continent, you are a true master of the Tachi. High
Lesser Displacer Beast Paragon The racial class for lesser displacer beasts makes them more like full blown displacer beasts. High
Lesser Hound Archon Paragon The lesser hound archon transforms into a full fledged hound archon. High
Lesser Pseudodragon Paragon For lesser pseudodragons to become full pseudodragons, and then some. High
Lich Paragon A paragon class for Liches that allows them to do new things.
Lizardfolk Paragon A racial paragon class for Lizardfolk that doesn't suck.
Lunar Paragon Lunars paragon are lunars who are closer to their origins.
Mogeko Sage A Mogeko who seeks to redeem its race and lead the Mogekos to true prosperity. Very High
Mythic Beast Paragon The mythic beast paragon is a playable monster and gets access to the cool things available to monsters. High
Naiad Paragon The naiad; a hunter and muse. A fey of the wild and water. High
Natalupe Paragon The Natalupe is a hunter, the wolf of the seas. The paragon of hunters, the natalupe learns to tap into their bestial strength.
Orc Paragon Very High
Pingu Paragon The noble pride of the pingu people shines brightly with you, hero. High
Rampage Paragon A paragon class for creature with the rampage template. Very High
Ravaged By Abaddon For those that have been ravaged by Abaddon. Very High
Ravaged By Baphomet For those that have been ravaged by Baphomet. Very High
Ravaged By Dagon For those that have been ravaged by Dagon. Very High
Ravaged By Demogorgon For those that have been ravaged by Demogorgon. Very High
Ravaged By Fraz-Urb'luu For those that have been ravaged by Fraz-Urb'luu. Very High
Ravaged By Graz'zt For those that have been ravaged by Graz'zt. Very High
Ravaged By Juiblex For those that have been ravaged by Juiblex. Very High
Ravaged By Malcanthet For those that have been ravaged by Malcanthet. Very High
Ravaged By Obox-ob For those that have been ravaged by Obox-ob. Very High
Ravaged By Orcus For those that have been ravaged by Orcus. Very High
Ravaged By Pale Night For those that have been ravaged by Pale Night. Very High
Ravaged By Pazuzu For those that have been ravaged by Pazuzu. Very High
Ravaged By Yeenoghu For those that have been ravaged by Yeenoghu. Very High
Retriever For those that have been flayed alive and turn into something less than alive. Very High
Rogue Astral Construct Paragon Rogue Astral Constructs created by a more powerful Psion, or those who improved themselves, find themselves with a more powerful body than others. High
Royalblood Paragon  ?A royalblood paragon is exemplary member of a royal family. High
Rylvain A Rylvain Paragon is a true example of the inner hunting heritage of their ancestors. Moderate
Setenall Paragon Setenall Paragons are the ultimate warriors, capable of surviving conditions that would kill dragons within days and taking blows that would reduce other warriors to bloody smears. None Assigned
Silver Elf Paragon A racial paragon class that allows the Silver Elves to tap into their full Fey potential. Very High
Skulk Creeper Moderate
Spellscale Spellscales are fun-loving fools, but they lack power. A true spellscale though has learned how to draw from their dragon ancestors. Very High
Swordwraith Paragon A racial paragon class for Swordwraiths. High
Tallow Paragon Tallow Advanced Very High
Tempus Paragon A Tempus paragon is to a Tempus as a saint is to the average man. They rise up amongst their people as saviors, leading them through the wastes, to food, to new worlds. Tempus paragons are true bastions of unending patience and limitless wisdom in this world., An extremely tall figure, wrapped in shimmering light and distorted space, carrying a massive, heavy looking axe. High
Tortoise Folk Paragon High
True Tsuntsu Rarely, there will be a Tsuntsu born blessed by both earth and sky. High
Undead Paragon A Paragon Class for undead, can also help alleviate LA. Very High
Undead Paragon, Boneclaw Hybrid Talented necromancers have created methods of making undead hybrids. This is one of them. High
Vampire Paragon A racial paragon class for Tome vampires. Very High
Wergard Paragon Wergards grow slowly into their true form, the form of titans, massive and powerful. High
Yoshi Racial Paragon Path for Yoshi. Unquantifiable

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