Accelerate the World (3.5e Maneuver)

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Author: Zhenra-Khal (talk)
Date Created: 6/19/2019
Status: Complete
Editing: Clarity edits only please
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Accelerate The World
Season's Wheel (Counter) [Time, Teleportation]
Level: 9
Prerequisite: Twelve Season's Wheel maneuvers, including Accelerate The Wheel and Accelerate The Moon
Initiation Action: Immediate Action
Range: 0
Target: Self
Duration: 24 Hours
Saving Throw: None (Harmless)

This maneuver functions as Accelerate The Moon, except that you can travel to any location you could reach within 24 hours via walking, you recover hit points and ability damage as if you had rested for 8 hours, and you can change your season to any season available to you. While "out of time", you are visible to timesight as a trail of frozen, blurry silhouettes of yourself leading to your destination, spaced a distance apart equal to your base land speed.

Once you use this maneuver, you are left Unconscious for 1 round and likely Prone, then Exhausted and Dazed for 1 minute after that, then finally Fatigued and Staggered for an hour.

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Article BalanceVery High +
AuthorZhenra-Khal +
DescriptorTime + and Teleportation +
DisciplineSeason's Wheel +
Identifier3.5e Maneuver +
Level9 +
RatingUndiscussed +
SummaryStep forward in time 1 day, ceasing to exist, and changing your Season. +
TitleAccelerate the World +
TypeCounter +