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This page contains the homebrew class invocation list for the Verdant Channeler class.

Verdant Channeler Invocations

Least Verdant Channeler Invocations

Battle Vines: You cause your vine lash feral strike to become much more potent in combat.

Bed of Thorns: You conjure a bed of thorns, potentially underneath your foes.

Energy Ball: You charge a powerful energy ball made from the energy of the green.

Green Call: You create some natural terrain to play in.

Hostile Forest: You gain the ability to flank with tree and other plants.

Instantaneous Mushroom: You cause a giant mushroom to grow out of the ground, granting cover.

Invading Vines: You use your vine lash to greatly trouble a grappled creature..

Leaf Armor: You summon magical leaves to use as armor.

Magical Mushroom: You create a magically charged mushroom that will explode in a burst of radiance.

Numbing Spores: You fire a cloud of spore which greatly impair creature caught in it.

Rose Missile: With the flick of a wrist, you fire a surprisingly deadly rose.

Sweet Scent: You release special pheromones which make members of the opposite sex very friendly toward you.

Thorny Vines: Your vine lash become a thorn in the enemy's side.

Lesser Verdant Channeler Invocations

Bark Shield: You summon a tough wall of bark around yourself for protection.

Carnivorous Pod: You create a large man-eater pod... not under your control.

Cloud of Petals: You create a cloud of petal which move for your convenience.

Crushing Vines: You make your vine lash much better for grappling.

Draining Vines: You use your vine lash to steal the lifeforce of your foes.

Entangling Grass: As the entangle but you may exclude allies.

Grow Tree: You grow large tree in a round and then it is ready to serve you for a time.

Growth Wave: You cause plants to become overgrowth or shrink in a very large cone.

Healing Berries: You create highly nourishing berry which provide a daylong healing effect.

Living Pulse: You release a wave of healing energy from The Green.

Nightshade Essence: You poison your vine lash, causing lasting damage.

Nutriment Transfer: You suck a creature out of it vital nutriments or give them to another.

Plant Vines: You plant your vine lashes into the ground, allowing them to perform actions autonomously.

Stunning Spores: You fire spores which stun those caught in it.

Verdant Obedience: You essentially boss plant creatures around.

Walk the Crags: You use a strange twisted dimension to teleport around.

Wall of Roses: You create a short lived wall of thorns.

Greater Verdant Channeler Invocations

Amnesia Spores: You use spores to wipe the memory of other creatures.

Bindweed: You create bindweed to trap your foes

Bramble Field: Create a terrible field of brambles

Corpse-Eater Fungus: You spread a powerful fungus which devour corpses and corporeal undead alike.

Corrosive Vines: You imbue your vine lashes with a powerful acid.

Deadly Cloud: Create a flower which is a figurative bomb for a cloud of horrible, deadly gas.

Enchanted Mushroom: You create a strange mushroom which fire damaging color sprays.

Hawthorn Essence: You coat your vine lash in a powerful anticoagulant which cause bleeding.

Lily Liver: Cause fear in your foes.

Mind Control Spores: You use a strange kind of spores to make your foes very vulnerable to your words.

Overwhelming Scent: You release an overwhelming odor, dazing and damaging targets as well as covering smell tracks.

Photosynthetic Beam: You replicate the effect of the solar beam spell with a healing effect upon yourself.

Sharp Petal Storm: You create a storm of terrible petals and battering winds.

Tree Hug: Summon a treant to grapple a specific creature.

Verdant Command: You gain control or one or more plant.

Green Verdant Channeler Invocations

Black Lotus Essence: You cover your vine lash in black lotus flowers.

Enslaving Spores: You use a strange mind-enslaving spore to control the very nervous system of your foes.

Giant Vines: You cause your vine lash feral strike to become effectively colossal.

Lifedrain Spores: You use foul negative energy spores charged to drain the very life out of your opponents.

Maneater Vines: You make your vines into deadly carnivorous plants.

Perish Rose: You create a rose linked to the life of the target, making them effectively immortal but very easy to kill.

Souleater Flower: You create a terrible souleating flower

Wrath of Gaea: You temporarily become supercharged with green energy.

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