Aberrant Attribute Table (3.5e Other)

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Table: Aberrant Attributes

Attribute Name Prerequisites Effect
Horrible Wings (Ex) You gain a 20' +5'/character level clumsy fly speed. This improves to average at character level 7, and good at character level 16.
Incomprehensible Swooping (Ex) Horrible Wings Your fly speed increases by 30' +10'/character level and its maneuverability improves by one step.
Skittering Scuttling (Ex) You gain a 20' +5'/character level climb speed, and your base land speed increases by 5'/character level.
Alacritous Haste (Ex) All movement speeds you possess increase by 10'/character level.
Incomprehensible Armor (Ex) You gain an armor bonus equal to 5 + one-half your character level.
Alien Biology (Ex) You become immune to critical hits, poisons, diseases, death effects, and mind-affecting effects. This is obvious to any outside observer who sees what you look like (noticing any disguises) and succeeds on a DC 10 Knowledge (Dungeoneering) check.
Inconceivable Recovery (Ex) You naturally heal 3 hit points per round. In addition, you regrow body parts 1d4 rounds after they are removed.
Unkillable Menace (Su) Inconceivable Recovery While you are dead, continue keeping track of your hit point total, and continue regaining health from Inconceivable Recovery. If you ever gets to -9 or more health, you stop being dead. Effects that would normally kill you without changing your hit point total set your hit point total to -200.
An Excess of Eyes (Ex) Your profusion of eyes gives you a +8 to Spot and Search checks, and makes it so you can't be flanked.

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